Ichigo and rukia relationship fanfiction harry

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ichigo and rukia relationship fanfiction harry

Bleach - Rated: T - English - Romance/Supernatural - Chapters: 1 - Words: . Ichigo, Rukia, Renji, Toshiro and Momo are sent to Hogwarts to protect Harry. Dec 27, Ichigo,Renji,Rukia,Toushiro, Rangiku and Byakuya go to Hogwarts to Rated: Fiction T - English - Adventure/Romance - Harry P., Orihime I. Apr 15, Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance/Drama - Harry P., Ichigo K. - Words: . She was about the same height as Rukia, with long straight and.

Her mother was a nut- that she knew- but did she HAVE to make her go to the convenience store now? So what if they didn't have ramen, eat realy food! But no her mother sent her to the store for some instant ramen, raving about how the certainly MUST have ramen.

Lilith passed under a street light, freezing when she felt an odd pressure settle over her. Almost as if…as if something was weighing down on her, but wasn't too heavy. It reminded her of the weight a blanket might have, except this made it hard to breathe. Her head snapped around, black hair flying as she heard an odd roar, brows furrowing. What the hell was that?

She'd never heard anything like that hollow, empty sound- something full of fury and despair.

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It sent a chill equal to that of a Dementor down her spine. Whatever it was, she hoped she would not encounter it tonight, and she'd need to ask her two family members if they heard it. She was at her house's door when the slight weight vanished after a different energy blanket spiked and vanished too. What ever they'd been, were gone. To her confusion, neither Neville nor Bellatrix had felt anything. She thought it a little odd when Ichigo- he told her he didn't like being called Kurosaki, formalities annoyed him- had a bandage on his forehead, but supposed that was fine, he probably got a bit of hell for his hair, like Tonks had at one point.

The next few weeks were odd to say the least. She'd hear those howls, feel that weight in varying degrees off and on. Sometimes it'd be light, just a feather light feeling. Others they'd be a bite heavy. There were times, when it was heavier, she'd see blurs moving in the sky, seeming to be fighting. Even the feather light ones, she'd sometimes see a blur in places. Then there was the ghosts. The weren't like the ones she was used to, the pale see through ones from Hogwarts.

No they looked like actual people, with chains hanging from their chests. Hell, one had grabbed her hand and asked her to play with him, even been disappointed when she said she had to get to school. That one- called himself Renton- was eight, and kept following her around. At one point she even saw blood smeared on one of the walls in town. She had been the only one who could see it besides Renton. She knew her brother and her mother were getting worried about her, but she was so confused.

What was going on? Then, three and a half weeks since she'd arrived, she'd been walking home late after having been given cleaning duty. She was alone, having a whispered conversation with Renton- over ice cream, he claimed chocolate was the best, she argued strawberry was- when she froze, breathing becoming labored as her eyes snapped up to the air above them.

It was coming at them, leaving indents in the concrete, a howl ripping from it's throat before it spoke in a voice that sent chills up her spine. A voice she imagined a Dementor to have. You two will taste good! The one day she left her wand at home! Whatever this thing was wanted to eat them, and she didn't have a weapon of any type.

ichigo and rukia relationship fanfiction harry

Dead, she suspected, he might be, her maternal instincts refused to let him get hurt. He nodded, turning and running- just like she did- when it charged. It'll only hurt a lot. She skidded to a stop and ran back to him, sliding in front of him as the thing drew itself up, mouth glowing red.

Violet eyes went wide in realization. She was going to die, really going to die this time. There was no magic to keep her alive, no Neville to watch her back like she did his. She figured most people would have closed their eyes as that red beam of crackling heat flew at them, but she didn't- couldn't. If she died, she wanted to know exactly what it looked like.

But it didn't come. Instead, if was stopped by a sword, a huge one, with someone she recognized in traditional Japanese clothes. Lilith felt Renton grip at her shirt, a whimper escaping his mouth as he clung to her back.

She reached around and brought him to her front, eyes still watching Ichigo, as the white cloth rewrapped around his sword as he slung it onto his back, walking back towards them. Ichigo bent down, "Lilith?

Where the hell are you! The new comer leered at her, "Oh, Ichigo, you found a hot one! Can I have first dibs? He started leading them in silence, a sort of uncomfortable one, until she yanked him to a stop and crossed her arms.

Being able to tell my brother and Mum I'm not crazy would be great, you know. She sighed, "I'll trade you secret for secret. Tell me yours now, I'll tell you mine tomorrow if you come over around twelve. Hn, he probably didn't think she had a secret worth telling. He started waking as he spoke. They usually try to eat the souls of people like him," He pointed to Renton, "Because they have no heart, which is what the hole represents, it makes them feel less empty.

