Niles and cc relationship questions

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niles and cc relationship questions

questions and answers about 'Nanny' in our 'Television L-P' category. episode, Mr. Sheffield asks Fran to re-decorate a room in order to distract her from their relationship. In one episode, C.C. made up a last name for Niles: de Butler. While Fran and Maxwell's relationship blossomed over the six seasons, While Niles spent years bickering with arch enemy C.C. Babcock, the show Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about HTML5 video. I am undoubtedly in love with the CC/Niles relationship! everyday from striking up conversations about his biggest questions about her.

He loved the little things, the way she styled her hair, the way she looked at him with those gorgeous eyes, the way she walked as if she was in charge of the world.

Daniel Davis, aka Niles, reveals the one thing he didn’t get about The Nanny

But that was all he knew. In reality, CC was a child starved of affection, and though she wasn't aware, receiving insults was a form of attention. She craved it, desired it. Sometimes she cried herself to sleep at night because Max had looked at Fran the way he used to look at Sara - the way she needed him to look at her. And recently, it was becoming too often.

He brainstormed some of his better insults and saved them for her rainy days when Max, Fran, and the kids all went out for the movies and left her back to work. Sheffield would lead Fran out through the door, his hand on her lower back, and CC would sit there and pretend it wasn't tearing her apart inside.

The butler usually leaned against a wall and watched her work from across the room, desperately wishing she'd demand more coffee, and he'd let his hand linger on hers as she took the cup.

He'd see her try to fight back the tears, and restrain himself everyday from striking up conversations about his biggest questions about her. Most revolved around her family, her interests, her love life. CC on the other hand, never realized why she was always asking for another cup of coffee - she knew he snuck caffeine in there somehow.

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In turn, it'd keep her up at night, thinking about all the ways she could've invited Niles out for a drink or struck up a conversation.

She wondered if he'd ever know the way she was attracted to him, how she hid the blush when he caught her staring at him. She craved the way he ran his eyes over her every morning as if in disgust. Somehow she wished there was something more to prove for it. Each of them knew their feelings, but lived in their own versions of reality. CC where she loved Maxwell, and Niles where he simply assumed she was above him in every way socially and therefore unattainable.

Neither of them were able to step out of their bubble, simply trying to impress one another subtly with attractive appearances and witty remarks. Hell, Niles didn't know why, but he was wearing that sweater, even though it was too warm for summer. In fact, all he knew was that her favorite color was blue.

It complimented both his eyes and hers. Therefore, he made a special attempt to wear it. Only a single car had driven down the road in the last half an hour, but it was a minivan, and not quite Ms. Besides, she didn't own a car.

Niles is coming as a friend," Grace recited from the couch as if the statement had been drilled into her head for the past few weeks. Brighton nudged her and Maggie told them to cut it out. Maxwell looked displeased - not because Niles wasn't working, but because he knew what this meant. Well, not technically alone.

The Nanny’s butler Daniel Davis reveals one big thing you never knew about the show

He'd been so afraid that he made sure not only the children were coming, but Niles as well. Heck, he threw in CC for good measure. He was ignorant as to the fact of her loneliness, and what this meant to her. Max had no idea what seeing him court Nanny Fine would do to her heart, either. Max, being selfish in secret, failed to tell neither CC nor Niles that the other was attending.

They'd be swinging by CC's penthouse in the next hour or so, loading her into the limo and taking off before Niles or her could reject and back out. They were taking the limo with the tinted windows - that way neither of them could signal for help. As of now, he couldn't figure out why Niles kept watching the window…as if he was expecting someone? Suddenly it clicked, but not entirely. Like the switch was halfway stalling between on and off and the light was a dim simmering color that only halfway illuminated the room.

Niles must know about Ms. Babcock… he probably assumed she'd be catching a Taxi. Yet, why did he look disappointed every time a car came into view then kept driving? He couldn't actually want her on this trip, could he?

