Mukuro and chrome relationship poems

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mukuro and chrome relationship poems

The term 'Pineapple Love' is another way of saying or ChromexMukuro. Pineapple Primer fic Publicado ¿Qué clase de Lazos tiene Chrome con Mukuro? ¿Cómo ve . Ken and Chikusa find an iPod with the ability to alter relationships. Hibari Kyoya- Katekyo Hitman Reborn Reborn Quotes, Reborn Katekyo Hitman, .. Lambo - Mukuro Rokudo - Chrome Dokuro - Hibari Kyoya - I-pin - Reborn. Mukuro Rokudo is the primary antagonist during the events of Kokuyo Arc. Later on, Junior High Gang and the outside world through his vessel, Chrome Dokuro. Tsuna by possessing a little boy as his connection with the outside world but.

Fantoche by Chibieska reviews Verdades escondem mentiras. Dialogo entre Mukuro e Chrome. K - Portuguese - Drama - Chapters: K - Spanish - Romance - Chapters: Ken and Chiksua end up worrying, and chaos ensues. Slight along with other pairings. T for later chapters. Written for a writing community on livejournal. T - English - Drama - Chapters: It is her only wish to hear the voice of the person she cares mostly about in her world. But that combination is just a perfect facade to hide the dark sadistic darkness that lies inside of her.

T - English - Romance - Chapters: K - English - Chapters: Why do we see him so rarely?

Mukuro and Chrome

Perhaps he goes through more than meets the eye. Depths can mean a lot, including the depths of hell. Scene from Mukuro's POV - light But that was okay. Mukuro didn't exactly agree, however. And just because you illusion people a stomach doesn't mean illusionary food is supplied. ImpliedKenxChrome, et cetera. Kufufu Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Hibari is the prince. Chrome is a "commoner".

He can possess several bodies simultaneously and is still able to access the Six Realms, granting him the ability to use a different skill for each body.

While possessing a person, Mukuro can also use the possessed person's abilities. During the Kokuyo Arc, Mukuro uses his Trident to create a "pact" between whomever he wished to use the Second Realm on when he was under the influence of the Possession Shot. When the weapon was broken, it was replaced with a regular one. However, Glo Xinia remembers a moment when Mukuro stabbed his Rain Owl in the wing, giving him the Ability to possess it, meaning he has that possessing Trident somehow, or knows how to make one.

Mukuro's Three Rings Cambio Forma: A technique that the 10th Generation Guardians are able to utilize via their Box Animals.

mukuro and chrome relationship poems

Daemon Spade's Devil Lens: The Vongola Mist Owl transforms into a set of three Lens. These Lens enable Mukuro to scan a target and see its identity and weakness. It was also said that the First Mist Guardian had a similar Weapon that could curse anyone he glared at. Mukuro's Trident turns into a khakkharaand he is able to utilize all Six Paths of Reincarnation at once.

Won during the Mist Ring Battle. As part of the Tri-ni-set it is classified as S-rank. Mukuro shares the Ring with Chrome, with Chrome usually wearing it when he is in jail.

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Mukuro has two Hell Rings. The other one is the Evil Eye Hell Ring. Earring of the Mist Version X: Mukuro received this earring by upgrading the Mist Ore Vongola Gear. In Cambio Forma, Mukuro merges directly with the owl Mukurou, changing his Trident into a khakkhara that enables him to use all of his Six Paths of Reincarnations at once. A glove invented by Verde that enables Mukuro to turn his illusions into reality.

mukuro and chrome relationship poems

In addition to appearing in all of the series' video games, [2] Mukuro appears in the first light novel, Hidden Bullet: Mukuro's Illusions, which shows the events of how Mukuro took over Kokuyo Land and a side novel in the Reborn!

It tells about how one month after the battle at Kokuyo Land, Mukuro planned to possess Tsuna by possessing a little boy as his connection with the outside world but failed because of the many disturbances from Tsuna's friends. Also in the Reborn! But Ken secretly wore it, which Mukuro already knows. Happy Day at Kokuyo Land, where he appeared briefly as a side character when Ken and Chikusa came to Tsuna's house to pick up Chrome, who was changing her clothes since Tsuna accidentally made her uniform wet.

When Ken called her "pineapple head", Mukuro immediately switches places with Chrome, saying that Ken had bullied Chrome and as usual, will be punished, using his first realm on Ken. In the Drama CD: Let's Meet in a NightmareMukuro and Tsuna's dreams were somehow connected and Mukuro decided to play with his dream out of boredom by making a dream where he possessed Gokudera and made him flirt with girls, and then challenge Tsuna into a small game with Tsuna must figure out who will Mukuro possess next.

When he left Bianchi's body and told Tsuna to guess where he is, Tsuna shouted at him to stop, which he did. He then revealed to Tsuna that it was all just a dream and explained that his mind is somehow strongly connected to Tsuna in some way.

When Mukuro teasingly asked Tsuna if he enjoyed his dream, Tsuna retorted and shouted at him to leave his dream, to which he complies since he had used much of his power.

Mukuro & Chrome Homeroom (Eng Sub) Part 5

He then said that they'll meet again not in a dream, but in reality. It later fast forwards to the aftermath of his battle with Tsuna and revealed Mukuro's inner thoughts towards all that happened so far. When Ken mentioned about Mukuro's hair and called it pineapple-shaped, Mukuro threatened to cut Ken's hair, which Ken immediately refused with the excuse that it would ruin Mukuro's uniform, and when Ken make a joke about Mukuro's birthday and mentioned about his pineapple-shaped head again, Mukuro changed his eye to the fourth realm and was about to punish Ken until Ken, panicked, said it was just a joke.

Mukuro stopped for a while and comments that he liked Kokuyo uniform design and one thing he liked about pineapple is its meaning in flower language is "invincible".

He then asked Ken if he feeds Chrome properly, to which Ken replied yes, but Chikusa quickly interjects, revealing that Ken only feeds Chrome chocolate meals everyday. Hearing this, Mukuro changed to the fifth realm and punished Ken as he cut off the radio connection.

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Reception In the second official Shonen Jump poll of the Reborn! In the third poll of the series, Mukuro ranked as the third most popular male character, losing to Tsunayoshi Sawada and Kyoya Hibari, who took second and first place, respectively.

In the fourth and fifth popularity poll, Mukuro ranked fourth both times. In the fourth poll, he got 7, votes, and, in the most recent, 13, There are two available covers; both show one character as the main feature, with the other shown in the background with his back turned. Trivia Mukuro's fandom shorthand is In "Haru Haru Intervew: Dangerous", he stated that he likes Japanese school uniforms and wear costumes, but refused to wear the costumes that Haru made, knowing how embarrassing it will be.

However, in Everyone's Daily Activities, it turns out that his sense of costumes was not far different from Haru, much to the embarrassment of Ken, M. M, and Flan who are forced to wear them.