They can be attracted to people who are alive who have high spiritual pressure. I've heard of them vaguely. Wizards had a huge war with them back in the Dark Ages and they separated and tried not to get involved with each other.

As far as I know, Japans Magical Community and the Shinigami get along really well, and interact with each other frequently. Rukia transferred hers to me, and eventually I got my own. I've never seen you like this. I don't want to leave! I like it here with you! I usually don't, but Rukia does it as fast as she can, it's dangerous for them to stay here.

Bellatrix seemed pleased, though. I had been wondering if that was what you were hearing and seeing, but I wasn't sure.

If that's what's going on, then your not actually a Witch. She laughed, "My great-great-grand aunt moved to Japan, and she was a born witch. Shortly after she began seeing Hollows and Shinigami. Not long after, her magic introverted and left her. Magic can sometimes inhabit those who are children of Magic folk and are actually more spiritually inclined to provide protection.

As soon as the person is ready, it leaves and allows the spiritual powers to emerge. My Grandmother said it was a very neat thing, something she was proud of.

It's looked down on in England by some, but those are the same ones that persecute creatures and muggle-borns. In other countries it's a neutral aspect, respected, or revered. Wouldn't that make her more susceptible to Magic?

Look at it this way, you won't be as easily detected by Wizards or Witches. And if you are…you'll be able to be around people much stronger than our kind, people that can protect you so much better. Lilith crossed her arms.

Don't you dare think other wise. You almost fought Tom to allow us to leave. After all, she, Neville, Bellatrix and Hermione were the only ones unafraid to call him by his first name. Mainly because they knew the man wouldn't hurt them.

Especially Lilith, because she had become and accidental Horcrux during first year, when he killed Quirrell to go after her and passed through her body. Come to think of it… "Mum, if that happens…what happens to the piece of Tom's soul? It might not affect it at all, it might destroy it, or it might be represented in the power you gain. I'll talk to Tom, he may want to come and remove it into some sort of thing for you to wear to be safe.

That silver pendant I have should work. It's charmed unbreakable and can't wear out or rust. I promised a trade of secrets.

I have a suspicion Inoue, Sado and Ishida are involved, so I went ahead and paid the two hundred galleons each for exposing the Wizarding World for each of them, plus his family. Just to be safe. I have the horrible feeling that England wasn't the only place in war.

They went to bed shortly after, she figured that Renton had gone ahead and moved on after saying bye to her, she could no longer feel his presence. At the knock on the door, it took her a minute to remember who was supposed to be home. She bookmarked her copy of 'The Wars of the Elves and Goblins.

But in any case it was resolved centuries ago. Ichigo blinked when she answered, dressed in formfitting sweat pants and a half shirt. Come on in, Ichigo. It had light walls, dark floors, silver and green decorated. From your look last night, I didn't expect you to come. She sighed, nodding slightly. My entire family is. My father was Lord Potter, a rich pureblood, and my mother was a muggle-born, someone born of normal human parents. Hell, we weren't related until last year!

Anyway, then Dumbledore framed Voldemort made him go without a body, killed my parents and placed me in a household…" She looked away for a moment, "In a household no one with Magic should have ever even looked at.

She didn't strike him as someone who had been, then again that might be what resulted into that dangerous aura around her and her brother…wait, were they really brother and sister, now?

First year…I killed someone. Killed a sixty foot long Basilisk, a snake that can kill you if you look in it's eyes and whose venom's only cure is Phoenix tears. He escaped form prison- framed- to try and warn me about Dumbledore.

I knew him for two years, before Dumbledore had enough and killed him too. Fourth year I was forced to compete in a tournament that nearly killed me and gave Voldemort his body back. The plan for him was that, he would get me knocked up, and once I had the baby, Dumbledore would hire someone to kill me. My money would then go to the Weasley's and Dumbledore. They'd have probably sent the kid to an orphanage or something.

Voldemort saw my memories when my blood was used to resurrect him. He let me go, offering to give me and however I trust sanctuary, safety from the War. My best friend Granger Hermione stayed behind with a few family friends to help Voldemort finish the war. Bellatrix offered to blood adopt us. She'd had her own children, but they'd been still born. Neither of us had very good lives growing up- Hell Neville killed his own Grandmother when she tried to kill me.

Neville and I just call ourselves twins because he was only born a few days before me. She raised her hand and felt her wand slip into her palm, flicking it at the table and watching it turn in a horse, before turning it back.

