Kakai bautista and ahron villaflor relationship tips

Annual Report - Cultural Center of the

kakai bautista and ahron villaflor relationship tips

Harry & Patty, Cineko Productions, Julius Alfonso (director); Kakai Bautista, Ahron Villena, Romantic comedy . Mamu; and A Mother Too, Rod Singh ( director); Iyah Mina, Arron Villaflor, . "GUIDE: CineFilipino Film Festival ". . "WATCH: Sharon, Richard fake happy relationship for family in 'Three. After parting ways with actor Arron Villaflor early last year, Kakai Bautista opens up about their past relationship and the current state of heart. advert · Advertisement · advertisements · AdVice · advised · adviser Controversial: Ahron and Kakai Bautista Caught On Cam In A Room Together! There had been rumors that Kakai Bautista and Ahron Villena are dating. Many are jealous over Kakai Bautista because she captured the heart of the.

kakai bautista and ahron villaflor relationship tips

Twinkle Angelica Panganiban A story about a poor girl named Len wants a family that loved her together with his young brother. With the help of a pixie "Twinkle", she will make her wish come true. Inakupu Muumuu 3 friends experience an extraordinary trip. Meanwhile, Heidi discovers the magic of an angel statue. In the end, Heidi's mother ask forgiveness to her and Heidi accept it. Bessy Basura Hazel Ann Mendoza An 8-year-old girl who doesn't really care about garbage and puts mess anywhere she goes.

When the fairy of all cleanliness saw this, she cursed her and the girl was chased by garbage everywhere she goes giving her the ability to mimic its traits. Later on, she discovers that she can control them as well as use them for attacks but disregards it after she loses control over the power. Starra A story about a super heroine named "Starra". Because Galactica's powers are too much to handle, she have chosen three individuals on earth to fight the villain.

On the second part. General Star sacrificed her own "Star-Heart", her power source to choose another set of Starfighters to defend, protect and fight the menaces. Daga Jolina Magdangal A story about an over reacting girl was frustrated because of her father's trip.

In a house, there was a big rat running around the house. Pamana ni Lola Gare Claudine Barretto A story about a girl who inherits a magical hand mirror that when the encryption are read, two identical versions of herself appear.

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One day, she discovers the secret of a magical flower. Inside of the flower, there is a fairy who cries for help because of her kingdom was invaded by the evil weeds. Salamin A mysterious mirror that sucked people inside the mirror's world.

However, the old man who is the butterfly reminds him that she will only live normal in one week. Artistic Excellence The year was certainly one filled with artistic excellence as we presented an impressive array of shows that featured the very best Filipino artists.

Kakai Bautista gets candid over ‘breakup’ with Arron Villaflor

A special gala concert launched our 40 th anniversary celebration billed Rubies: Gems in Philippine Performing Arts. The art show traced the lineage of the CCP Art Collection, framed by the changing political and social landscapes in the past four decades while also showcasing modern art to which CCP has been famously home to. Another important anniversary event was the Tipanan which was a special anniversary celebration and reunion of CCP employees for the past 40 years. The Thirteen Artists Awards, a triennial program of the CCP that nurtures and promotes artistic excellence by recognizing progressive and innovative art was held in in Another noteworthy event was the concert Counterpoint: Arts for the People The Arts for the People Program, which aims to make the arts more accessible to the masses and increase their participation in artistic activities, continued to be a major priority of the CCP.

We heralded the year with our annual Pasinaya: CCP Openhouse Festival, already a tradition and much awaited event in the community. It brought in a record breaking audience of 25, which delighted in the free previews of the CCP performance season. Artists and practitioners conducted the workshop. The Arts Therapy Workshop, an arts and culture training series for public school teachers and daycare workers, was held in Benguet province. This workshop showed teachers how to use the arts for the expression and processing of internal conflicts brought on by natural calamities and armed conflicts.

This year, our Sopas, Sining at Sorbetes project was implemented for the benefit of children who were typhoon victims. The annual project is an arts appreciation program for underprivileged Filipino children and youth complemented with a feeding program.

Art 2 D Rescue was a whole-day event that featured music, dance, theater, standup comedy, film screenings and art activities. To widen our audience reach and to promote the arts further, we partnered with Net 25 and produced the television show ONSET: We also published Genesis: Artistic Diplomacy Under our Artistic Diplomacy program, we worked with various embassies and international organizations.

With the Embassy of the Republic of Korea, we marked the 60th anniversary of Philippine-Korea Diplomatic Relations with a series of cultural events and perfornances. The Road Ahead Our 40th year anniversary celebration has brought us occasion for contemplation and reflection. We are happy to begin a new decade of life, our fifth, with optimism and hope that we shall achieve our goals of sustainability and self-sufficiency. We are determined to develop creative industries and keep true to our vision of social transformation through arts and culture.

Abelardo, February An exciting showcase of the best in folkloric, classical and contemporary dance at the CCP.

