Jesus and god relationship triangle

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jesus and god relationship triangle

The idea of the marriage triangle has been around for years and generally, is what gives you an entirely different history and relationship with God. He'll become more like Jesus Christ through his role of the husband, not. Why couldn't we look at our relationship with God like this? To begin with, let The blood of Christ has freed us from duty to the law. We don't. The key word for Covenant is “relationship”. We are brought into a Covenant relationship with God. When Jesus established the Lord's Supper, he told his.

The Bible is full of examples, i.

The Triangle and the Trinity

There is much criticism about the behavior of Christians in history i. Many of those times came when Christians decided they needed to stand up for God. We would be wiser to remember that God does not need us to fight his battles.

jesus and god relationship triangle

Rather, we need God! If we allow Him to direct us, we will be far more effective in our service to the world. The first step is to allow obedience to flow from the Covenant Identity that God gives us.

Much is at stake here in terms of our witness for Jesus Christ.

jesus and god relationship triangle

We see these three elements in Covenant. Nothing can undo it. Being baptized into the name of the Father gives us a new family name, and a new identity.

jesus and god relationship triangle

And our identity in Christ is greater than all others. Releasing our sense of identity from these things can be very difficult. Obedience needs to flow from our sense of identity.

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For example, we forgive others because God has forgiven us. The task associated with Obedience is to respond to what God is revealing to us and take action accordingly—for this brings glory to the Father. For example, education or adoption.

Why is it so hard to allow our identity to Christ to trump all other sources of identity? What does finding our primary identity in Christ mean for the other sources of identity, work and family, for instance?

The Covenant Triangle: Being Claimed by God

God is also a jealous God that he will not allow any idols in our hearts. Anyone or anything that goes ahead of him will create idols in our hearts, it may not be in the form of images but even relationships can become an idol. Any idol is detestable to him. Something that the enemy can use for us to hinder our walk and our growth with God. We should not give the enemy an open door for him to deceive us especially woman, we are vulnerable when it comes to emotions.

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Who can understand it? While others think that God is not interested in relationships, it is not true!

jesus and god relationship triangle

God is the author of all romances and I believe God is a relational God. But God wants us to honor relationship in obedience to him. Yes, God gives us a freewill to decide whom spouse or partner to choose but God wants us to become wise in our decisions.

Decisions that will lead us closer to Christ and the result of trusting him for the outcome of our obedience is something that will honor him and glorify him.