Katniss and her mother relationship

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katniss and her mother relationship

Katniss and Prim's mother is from a wealthier merchant class within District 12, but she moved to the Seam to marry their father for love. When her husband dies . Katniss sees her mother as being kind of weak as opposed to just different from herself. She has always been closer to her father. Katniss had. Mrs. Everdeen is the mother of Katniss and Primrose Everdeen and the wife of the Only after Katniss came home with the burnt bread that Peeta gave her does Mrs. . Mrs. Everdeen did not have a close relationship with Gale, but Mrs.

Now, she was the head of the house, taking care of both her distant mother and her younger sister Primrose. This is considered as the main cause for them to begin the degradation of their relationship.

Meanwhile, her relationship with Primrose is very maternal. To say that isolation plays any role at all in their relationship is incorrect. According to Katniss, she and Gale have been hunting partners since childhood, and their trading business has been very lucrative back in District However, their partnership goes beyond hunting. Plus, Katniss believes that she owes something to Peeta because of what happened the only time they met before they were selected as tributes.

At that time, they were only children: Peeta saw her and threw her some bread for her to eat. Because of this event, Katniss believes she needs to reward Peeta for his generous action. It's natural for a woman to retreat emotionally when her husband dies. It wasn't her fault. See results The Relationship with Her Mother In the case of Katniss's relationship with her mother, it is illustrated differently in the movie than it is in the books.

However, if you are a reader and not just a movie-goerit is clear that Katniss has not and may never forgiven her mother for abandoning her and Prim when their father died in the mines. This is a significant point which underscores Katniss's ability to hold a grudge.

The question is, did her mother deserve her hatred? Throughout the books Mrs. Everdeen gradually improves, but Katniss's feelings for her quite apparently do not. Everdeen's fault that Prim nearly starved and Katniss has never forgiven her mother for nearly taking her sister away from her -- or putting herself in a position to nearly die of starvation in the district when her mother could have been working.

Gale avoids watching the Games, as he promised Katniss he'd do, in order to put a wrench into the Capitol's works. Source Do you believe that Katniss loved Gale all along?

I believe that she was in denial of her affection for him. Yes, I believe that she was lying about her affection for him.

katniss and her mother relationship

No, I think she fell in love with him while "faking" it in the arena with Peeta. No, I think she fell in love with him during Catching Fire, when she saw him whipped and tended him afterward. No, I believe her true love was always for Peeta.

See results The Relationship with Gale Of all of the relationships throughout The Hunger Games trilogy, Katniss's relationship with Gale is the most complex and, at times, confusing.

katniss and her mother relationship

From the earliest part of their relationship, the two of them have relied on one another and one another's skills in order to survive and to support the survival of their individual families.

Katniss has great skill with a bow, taught to her by her father, and Gale is an excellent trapper. Together they can bring down almost any game in the woods that surround District Twelve.

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Aware of Gale's large family, Katniss provides for his family while he provides for the Everdeens what Katniss herself cannot kill. Early on in the first novel, Katniss says that her relationship with Gale is platonic and that she can't think of him romantically because of the fact that they rely on one another in the woods and as friends. This is where the complexity in their relationship becomes profound, if not astonishing.

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Bear in mind that when reading the books, we only have Katniss's perspective on the events of the story. In the movie, we get to glimpse Gale's affection for Katniss in a different way. Throughout the story of Catching Fire and later in Mockingjay, it becomes apparent that Gale has feelings for Katniss, and that she may return those feelings for him. In many ways this is a sudden turn around from platonic, friendly affection to romance, the love triangle that has become so popular in teen novels in the twenty-first century.

