Marvel universe live meet and greet

Marvel Universe Live is a fun show for kids, but a nightmare for parents | Culture | The Guardian

marvel universe live meet and greet

Marvel Universe Live Tickets, and Theatre And Arts tickets available online. Families, Assemble! Be immersed in the Marvel Universe and witness it all, LIVE!. Currently, there are no VIP experiences or cast meet and greets available, but Marvel Universe LIVE! has told fans to keep an eye on their.

What is the running time of the show?

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How can I purchase tickets? How much do tickets cost? Tickets can be purchased through a professional ticketing agency or the venue box office. Ticket prices vary by seating location, city, performance date and time.

marvel universe live meet and greet

What is the performance schedule? Please stay tuned to the Tickets portion of our website for the most up-to-date schedule information.

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At what age does a child require a ticket? All children 24 months and older must have a ticket. Do you offer tickets for large groups? You can obtain additional information regarding group tickets from a qualified group sales representative.

Marvel Universe Live is a fun show for kids, but a nightmare for parents

Who do I contact about my experience purchasing tickets? How early should I arrive for the show? We suggest allowing ample time for traffic, parking and entrance into the venue.

Can I bring my camera or video camera to the show?

marvel universe live meet and greet

Pictures and video for personal use are permitted. However, the taking of still photographs, motion pictures and audio or video recordings of this performance for commercial use is strictly prohibited. Camera and recording equipment policies vary from venue to venue and are not set by Feld Entertainment.

Please contact the venue to verify policy details. What should I wear to the show? While going to a show of this magnitude is certainly a special occasion, there is no required dress code. Attire should be comfortable and appropriate for the occasion. Is the arena handicap accessible? The first act is a sort of snooze of exposition with some really cool effects, like a battle with a bunch of aliens on cars that seem to drive themselves around the arena and heroes flying on to the stage on wires.

marvel universe live meet and greet

There are lots of motorcycle tricks and more than a few well-timed explosions that will scare the bejesus out of all the parents twiddling on their phones. After a minute intermission, the second act picks up considerably, with four large battles between groups of heroes and a series of villains in increasingly laughable costumes.

marvel universe live meet and greet

There are a lot more motorcycles jumping around on sets that are put up and taken down in between scenes while the audience is distracted by videos played against the ever-transforming back wall of the stage.

The climax is a battle between about a dozen heroes and a couple of dozen villains and henchmen where people fly around the stage on various hovercraft, careen about on motorcycles, and Bruce Banner turns into the Hulk, the only effect that is actually very cool and the one that got the biggest cheer from all the kids in attendance. This combining of the two mythologies will probably anger the hardcore comic book nerds who go to see the show.

And for those conspiracy theorists who think Marvel is trying to tank the X-Men franchiseall the mutants but Wolverine do get short shrift. Of course the show is cheesy. The costumes for the villains are oversized and cartoons, as are the fighting styles of everyone on the stage.

marvel universe live meet and greet

As adults we may not be able to suspend our disbelief, but it seems like the kids were able to. But the kids love Marvel Live.