Kenny and spenny relationship tips

Kenny vs. Spenny TV Review

kenny and spenny relationship tips

Kenny vs. Spenny () is a Canadian comedy reality TV series about two best friends, Kenneth "Kenny" Joel Kenny: So what are ways that I can stay awake? . Spenny: It has affected our relationship, there's no question about it. Last time we talked to Kenny and Spenny, they were headed into their third season. How would you describe your relationship with Kenny now? One of the ways we've gotten that is essentially I've agreed, for good or for. Kenny and Spenny will keep answering questions. They're just .. How has KvS impacted your and Kenny's relationship? What projects are.

Now you want to fuck? First you wanted to suck now you want to fuck? Who Can Produce More Semen? This time I'm making the rules! Two, no homeless gentlemen. Three, no corpses animal or human. Four, you cannot masturbate me to make me cum. People fuck animals, people fuck feet. I've never heard of anyone fucking meat. And I'm begging you the next time stick a fuckin' post-it note saying "fucked it" and I won't eat it.

I didn't fuck it. You didn't fuck it? I made love to it.

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You shut up for two seconds. This is not a Kenny versus Spenny competition this is a competition between good and evil and guess which one you are buddy!

Who Can Catch a Bigger Fish? We're having a fishing competition why are we talking about vaginas? Do you know what a lure is? Do you know what a bait is? I bait the fish with my allure.

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So it's all gonna be puns. But the reality is, have you ever looked at a tackle box? Do you know what that is? Do you have any idea? I've tackled a lot of boxes my friend. Oh God, with the fuckin' puns. Oh, one more rule. You can't use your penis as bait, 'cause fish love worms. Spenny's Mother is a whore! She likes it up the ass! Calm down it's off, it's off. Don't call me Jesus in front of people. Don't tell me to calm down. Get down there and don't touch my fuckin' rod.

That's not what you said last night. Ok, one more fuckin' rod joke, dick joke, stick joke and I'm gonna fuckin' lose it! There's nothing more important to Spenny than being me, being in love with me, wanting to emulate me, and become You are the last person on the planet that I wanna be like. Do you understand that? It's gonna be very hard for me to impersonate Spenny.

kenny and spenny relationship tips

Really what I have to do is: I thought it was in the ass. I'm a crack addict Oh, one sec, you are a I'm a shit eating fuck head. See I'm going to win, because I've captured your essence. I have to be him. Feel sorry for me. In other words, it's time for him to become funny, and for me to stop being funny. People think I'm funny. Looking [Spenny walks in on Kenny as he pretends to eat feces] Spenny: What the fuck are you doing?

Kenny what is that? Is that real fuckin' poo?


Kenny if you're gonna interupt my dinner you might as well set up a plate and sit down. Ok this is fuckin' ridiculous. I've never done anything like that in my life. Oh no, I'm allergic to peanuts! This is completely ridic - what are you doing?! Is that fuckin' poo? It's just brownie mix, cake. You're ruining my fuckin' shirt. The fuckin' toilet looks like shit. I pooped my panties! I got poo-poo on my nose! That's what your son's like.

You know what he did today? He made, uh, fake poo, and ate it, pretending to be me. That's what he did today. That's why he's so funny. You think that's funny? I think that's funny.

And this isn't funny? No, this is messy. Ok, I don't give a fuck if I'm in character or not. This is character assassination, this has nothing to do with my character! He's got dildos, books, gay magazines, condoms, and what the fuck is this? He pissed my bed! This is bullshit man. This whole thing is fucking ridiculous.

It has degenerated into a cartoon. I'm sick of him [Kenny], I'm sick of being him, and the coffee, and the mother jokes, and eating the fucking shit. Is he just walking all over me and I'm allowing him to do it? Do I have to debase myself, and go down to his level? And roll in the mud? Is that what this is all about? And maybe right now, maybe right now I should be doing Kenny, but I I can't, I don't have it in me. The well is dry.