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But he hated her, she hated him. Questions filled her mind and she would often sit in the den and think if she was doing the right thing in her marriage. She made regular appointments for the doctors to make sure her and Niles baby was growing healthy and that everything was going good. She told her doctor her fears and she ensured her that it was completely normal for new time moms to feel like this and that she had a great support system around her which was the Sheffield's and Niles.

Niles on the other hand was happy for the fact he was married to the one he loved and cared about. The deep feelings he kept from her because he had fears that she wouldn't feel the same way about him and for the fact he was just a servant and she was way above him. In time he couldn't give back the insults to her it wasn't right and he knew that. Then the day came when Fran gave birth to the twins and he proposed to her he hope she would say yes but didn't know after she walked away and went to the elevator and Fran followed her and then they both got stuck and then he followed Maxwell up to get Fran and her out of the elevator and got his answer.

She finally said yes well actually she said Niles I would love to marry you. He was thrilled then they married in Fran's hospital room and found out they were pregnant in the same day.

He was happy and for once happy for the fact he would be spending the rest of his life with a women he loved and that he wanted to be with. Even if they had despised one another it was put aside from them. They had a future together and that future was a life full of happiness and a family.

He saids "Yes my dear what do you need"? She saids I've been thinking about a few things what happens if we expect twins".

niles and cc relationship questions

He looked at her with a bit of confussion because it was a random question and he knew his answer to it. He didn't care how many children he would have with her because it was the woman he loved more than life itself and that it didn't matter to him. So he gave her an true answer and hoped it was what she was looking for. He saids "Dear whatever happens I will be here with you no matter what nothing will change that, I love you".

She saids "Was just a thought, you know my fears and I don't want to let you down, I am happy and scared at the same time".

He saids " I know hun but I know you will make a great mom, you already have been a terrific wife in these past few weeks, he kisses her forehead". Then he saids " Baby, I know that in my heart we can make it thru anything the reason is because weve been thru a lot in our lifetime and we both have fears that we will hurt one another but we both know we wouldn't do it on purpose, we come from different worlds but in our hearts we know we belong together we are always there for one another and we will always be that way".

C looks at him and has a flashback come to mind.

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She remembers that day he proposed to her and she was completely shocked didn't know what to say at the time. She was confused for the fact after all those years they both made those cruel comments to each other and didn't think that it would lead to anything but a rebealous relationship.

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She smiled as she remembered being in the elevator Fran telling her she wouldn't know until she gave it a chance. She remembered saying yes in the elevator and Niles opening the door and kissing her like this was the best decision she ever made.

niles and cc relationship questions

The fact was that every time they kissed that her heart faced and that she knew that her feelings were true and that none of this was a lie. She knew that the spark between them wouldd never fail because the fact was they were meant to be and that they were the only ones to put up with one another. In her words there was only one butler for her and there was only one brunette for him, It was the best decision because not only did she marry the one she loved but also found out that she was carrying his and her child which scared her but also excited her.

C saids to him, we both have made eachothers lives horrible in ways but great in other ways, being married brought us closer together and brought down a lot of the insults we used to say to one another which I am glad, I do mean it was cute when you used to call me brunette but also got on my nerves because I am not one".

He looks at her and laughs and saids "What about the times you called me butler boy" She saids " I know I know im just a cold hearted witch". He saids to her "I don't think so and the reason is if you were so cold hearted you wouldn't had followed your heart and be with me, you would believe what your mother told you about servants and higher up individuals but you didn't. You let me in and now we are in this relationship together with a family on the way and no matter what I will always love you Chasity Claire not because you are my wife but also the mother of my child".

Tears started to roll down her eyes, as she went to wipe them away he came closer and wiped them away for her and said "C.

C I've known you longer than most and no matter what life has handed us we got thru it and I've known for a while you've had feelings, the reason is because no one has ever went over and beyond for my health and I know you were scared when I had my heart attack. The fears I could tell in your eyes when I woke up and saw you.