The production integrated national and international works by renowned choreographers that exemplified the versatility of the Filipino artists - the global artist we are truly proud of. Cruz, costume designer, Felicitas Radiac, production consultant. Abelardo, 9 January ; 8: Gabi ng Musikang Pilipino: Pillars of German Music, Tanghalang N. The French Connection, Tanghalang N. Abelardo; March 6, A music gala featuring musical suites depicting the common principles shared by great art and great leadership.

Virtuosic music performers shared the concert stage with respected leaders of the business world. Abelardo; 16 September8: Abelardo; 31 October ; 4: Jamias, director; Don Salubayba, set designer and animator; Barbie M.

Tan-Tiongco, lighting designer and technical director; Jethro Joaquin, sound designer; Jean Pierre Reniva, costume designer. Abelardo; 27 February A CCP 40th anniversary gala that celebrated outstanding Filipino achievements in the field of music and dance. The restaging was facilitated through a venue grant given by the CCP to qualified groups together with creative, technical, publicity and marketing support.

Abelardo; 21 February3: Tolentino; February2: Tolentino; 25 February7: Tolentino; February6: Batute; February Abelardo; 08 September A one-night musical extravaganza featuring the CCP resident companies and other leading performers. This gala event fortified CCP as an icon and prime mover of artistic excellence.

Abelardo; 11 September8: Luntiang Kalikasan Liwasang Kalikasan; 7: Seedlings for Change Little Theater Lobby; 9: Tolentino Lobby; 10 December5: Abelardo Lobby, 9 July ; Exhibit: Conde; April ; Selection Committee: Master Class with Dr. Hernandez; 1 April-9 May ; Instructors: Batute; 14 April-9 May ; Instructor: Jardin, Ruperto Nicdao, Jr. Felipe de Leon, Jr. A Cultural Exchange performance and exhibitionTanghalang A.

Abelardo Lobby; 10 JuneA series of evenings of new and innovative works in performed Philippine poetry. Mario Miclat host ; Dr. Abelardo Lobby; 8 July9: Alitaptap Storytellers Philippines Inc. The festival aimed to discover, encourage and honor the cinematic works of Filipino filmmakers that boldly articulate and freely interpret the Filipino experience with fresh and artistic insight and artistic integrity. It seeks to invigorate the Philippine film industry by developing a new breed of Filipino filmmakers.

Conde; 16 October ; Awards Night: Lukso John Kristoffer Sta.

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Perang Kenkoy Christopher C. Asa ; Box John Kristoffer Sta. Tawilis Joemar Pueblo Third Prize: Kuya Mary Angelica Eileen A. Resource persons invited were Mr. Catoy, freelance lighting designer and Mr. Gerardo Corpuz, Sound Engineer and Director of Soundcheck handled the light and sound design workshops. The project covers both educational and cultural aspects through a month-long workshop.

The production was also presented in Korean World Theater Festival in celebration of the 60th anniversary of the diplomatic relations between the Philippines and Korea.

Millado, program director; Ma. Rances, head of delegation; Bernadette Abella, project coordinator; Clotilde G. Tolentino; 27 October ; Raquel Rivera, violin; Ma.

kakai bautista and ahron villaflor relationship tips

Abelardo; November8: Abelardo; 27 November John Bosco Chorale, Sta. General Services Division The General Services Division provides various services in the areas of engineering, housekeeping, central records, grounds maintenance and motorpool.

Forits accomplishments were the installation of two new units of modular type cooling tower and six new air handling units for the CCP Main Building. It also implemented the following projects: Ina total of 4, landscaping plants were propagated in-house. An aerial manlift was also acquired for tree maintenance. The motorpool achieved a It updated a total of Stock Position bin cards and monitored and updated Price index Cards.

It prepared Disbursement Vouchers. It monitored the availability of Common Stocks for office use, repairs and maintenance and janitorial supplies.

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Init issued a total of Memorandum Receipts to accountable employees while maintaining and updating the property accountability cards of employees. A total of 65 Property Return Slips were accepted and subsequent cancellation of Acknowledgement Receipt of Equipment were effected accordingly.

This was derived from the lease of open and office spaces from regular concessionaires, the parking concessionaire, and rentals from short events, fees and lampposts. It also handles personnel transactions and maintains the personnel records of employees. Inthe Personnel Services Division implemented the first tranche of the Salary Standardization Law SSL313th month pay, and performance bonus granted by the President of the Philippines and the new tax exemption rate as prescribed in Republic Act 10, series of It oversaw the payment of salaries and allowances to the officials and employees, whether regular, casual, contractual, consultants or project hires, theater crews, and ushering staff.

It provided technical and administrative assistance to all the officials and employees as regards to claim of benefits. It facilitated 20 claims and an average of 25 different loans from the GSIS, the updating of membership and loan applications per month at PAGIBIG, and issued an average of eight certificates per month for Philhealth.

It completed the plan and the eventual implementation leading to the full computerization of the Human Resource Information and Management. Training and Development Division The Training and Development Division designs, implements and evaluates employee-training programs. It establishes continuing programs for human resource development such as educational support program, career development and recreation services.