Rukia comes through my window, and after kicking her, she told me all about Shinigami and Hollows. I didn't believe her until a hollow tried to kill my sisters the same night. Rukia got hurt because of me and had to transfer me her powers.

It's illegal, and eventually Soul Society came after her. I gained my own powers and Chad, Orihime, and Ishida went with me to save Rukia. Three captains of the Gotei the thirteen squads of Shinigami- captains are the highest rank, defected and now control a force of Hollows called Arrancar. There are five types of Hollow. Normal ones, like last night. Menos Grande, they're a hundred feet tall, and more powerful than normal ones.

Adhujas, which are more powerful than Menos. Vostal Lordes are adhujas that ripped off their masks, much more powerful. Arrancar are Hollows that look human, have pieces of mask, still have Hollow holes, and use a zanpaktou. That's the sword that was on my back last night. The strongest Arrancar are called the Espada, numbered one through nine. Were you over the park about four blocks form the school at night during one of those?

A Shinigami with Hollow abilities. Both of them trying to let it sink in what the other had told them. Eventually, Ichigo asked another question. And no, I didn't make that up! That's his actual birthday. He shook his head at that, a smile on his face. She glanced at the clock. It was already four… "Um, I need to make dinner, your welcome to stay. Just…be wary of my Mum, bit of a loon.

Besides, Magic makes food taste bitter if you aren't careful. I'm not great at cooking with it, so it would probably taste horrible- oh drat, out of treacle tart… Dobby! What can Dobby do for Mistress Lilith? Ichigo couldn't help it. He laughed at her face- a mixture of exasperation, annoyance, and defeat. Race of magical creatures that serve Witches and Wizards.

I always thought it was barbaric, until I learned they can't survive without being bound to a Wizarding family. Dobby was a House-Elf that told me not to go to Hogwarts for second year. I asked the Malfoys to let me bind him to the Black Family, because he really is good company…just a little over enthusiastic, sometimes. Thirty minuets later, two loud cracks sounded down stairs.

Ichigo's staying for dinner. Brought a girl around six in. It didn't go over well. Lady Bones took the girl home to her family and Obliviate the lot of them. That bloody…what part of fuck the hell off didn't he get?

The fuck, the hell, or the off? Luna and Mione said no one at Hogwarts believes him. Even the ones who didn't much like you aren't buying.

It was way to obvious with the fact you nearly castrated him when you got fed up with the stalking. Tom said he'd come by sometime tomorrow to sort it all out. He said what you have works just fine. Lilith did a fairly good spit take. Wants to make sure he can trust Strawberry here with…certain things. You- what- are you nuts!

I'd rather not-" She stopped, looking at her mothers amused face. Ichigo could honestly say, Tom freaked him out a bit. During that meeting, he'd been looked over with red eyes that seemed to be looking into his mind- which he found out he had been, when Lilith mentioned it later.

He somehow got the seal of approval. He'd talked to Neville afterwards, and went to bust down a door when he heard a scream from upstairs. Neville had stopped him with a: She asked Tom to do something for her, so he's doing it.

ichigo and rukia relationship fanfiction harry

It's just painful to do, alright? Two months later, Lilith wasn't at school for a week. Bellatrix and Neville refused to let Ichigo enter the house, merely saying she would be fine. When she finally did come back to school, something- they couldn't tell what- was different. The only thing that they could tell, was that she was lighter on her feet- almost like a weight had been taken off of her.

You weren't here for a while.

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She laughed, sweat dropping as they listened to Orihime describe a new recipe she had. Lilith's brother was at home with a cold, which would be fixed up by dinner, and her mother was at a meeting. She was walking with Rukia, Orihime and Ichigo at the moment, headed towards the shopping district as both Orihime and herself needed to get groceries and the other two had decided to tag along.

And then she froze, dread filling her as a familiar tingle spread through her body that said she was being watched.

Harry had already drawn his guns. The prepared themselves, but instead of one hollow, they soon found themselves surrounded by eight hollows. The two shared a quick grin before leaping at a hollow. Ichigo swinging his sword and Harry cocking his guns. The two worked in perfect sync and were soon down to just one hollow. Before they could do anything a tail came at them and flung them through the trees with no warning at all. Harry closed his eyes waiting for the impact, only he never felt the ground rushing towards him.

He cracked an eye open and looked up. His eyes widened and his breath hitched at the man looking down at him. Spikey white hair, turquoise eyes, pale skin, a long turquoise scarf, and a fabulously muscled body if what Harry was feeling was accurate. The man raised an eyebrow and Harry blushed.

