Keen and ressler relationship problems

The Blacklist finally confirms Red's relationship to Liz |

The two ex lovers dance around their own issues with sexual tension and . Liz cannot MATURE and be in a healthy, loving relationship with Ressler if she. May 18, The Blacklist finally confirms Red's relationship to Liz . But they're going to be a problem, a real problem, if Liz finds out about Aram and Samar have acknowledged something between them with the kiss, Ressler is left a. May 18, Is there another explanation, beyond blood relation, that justifies Red's Once Red and Ressler locate Prescott (and have him prove that Reven's body .. only problem with this is that its not her place to protect liz from Red.

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We are taught this in order for our main plots to flourish throughout the story. But when your lead is now the plot to push the other pairing, that dangers the integrity of your lead-no matter what.

Therefore, here is some divine guidance. Time to kill your darling. I never thought I would, but I do. We watch them drown. I want to start pulling people up instead of holding them down and I cant think of a better place to start than right here with you.

Someday maybe someone will do the same thing for you. Therefore, throughout the entire episode, Tom is puzzled when Liz accepts his proposal out of the blue, with no interpersonal dialogue. Her yes, is just plot leading up to a future outcome in the storyline.

It is two separate storylines. Which means, he never will. That is an arc full circle. The plot is written at the expense of the heroine who has her own journey in order to mature beyond her lack of self worth. Tom must lose Liz, the baby, and the dream in order to mature beyond his own frail insecurities. In the fall season, Tom is all about giving Liz her second chance. That is admirable because it is a selfless act. Therefore he pushes his character farther by making the same amount of mistakes, and repeating the failures.

For Tom to get to the other side and become worthy to a wide audience, this is the painful path his character must take. And people think that I hate the Tom character? Now back to the analysis: You will see this again but with different parallels. Although the chemistry between the two male actors screams a bromance adding new layers to the [misogynistic-laced] triangle, it still lacks development.

Therefore the story is more about three characters evolving not the overall love story of two men in love with the same woman. Liz is the plot to get to a much bigger goal for the writers: Therefore, the love triangle is invisible.

Liz however,is another story. Originally posted by teaandcookies Whenever Liz is involved with her ex husband, [or pseudo husband since she officially was never married to him] Ressler backs off. This could be considered plot point, or simply character because Ressler will not ingratiate himself into a competition or wait in the wings for Liz to make up her mind.

He will give her ONE opportunity, and if she is not sure as to what she wants, he will just leave and close off his feelings. That means the writers are shielding Ressler in this plot driven debacle. That is a line of dialogue indicating Liz is not in love with him. Consequently the storyline ends as dysfunctional, and dark as it ever was. That learning lesson for Liz is a risk, and one the writers should tread carefully.

A real mother wants to shelter her child.

Will Donald Ressler End Up With Elizabeth Keen?

Liz guarded her ex like she did with Judge Denner by saying she killed Tom and perjured herself. That plot is like swallowing a cap of cyanide. Are We Killing off Elizabeth Keen? When a character goes against the wellbeing of her child, it is an indefensible act. The female protagonist literally drowns in her misery and low self-esteem. Did the writers truly think this through?

keen and ressler relationship problems

Set direction clearly displays Liz and Ressler still share deep emotional glances laced with angst and longing. Originally posted by always-keenler The justification for staying with one, over the other knowing how self-destructive, weakens and diminishes character growth. She is simply UNWORTHY for a righteous male character that shows time and again that he puts others first before himself, defends the oppressed, rescues the innocent, protects the law, and has far too much integrity to involve himself in such a heavily drama induced comatose mess.

Liz in other words, must save herself which is exactly, what the writers mention. After Liz gives birth in April will her personality transplant be finally complete? Otherwise, what is the audience holding out for?

Liz is downright atrocious right now. How Tom cannot logically see that is a failure to his growth. That is a serious problem, writers. One of my mentors in primetime once said this to me: Your husband never existed.

Lizzy, I understand why you went after Tom today. And from the emotional point of view, this must feel like an extraordinary violation and betrayal. But for Tom it was business.