I have nothing left. I have nothing left to give. Because becoming Kenny Hotz, even for this short period of time, I think it has damaged my soul. I think I've actually damaged my soul. I think I'm going to have to repair myself, to get back to what I used to be, what I am and what I always wanted to be, is what I should be. And I'm not perfect. I'm not saying I'm perfect, I'm not. I just try to be good. One of the best decisions I ever made was to get out of the music industry.

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How would you describe your relationship with Kenny now? But in general, business, creative partnerships, the show itself—being friends for this long strains the relationship. If you could liken you and Kenny to any other pair in the world, past or present, heterosexual or homosexual, who would it be? Everything Kenny and I do is essentially a real hard take on the classic comedy duo. Well, we exaggerate a little bit.

Let me put it this way: Do you guys have any similarities? I think we have a profoundly different way of looking at life, and dealing with life. I would not do that. Now, you will ask Kenny this question, and he will have a list of things, of which My whole ethic is to keep my side of the fence clean as much as possible. But generally speaking, to answer your question and rat out a list of secrets, I would rather not do it than look like an asshole and do it.

Do you think you and Kenny have different goals in the end? I will approach a competition the way most people would approach a competition, thus I am the straight man.

Kenny and Spenny stop fighting -

Frankly, I still pinch myself that they allow us to do this stuff. I mean we do some crazy shit and it gets aired on television.

kenny and spenny relationship tips

I cheated in season one. The funny thing is, I lost anyways. You just complimented Kenny.

kenny and spenny relationship tips

Would he ever do the same for you? He wants to be number one, and he wants to win. His argument is that whoever has to do the humiliation is the loser—well, I beg to differ, sometimes he outsmarts me, and I have no problem admitting that. Do you guys ever get complaints? Anybody who bitches and yells, they can yell at Kenny, not me.

kenny and spenny relationship tips

I say that in almost every show: In one episode, he secretly gave Spenny several hits of LSD. In another, he forged a letter to Spenny from the Ontario Ministry of Healthinforming Spenny that he had been in contact with someone who had HIV, and thereby deceiving Spenny into believing he had contracted the virus.

Throughout the show, Kenny employs the help of his friends and family to assist him in his plans to cheat. Spenny also employs the help of friends in some competitions, usually to provide advice or moral support, though Spenny's family is less involved, preferring to have no participation whatsoever in the show.

One of Kenny's most frequent helpers is Dr. Goldfield, a herbalist, who gives him tips for many of the show's endurance competitions. Another recurring person in the show is Bobby Patton, a mutual friend who participates in two episodes.

It is clear that as the show progressed into the later seasons, Kenny and Spenny's friendship deteriorates. Kenny's pranks and schemes become progressively more devious and harmful, and Spenny's tolerance of Kenny, and his willingness to be civil, diminishes as his animosity for his "best friend" swells. Although it is implied that the loser has agreed to the choice of humiliation, in some episodes the winner attempts to extend the humiliation beyond what was agreed upon.

Kenny has defined winning as not having to perform a humiliation, or perform a lesser humiliation, while Spencer has defined winning as being declared the competition winner. This difference in opinion results in disputes over who was the true 'winner' in some cases. Spenny's definition of "victory" is more sportsmanlike—in a race between two people, if the person ahead is sabotaged by the person behind, official rules designate second place as the victor of the race.

Kenny's definition of "victory" is enjoying the humiliation of the loser. The show is usually less focused on who will actually win the competition and more on how each competitor will go about trying to win.


This is evidenced by the fact that the person who performs the humiliation is not always technically the loser based on the rules—they just do not know about the rules broken by the winner. On many occasions, a competitor, usually Kenny, has cheated and still been declared the winner. The show rarely shows the aftermath of the competition, leaving it unknown how a competitor reacted upon finding out that his opponent cheated. Some episodes include the voices of Kenny and Spenny during the closing credits, commenting on an unfair loss.