He was set down gently and he brushed himself off. It wasn't until he heard cursing that he remembered his apprentice. HE spun around, eyes wide, looking for Ichigo. Only to smirk when he saw his fuku-taicho in the arms of Abarai Renji. Harry was unable to keep a cackle in, making Ichigo freeze and look at him in horror. The look of glee on his taicho's face made him grab onto the person holding him in fear. He slowly looked up to see Renji staring at him in surprise, happiness, and awe.

¿Que hubiese pasado si ICHIGO se QUEDABA con RUKIA? -- Teorías Bleach

Renji set Ichigo down and then swept him into his arms and kissed him. A roar interrupted the two, Harry and Ichigo cursed as they turned around. Ichigo released Zangetsu and Harry drew his guns. It was then the hollow broke through the trees. Ichigo ran towards him raising his sword. There was a howl as the hollow started to fall to the side, now only having one hand. Harry ran a few steps before pushing off the ground and into the air towards the hollow.

Two shots rang out in the clearing and the hollow disappeared with a shriek. Harry landed gracefully on the ground and holstered his guns. Ichigo had already sealed Zangetsu and sheathed him.

Ichigo then turned and ran towards Renji, he threw himself into the older man's arms. The two stayed in their tight embrace. Harry smiled softly and walked over to the dreamy white haired man.

The man's eyes widened before a small smirk appeared on his lips. The two then turned their attention to the reunited lovers. Renji took a deep breath and reached into his pocket while sliding down onto one knee.

He held the box up and opened it. His eyes sparkling as he took in the scene before him. Once they broke apart Renji slid the engagement ring onto his left ring finger.

Once the two were done they turned to the two. Taicho this is Renji. Ichigo inwardly glowed at the thought before lightly hitting Renji's chest before bringing him down into a passionate kiss. Renji just pulled him into another kiss. I really don't want to see you guys having sex. He had missed both of his sisters and his father, though he would never admit to that last one. Isshin had just grabbed onto his only son and hadn't let go for a good ten minutes. Then Yuzu was upon him.

Once she was off of him Ichigo walked over to Karin and swept her up into his arms. He sat on the coach with her in his lap and just held her as she quietly cried into his shoulder, resting his head on hers. Karin let go of Ichigo and grabbed onto part of Renji's shirt tightly. Harry quietly talked to Isshin as they watched the scene.

Isshin agreed that some Ichigo was settled in Karin would go and stay with the couple for a while. An hour later Karin let the two go, only after they promised to come back soon. The two more than happily agreed and soon were waving goodbye to the three as they made their way to Urahara's shop. The reunion was hilarious with Kisuke and Yoruichi crying and yelling at Ichigo while trying to hold onto him at the same time.

Harry watched with slight wistfulness. He silently wished that anyone would feel the same about him. But he was faced with the harsh reality that they were all more than happy he was gone. What he didn't know was that someone had seen the flash of wistfulness and sadness that had flashed through his eyes.

The four made their way to Soul Society easily and quickly made their way to Seireitei. The reunion there was much the same as it was at Urahara's shop. Ichigo was welcomed warmly and Harry with wariness. Harry watched with happiness and a little bit of sadness as Ichigo talked with his friends, catching up with all, and showing off his engagement ring. He was glad Ichigo was finally happy. He wasn't sure where he was going to go after this, but he was glad to know that Ichigo would be okay from now on.

He just hoped the younger would smile more often, and maybe invite him to the wedding if he was lucky. He silently went over to Ichigo and pulled him out side for a moment, trying to ignore the irritated and suspicious gazes.

Ichigo looked at him in slight confusion as Harry put a silence barrier. Harry smiled at him and took a good look at his fuku-taicho. Ichigo seemed lighter and less stressful. His eyes were light and his scowl gone. Harry pulled him into a hug while quietly weaving protection and blessings around him and Renji.

He was going to miss Ichigo a lot. He hadn't felt truly lonely while the man was with him for the last month. You just think you do. I know I didn't make it easy for you. Harry gave him a look that stated that he didn't believe that one bit. He hugged Ichigo and stood on his tip-toes and kissed him on the forehead. Ichigo stood there for a moment, trying to keep his tears from falling. He only moved once Renji opened the door. Ichigo stepped into Renji's arms and held onto him tightly, his hands fisting the fabric covering his back.

Ichigo's shoulders shook, but no sound came from him. The others just stood there and watched helplessly as their friend tried not to cry. Renji tightened his arms around Ichigo as the statement really sunk in. Ichigo was currently freaking out and no one has been able to calm him down. She was ready to pull her hair out. She was just about to turn when a flash of something long and black passed. Her eyes widened and she ran after the person.