Do you know we had sex the other night? Do you have any idea how filthy that makes me feel? Honestly she learns about Gina Zanetakos and nothing? I fell in love with him. We-we were gonna have — I was excited to have a child with him. He was the one person I chose in my life who made me happy, who made me feel safe.

What does that say about me? I get the reverse engineering to her character, but with it such in a plot format, where are her small moments of growth? Lady Ambrosia was the last time.

Everything that we had was just a figment of my imagination. Worse than a figment. I just believed it. Yet this time, she is getting the truth. Time is the only thing that will allow you to find yourself again. I was doing my job. That was our life! We were going to have a baby to — You begged me to have a baby!

Stop talking about your job! Everything was a lie! My life was a lie! Every feeling every memory. It was the shoes. What does that mean?

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It was those brown leather shoes. It was our third or maybe fourth date. And by the time I got up, you were gone. I remember standing in the closet, half—dressed, reaching for my shoes when I saw that you had drawn this little heart In the dust on my shoe.

It was the sweetest thing. And ever since that moment, I just felt. Because I knew I knew that I had you. Nothing is more pathetic than a woman going back to a man who says THAT to her regardless of growth.

So let him talk.

keen and ressler relationship problems

Here she defends Tom a homicidal maniac, justify killing an innocent human being. This is obviously official business. I can look the other way. You got to kill him. When he does, we are all going to jail, starting with you for torture, kidnapping, wrongful imprisonment — Take your pick, sweetheart.

I can fix this. I have a storage unit. Let him do it! Get your hands off me! Next one goes in your chest! Tom, let him go! I think maybe you should call Mr. The dialogue to justify this storyline is so offensive. Keep Tom sadistic, fine. But tarnishing your lead protagonist to the point where even Red avoids her, is a warning sign.

A year later and we are retelling the same mistake with Liz only this time, a child is involved.

(The Blacklist) Keen & Ressler -- Where's Is My Love

He was involved in some kind of robbery, and now the police want to question him! Lower your voice, Lizzy. I am not your Lizzy… to control, to be told what to do. You made yourself clear this morning, Elizabeth. You can blame me if you like. Damn right, I blame you.

If he dies… Reddington: He did this, not me. And that robbery the police want to ask him about— diamonds. A team I hear included his ex-girlfriend Gina Zanetakos. Therefore, Elizabeth Keen is doomed with her Tom problem. Liz needs all the help she can get. Since when are you interested in helping her? You really think Liz is a Russian agent, a terrorist? But the longer she stays out there she becomes more like a criminal than the woman he fell in love with.

If you know where she is— Tom: Like I said, forget it. Your ex is a wanted killer. You want to help her, let me do my job. I know you care about Liz. I can go places. As he is on the phone coordinating the search for Gina, he does not notice that she is hiding in the elevator, behind some innocent people. Once Gina is alone in the elevator with him she attacks him and manges to subdue him. In the struggle Gina's phone falls from her pocket and he retrieves it.

He is part of the raid at Gina's apartment. Liz is showing him the box she found when one of the other searchers shows him the picture of Tom found next to Gina's bed.

Donald Ressler

He tells Liz about Gina's money transfer to Max Ruddigerin the meeting with Harold Cooper where she is asked get Red to locate him and find out what Gina bought. He leads the search at the port of Houston, and when the car is discovered he drives it into an empty dock, leaping out just before it plunges into the water.

The car explodes shortly afterwards, underwater, preventing the spread of the radioactive material. Edit He calls Elizabeth Keenfrom outside the subway station where the victims are being removed. He accompanies Liz when she meets Raymond Reddington at his tailors and learns that they are looking for Frederick Barnes.

He and Liz go to the hospital, where they learn that the victims died from a weaponized form of Kurz disease. At a meeting with Harold CooperLiz and Meera MalikRed tells them that he has a contact for the Strontium 90 used in the gas bomb on the subway. Liz elects to accompany him to visit Anne Forrester, one of Barnes' former co-workers, rather than accompany Red to Cuba.