Peeta talks to Katniss before the Hunger Games begin. To attempt to explain their relationship in a few words seems foolhardy, but it's required in order to establish who Katniss is. Consider this a breakdown, and look for future hubs on the subject of Katniss and Peeta's relationship with one another. So consider this a summary of Katniss's relationship with Peeta.

katniss and her mother relationship

According to Peeta's explanation of their meeting during what is widely known as the Cave Scene among fansthe pair met when they were five years old on the first day of school. Though Katniss failed to notice Peeta, he noticed her, her dress, and her pigtails. Later his father told him that he had once been in love with Katniss's mother, but that she had chosen Katniss's father for his beautiful singing voice.

Katniss didn't notice Peeta at the time. She would only come to recognize him years later, when she was starving and digging through the garbage behind the Mellark Bakery. His mother tried to run her off, and she and Prim would have starved if Peeta hadn't dropped some loaves into the fire, then tossed the ruined bread to Katniss to take home to Prim.


Later, when Katniss saw a dandelion in a field, she associated the flower with hope and hope with Peeta. He was, ever after, The Boy with the Bread. During those years, she learned to care for illnesses and injuries.

When she married her husband, she moved into the Seam to live with him. Since the Seam is much poorer than the merchant sector, Katniss took that as a sign that she loved her husband very much. In Catching Fire, she still had a tea service set that she had taken with her.

katniss and her mother relationship

She has two daughters Katniss and Primrose. Her husband died in a coal mining accident five years before the events of The Hunger Games book.

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She also has two grandchildren, an elder girl and younger boy, from Katniss and Peeta. Primrose died in Mockingjayleaving Mrs. Everdeen unable to go back to District 12 due to the pain of her death. Works Though never formally trained, Mrs. Everdeen is a healer, with extensive knowledge of natural remedies from having grown up in the apothecary in the merchant's district. Following her recovery from her grief over her husband's death, Mrs.

Everdeen started a small apothecary business for people in the Seam. She has helped many people in the Seam who go to her for various things including both injury and sickness. In Catching Fire, Haymitch tells Katniss that there used to be a lot of whipping before the Head Peacekeeper Cray took over and that it was Katniss' mother that people would go to for aid.

Everdeen treats Gale and Katniss with the help of her youngest daughter, Prim. Personality Quiet and not talkative, Mrs. Everdeen does not waste her breath on unnecessary chatter. She has a habit of leaving the sane realm and heading into her own little world, but she is always aware and ready when a patient comes to call.

Katniss is always amazed when she is brought a wounded or sick patient: Everdeen however lost hope and was devastated after her husband died which resulted in Katniss keeping the family alive. She would sit and stare hopelessly into space acting dreary and helpless most days. This was not by her own choice, as these are symptoms of clinical depression. Everdeen's death, it was said that she was full of life, and was very in love with him.

Everdeen is described with blonde hair and blue eyes, the typical merchant look. Katniss has been told that Mrs. Everdeen was once very beautiful. Katniss says she now looks worn down and beaten. Her coloring makes her stick out at the Seam, where people have dark features. Primrose takes after her appearances. When she's sleeping, Katniss says she looks "worn, but not so beaten down".

Relationships Katniss Everdeen After being abandoned by her mother, Katniss does not trust her and has never really forgiven her. Katniss has also taken over the mothering role of Prim. After volunteering, Katniss tells her that she has to take care of Prim. After the Quarter Quell is announced, Mrs. In Mockingjayafter Prim's death, she burries her grief in her work.

What is the relationship between Katniss and her mother

She moves to District 4, abandoning Katniss again. They bond over the phone, grieving Prim's death, and helps Katniss with her book for remembering the good in the world. Primrose Everdeen Prim was very close to her mother and completely forgave her, probably because of her being so young and not understanding.

Together, they held an apocathery business. After the District 12 bombing, they took care of the wounded until they were rescued by District After Prim's death, Mrs. Everdeen is very sad and cannot go back to District Everdeen very much, so much that she left her merchant life for the Seam. After he died, she fell into a deep depression and left her two young daughters to fend for themselves.

Everdeen did not have a close relationship with Gale, but Mrs.