Murder and monica relationship

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murder and monica relationship

Murder suspect wanted to have affair with Monica – kin she did not know him well and also because she was in another relationship, he said. Anyway, the lovely Mia X reached out to to set the record straight regarding convicted rapper C Murder's relationship with a. Relationship info powered by: Married Devastated, Monica spent the first few months after his death in denial and depr [more]. 2.

As her career cooled because of her attitude she really began to get wild and promiscuous.

murder and monica relationship

She slept with several widely known married men just out of spite. Then she started getting into drugs real heavy as well.

How and Why Joe “Jowie” Irungu Killed Monica Nyawira Kimani

Not much later she met C-Murder through Foxy Brown when she was just 16, but she already could seduce a man like a grown woman. At some point she agreed to have trains ran on her by the whole No Limit family to show her devotion to C-Murder. Later, she convinced C to leave his wife for her although she was ten years his junior and C had been with his wife for ten years and had children together.

murder and monica relationship

Her drug habit got progressively worse and C would smack her up for getting into his dope. She called me once from a payphone outside of a local mall because C had dropped her off and left her there stranded after an argument.

C- Murder and Monica officially ended things during one particularly heated argument in which C-Murder revealed to Monica that he had video footage of her getting trains run on her by other members of No Limit and had distributed the video among his friends.

She left C shortly before his arrest for attempted murder.

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After that, Monica dated around for a bit but then hooked up with Rocko. Few people know that Rocko was also in a relationship with a child when he met Monica. She was content with that position but saw an opportunity to push her latest album amid her a fake break up. While Monica was not pushing her limits knowing that Joe was aware of her relationships with the South Sudan methuselah, she was sure that being jobless, Joe depended on her and she loved the sex and warm embrace while with him in Kenya.

Apart from the few private protection assignments locally, Joe Irungu has generally been jobless.

murder and monica relationship

Joe L and Monica R Joe was later to team up with others and provide additional security and surveillance services to Jubilee party during various events including the second inauguration of President Uhuru Kenyatta after the election. Questions are being raised by senior military and police officers why special forces in the army and police were not used instead of the private mercenaries.

Monica Back in Spotlight After Tragedy

Some politicians in the opposition coalition NASA camp even believe that Joe Irungu and 3 others were responsible for the high profile assassinations and harassment of the coalition leaders in the run up to the election. According to those who knew Monica and her ways of doing things, it seems that she bragged to someone who later leaked the message to Joe that she was going to get her money and use the same to do some shopping in Dubai where she was scheduled to go for holiday.

Joe planned his robbery so meticulously but ignored the very obvious. Detectives say that they found blood stains, a wig, beer cans in the car that is now at Kilimani Police Station.

murder and monica relationship

He dropped the lady at her apartment, had sex with her then proceeded to get her to reveal how much and where she kept the money she was carrying. When some of his relatives got wind and came out to deny such, forcing Joe to eat humble pie and apologise to his friends and relatives, including sitting MPs and cabinet secretaries.

Joe ignored his semen which was still fresh from the sexual intercourse and the footprint he left all over the city. That might not be true but might be a way in which Joe was trying to mask his footprints by telling the lady to say that she was in a taxi. His hope is that the highly placed government officials would magically help terminate his investigation, allowing him to escape with the money he robbed Monica Nyawira Kimani and then killed her.

Before starting to date Jacque Maribe, Joe Irungu was romantically involved with Maureen Kahehu who he dated and even slept with her sister leading to the break-up.