After meeting the family, Liz tells him that she thinks Barnes is trying to publicize Kurz disease so that public reaction will demand a cure be found since the disease is being used for biological terrorism.

At the courthouse, he pulls the fire alarm to evacuate the building and then starts searching for Barnes. He finds the zip tied jury room, requisitions a mask and air tank from some fire fighters and enters the room, finding the survivor, whom he helps to safety.

He reports the fact that Liz gave up her weapon to Cooper and tells her that while he respects her work and position on the team, she is not a trained field agent. After Liz killed Barnes, she tells him that she made the right decision. When Liz says that Barnes' cure would probably have worked, he adds that by the time it is properly tested, it will be too late for Ethan.

She replies that it is the job. Edit Donald Ressler is at the briefing, where the suspects in the cargo plane bombing are identified as residing at the same address. Along with Liz, he participates in the raid on the home.

keen and ressler relationship problems

When it is discovered that the current alias of Nathaniel Wolff has just been identified at Reagan airport, he and Liz rush to the airport to co-ordinate the search for the bomb, arriving just in time to be knocked over by the explosion. Ressler and Liz, directed by Aram Mojtabaiattempt to intercept the armored car with Wolf on board.

With the assistance of the Metropolitan Police Department of the District of Columbia MPDCthey manage to stop the armored car, but Wolff escapes after a gun battle, by dispersing , dollars in a General Ludd protest march and joins the crowd.

At a remote airport, he arrests Wolff. Nathaniel Wolff takes the time to mock Ressler for his loyalty to the powers that be. Edit While escorting Reddington to the box during Anslo Garrick 's raid, Ressler is shot in the leg by a mercenary and Reddington uses Ressler's gun to return fire.

Red grabs medical gear and retreats to the cell. Sometime later, Red asks for Ressler's blood type, which coincidentally turns out to be B-negative.

keen and ressler relationship problems

He questions Red's willingness to save his life, despite being aware of how much Ressler despises him and knowing about the failed assassination attempt in Brussels. While Red administers emergency blood transfusion, Anslo further taunts Ressler about his leg. Edit When Anslo Garrick threatens to shoot Liz, Red wakes Ressler, reloads his gun and puts it to his head telling him that he will kill him if he does not tell him the box's password.

'The Blacklist': Can Viewers Trust Liz's Origin Story?

Realizing that Red is serious, Ressler tells Red the password, allowing Anslo to open the door. Red exits the box, leaving Ressler's gun by his head. In the hospital, he is visited by his former fiance, Audrey Bidwellwho was still listed as his emergency contact.

Edit Along with the rest of the team, he is interrogated about the incursion. He accompanies Liz to the mortuary where Karen Brodine's husband will identify her body.

While Liz supervises the identification, he talks to Michael, her son. When Liz tells the team her theory about the injuries inflicted upon the Good Samaritan's victims, he decides that they need to interview Michael Brodine. In the interview, he gets Michael to admit that he was being abused by his mother. He and Liz visit the hospital where Karl Hoffman is employed, and learn that the only abused person recently treated by Hoffman was a woman named Melissa.

When they interview Melissa, they learn that her husband, George, is attending a support group. The facilitator of the group identifies Karl Hoffman as an attendee, who left with George.

He goes with Liz to Hoffman's childhood home. During the whole episode, because he is still recovering from his leg wound, Ressler uses a walking stick. When Madryczk tries to flee the restaurant, Ressler stops him at gunpoint. Back in Washington D. He states that breaking the original immunity deal will result in additional criminal charges. He is interrupted by Eric Trettelclaiming to be Madrcyzk's lawyer.

After he leaves the room to allow for an attorney-client discussion, he meets Liz, who shows him Trettel's photo. Realizing that he has been duped, he races back the the room, only to find Trettel missing and Pytor Madrcyzk dead. With Meera Malikhe finds the burnt out rental car hired by Trettel, with the body of Catherine Madrcyzk in the trunk.