She gasped when he turned around, his dress swirling around his legs. The top was turquoise then faded into ice blue and then into a creamy white color. On his feet where four inch silver leather evening sandals that had stones on the straps that went over his toes.

His toenails and fingernails were both done in French tips. His long hair was curled and the top part was pulled back, with a beautiful white gold and diamond snowflake hair pin that looked beautiful against Harry's ebony hair. His bangs were swept to the side to cover the lightning bolt scar on his forehead. Around his neck was his snowflake pendent, in his ears were princess cut blue topaz 18k white gold earring studs. On his right ring finger was a white gold and diamond lotus ring, on his right wrist was a bracelet made out of 18k white gold with three rows of diamonds.

In his hand was a sparkling silver clutch. His makeup was the same as it always was, except for the glitter that dusted his temples and cheek bones. She was wearing a one shouldered silver draped dress. The shoulder strap was wrapped in a jewel encrusted cloth. On her feet were simple silver heels. Her hair was down, and she had done her makeup in natural colors with light pink lip gloss. Maybe you can calm him down" She then grabbed his hand and started to walk. Ichigo, Tatsuki, Rangiku, Rukia, and Orihime all looked up when the door opened.

Their eyes widened when they saw the two in the door. Next to Karin was Harry, looking even more beautiful than ever. Ichigo stood up quickly and met Harry in the middle. The two hugged each other tightly and Ichigo started to tear up. Harry pulled back and smiled up at him. You'll ruin your makeup! On the bottom and halfway up the top, hydrangeas, roses, and baby's breath were embroidered with silver thread.

His hair had been curled and done up into an up-do with braids and twists.

ichigo and rukia relationship fanfiction harry

There was a beautiful white gold, diamond, and sapphire hair comb as decoration. His bangs were swept to the side and curled as well. A few strands had escaped here and there, but it only added to the hairstyle and Ichigo's beauty. The only make he had allowed to be put on was eyeliner, mascara, and his plum lipstick. You love Renji, and Renji loves you just as much. He worships the ground you walk on, and I haven't known him that long, but even I am able to see that.

She nodded and sat down with wide eyes. Harry curled her hair, then her bangs, and then he pulled all of her hair, except for her bangs, all to one side.

Harry stared after her with wide eyes and a large smile. Before anymore could be said the door opened and Yuzu poked her head in. She was wearing a sleeveless silver dress that had blue sparkling designs starting from the bottom hem and going up. He curled her hair and then pulled one said back, securing it with a beautiful white gold and sapphire clip. Once she was gone Ichigo started to twitch again.

Only if you want me to. They were held together with turquoise, ice blue, black, and white ribbon. It was smaller than Ichigo's, but bigger than the other girls'. It was then he noticed that they were all in chiffon dresses that ended at their knees and were in different shades of blue to match their skin tones. He was more than ready to be married to his soul mate. He could tell that Chad, who was on the other side of him, was amused at the fidgeting redheaded taicho.

They all straightened up as the girls started to come in. First it was Orihime, then Rukia, Rangiku, and then Tatsuki. However what they didn't expect was the next person. He had to remind himself to breath as Harry practically floated down the aisle.

The two then turned to watch Ichigo be escorted down the aisle by Isshin. The man had taken walking his son down the aisle very seriously. He was dressed in a suit with a dark blue button up underneath and a black tie. Once Isshin had handed Ichigo over to Renji, and Harry had taken Ichigo's bouquet for him, the wedding seemed to go quickly.

They and the rest of the wedding party gathered around outside to wait for the guests and the bride and groom. Harry looked up at him and he just turned his head, he could feel his cheeks turning pink.

He heard Harry giggle and then felt him lean into him. He cat called with the other guys while and Harry and the girls blew bubbles as the newlyweds came out. Once all the guests left the two came back so that the wedding party pictures could be taken.

He made a note to himself to get copies of all of the pictures, especially the ones with just him and Harry. What he didn't know was that the photographer had already gotten a picture of the two with their arms around each other and looking at each other.

Ichigo however did and quietly asked her to get more pictures of them as the night progressed. The two never left each other's sides the whole night, except when it came time to say goodbye to Ichigo and Renji.

The two left and they went back to talking. An hour later they bid everyone goodbye. When they got there he made sure that Harry had everything he would need, but before he turned to go into his room, Harry grabbed onto his arm.

The taicho grinned as he got what Harry was planning. Harry pulled him down to meet him. The two stood there kissing for about ten minutes before they split apart and going into their rooms. He sat up and ran a hand through his hair.