Marshall lee and marcelines relationship

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marshall lee and marcelines relationship

Gumball was acting like a loser and Fiona was bord of him because thats how Marceline would want things to be. Marcial Lee was much more. Prince Bubblegum and Marshal Lee's relationship remind me of Simon and Jace's Stuff, Adventure Time Anime, Marshall Lee X Prince Gumball, Marceline . Read story Marshall lee's Relationship by i_are_belle (YO:3) with 72 reads. Similar to Finn and Marceline's relationship, Marshall likes to mess with Fionna's .

She appears in the episode as an extremely frail and aged half-demon, who was killed when a " mutagenic bomb" that was frozen in ice by Simon Petrikov detonates. Jake manages to undo this reality with his wish and sets everything back to the way it was.

It is revealed that Ash sold Hambo to Maja. Only when Bubblegum trades her beloved rock shirt—which was given to her by Marceline—is Hambo able to be reunited with Marceline. With that being said, in the eighth season episode "Broke His Crown", the two manage to more fully reunite, and as such, manage to affirm how much they care for one another.

The reappearance of these vampires forces Marceline, Bubblegum, Finn, Jake, and Peppermint Butler voiced by Steve Little to stake them one-by-one although the Vampire King is neutralized through a scientific process that removes the vampiric essence from his body ; in the ensuing action, Marceline is once again turned into a vampire, but comes to terms with her immortal fate.

In her candy form, Marceline is gregarious and playful, but a bit naive about the nature of the new world around her; for instance, when an enraged Flame Princess attacks her, Marceline mistakes the assault for " wrasslin' ".

marshall lee and marcelines relationship

At the end of the miniseries, Marceline is returned to her usual self. While he initially embarrasses his daughter and eventually causes a ghost fight to break out, by the end of the episode, Marceline is touched that her father was willing to support her.

What is the relationship between marshal lee and marceline from Adventure Time?

After one of GOLB's monstrosities nearly kills the princess, Marceline rushes to her side, and after a tender moment, the two affirm that they care for one another and then kiss. During the episode's epilogue, Marceline and Bubblegum are shown sitting together on a couch under a blanket, and they both touch heads. The gender-swapped version of Marceline—named Marshall Lee—appeared in the third season episode " Fionna and Cake ".

This version of the character only had a small cameo and no lines. In the episode, the princesses that are captured by the Ice King are tired of his poorly written Fionna and Cake fan fiction stories, so Marceline stops by the Ice Kingdom to show him how to do it properly; she tells a tale involving her gender-swapped character, Marshall Lee. The series featured Marceline and Princess Bubblegum forming a band and touring around Ooo. Studios under its kid-oriented imprint KaBoom, which also publishes the rest of the Adventure Time series.

In the context of the game, the Ice King kidnaps Marceline's fans at a concert so that they will be his fans instead.

marshall lee and marcelines relationship

Finn and Jake must then free the captured citizens. I'm a thousand years old, and I just lost track of my moral code. Marceline, describing her personality in the "House Hunting Song" from "Evicted!

However, she eventually becomes their close friend once Finn recognizes that she is "a radical dame who likes to play games". Hints of her past are sprinkled through the series; in "Memory of a Memory" a trip into Marceline's mind shows her as a child wandering around the outskirts of a destroyed city, and "I Remember You" features her meeting Simon Petrikov in a ruined city.

She is usually shown playing her axe bass, which was formerly her family's heirloom battle axe. Marceline and Finn have many things in common with one another; in the episodes "Evicted" and "Henchman" it is stated that the reason Marceline befriended Finn is because he simply enjoys being himself. In her initial appearances, she derived pleasure from scaring Jake, who was terrified "of her vampire bite". Due to this, Jake attempted to kill her several times, to no avail.

marshall lee and marcelines relationship

However, as the show has gone on, their relationship has been fleshed out and changed. Marceline was the first person to address Bubblegum by her first name—Bonnibel—which occurred in the episode "Go with Me".

In the episode, Marceline's song "I'm Just Your Problem" and the dialogue between her and Bubblegum implied that there may have had some sort of relationship in the past, although the exact details surrounding the nature of the relationship were not explained.

This later caused an internet controversy over Marceline's sexual orientation. Initially, Marceline believes her father does not care for her, and expresses her feelings through the before-mentioned "Fry Song".

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In the episode "I Remember You", it is revealed that the Ice King—then, the human man named Simon Petrikov—discovered her crying in the ruins of a city destroyed by the Mushroom Wars. It was Simon who gave little Marceline Hambo and attempted to watch over her.

This kind gesture made the Ice King a long-time close friend and father figure to Marceline. However, as the crown's power increased, Simon began to forget more and more about his relationship with Marceline, until he had all but forgotten their friendship.

Appearance Marshall Lee has a slim body, black hair, and light gray skin. He is very tall. He has a matching permanent bite mark, longer sharp canines and pointed ears like Marceline, showing that he is a vampire.

In Fionna and Cake and Bad Little Boyhe is seen wearing a red plaid shirt with gray stripes, dark blue jeans with turn-ups and brownish-red and white sneakers. His sneakers seem to be Converse. Personality Marshall Lee describes himself as a villain.

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He is rowdy, endangering others with his violent, "friendly" rough-housing. He greeted Fionna with the sign of the hornsa very popular hand sign amongst heavy metal and rock fans. He also displays Marceline's love to mess with people with elaborate jokes. His behavior towards Fionna mirrors that of Marceline towards Finn in "Evicted!

However, he seems to feel remorse more quickly than her. This also might suggest that Marceline wishes she could express remorse better; she rarely apologizes to anyone. Since Marceline is telling the story at this point, this might suggest the way she thinks of herself; as a villain, although Marshall Lee is arguably the more evil of the two.

Marshall seems to be more violent than Marceline, saying he "Kills people every night", although this may be an exaggeration. Relationships Fionna Marshall Lee and Fionna are good friends. You're in love with me. He also called her 'baby' in " Good Little Girl "'s song lyrics.

Marshall Lee is first seen briefly in the episode "Fionna and Cake," when he notices Fionna entering Prince Gumball's party and flashes her the sign of the horns, sticking his tongue out.

marshall lee and marcelines relationship

It is noted that this is one of the few times in the show where a character is shown with five fingers. Similar to Finn and Marceline's relationship, Marshall likes to mess with Fionna's head. In the second episode featuring Ice King's fan-fictions, "Bad Little Boy", he zooms into her house and steals the pastries Prince Gumball had brought for Fionna, leading her outside to investigate a noise that is probably him landing on her roof.

When Fionna finds him on the roof playing his guitar, he looks up and smoothly says, "Oh. He asks her to go to Lumpy Space Prince's Party, but she is uncertain at first of whether she should go, presumably because she has Prince Gumball over for company and would have to ditch him to go.

Marshall transforms to bat form and reaches out his hand for hers, saying he knows she will give in. She smiles reluctantly and takes his hand before being flown into the forest.