Industrialization and urbanization relationship quizzes

Relationship between Urbanisation and Industrialisation

industrialization and urbanization relationship quizzes

Let's talk about modernization, industrialization, and urbanization, some the most Scholars see a connection between a liberalizing economy and a more. What factors led to the development of the Industrial Revolution in the US? Connection between industrialization, immigration, urbanization, and rise of big. Industrialization and urbanization in terms of development approach has a great significance in history. Industrialization is refereed to the period of.

industrialization and urbanization relationship quizzes

Innovation and the upgrading of relevant industrial products and technologies must drive the progress of applicable technologies in the field of basic urban services and housing which has been manifested in many countries in the process of urbanization.

So, integrating advanced industrial development ideas, technologies and products into urban development is an effective and efficient way to promote sustainable urbanization. Sustainable industrialization can also provide strong support for financing of sustainable urbanization.

How can different partnership mechanisms municipal organizations, private sector, international organizations, etc.

Link between industrialization and urbanization in terms of development approach

During the Belt and Road Forum in Maythe Chinese government advocated for peace and cooperation, openness and inclusiveness, and committed itself to promote extensive cultural and academic exchanges, personnel exchanges and cooperation,media cooperation, exchanges between youth and women, and volunteer services.

These partnership platforms have played an important and positive role in formulating the New Urban Agenda in the Habitat III conference, supporting the implementation of programmes, disseminating and exchanging knowledge and so on. I think that both parties share many common views for partnership mechanisms.

industrialization and urbanization relationship quizzes

UN-Habitat is cooperating with other United Nations programmes and agencies and other relevant stakeholders to formulate evidence-based and practical guidance, to conduct cooperation projects and to facilitate capacity building for the implementation of the New Urban Agenda and the urban dimension of the Sustainable Development Goals which have many focus areas connected with the Belt and Road Initiative, all in close collaboration with Member States, local authorities and other relevant stakeholders, as well as through the mobilization of experts.

Within these partnership mechanisms, not only the private sector and enterprises, but also entrepreneurs, can apply their creativity and innovation to solve sustainable development challenges in urban area. Their business activity, investment and innovation are the most important drivers of productivity, inclusive growth and job creation with urban development.

How will industries and technological advancements, such as Industry 4. One of the major novelties of Agenda for Sustainable Development and Habitat III is the recognition of the contribution of urbanization to development. By its nature, urbanization is one of the few social and political phenomena which generate a lot of value.

Urbanization generates value through economies of location and economies of agglomeration. The location of a plot, depending on its connectivity, can generate a lot of value,whereas the generation of value through agglomeration is due to factors of production which increase efficiency. The significance of the New Urban Agenda is that is an action-oriented guide for national, sub-national and local governments, composed of five pillars to address effectively the complex challenges of urbanization.

Further advances are expected, given the fact that initiatives such as Industry 4. Geographic economies have demonstrated that there is a correlation between urban size and added value. Therefore, new attention will need to be given as the global economy is advancing towards Industry 4.

industrialization and urbanization relationship quizzes

Born in Barcelona inhe is a medical doctor with a distinguished career in public service and diplomacy. The number of slum-dwellers in metropolitan areas of Delhi, Calcutta and Chennai runs in millions, while their number in big cities like Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Lucknow, etc.

Besides increase in slum areas, urbanisation also has affected family relations, inter-caste and inter-community relations, status of women, rate of crime and juvenile delinquency, and so forth.

industrialization and urbanization relationship quizzes

Urban planning has been skewed because it has traditionally reflected the interests of the powerful and the middle-class. The needs of the masses are never taken into consideration.

industrialization and urbanization

For example, in Bombay while the planned ratio in reclaimed land of commercial to residential use was The main factors which have created the urban mess are: The solution for reducing the growth of cities lies in developing ring towns. Public transport facilities should also be strengthened with stress on reducing private vehicles but speeding up public transport.

Urbanisation brings changes in work-force structure too i.

industrialization and urbanization relationship quizzes

For example, if we take the case of West Bengal, the rate of urbanisation in the state between and was slow in comparison to Maharashtra, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu as well as All India level.

This affected the distribution of workforce in all the three sectors primary, secondary and tertiary in the state.

Relationship between Urbanisation and Industrialisation

Mature and grown up youths postpone their marriages till they complete their education and settle in life. Further, industrialisation has given impetus to mobility also.

But as the worker in the industry achieves skill, his social status also changes, though the change is based more on horizontal than vertical basis. Industrialisation has affected the means of control too. Informal means have given place to formal means. Industrialisation has led to the growth of trade unions too, which, in turn, have affected the employer employee relations.