Howl and sophie relationship with god

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howl and sophie relationship with god

This is part of what's made Howl's Moving Castle the director's most divisive of its war between forest gods and human settlements, Howl's Moving Castle Really, though, it's the relationship between Sophie and Howl that. Released in Japan last November, Howl's Moving Castle is already . her relationship to Howl and explanation of his origins resemble God's. Headscratchers for Howl's Moving Castle (both the book and the film), so spoilers Howl was either a time management god or he was using kage bunshin . does it have darker implications for the future of Sophie's relationship with Howl?.

You can really chalk all her "sins" up to doing anything to have the prince returned. Suliman is the king's royal sorceress, not his wife as far as we knowand the lost prince is the prince of the other kingdom.

Who's to say that she is happy? She seems to view her job with a calm practicality, that she's doing what has to be done. Throughout the movie though, we see that the wizards and witches who become involved with war and the military are ultimately slaves and screwed for life. It could be that Suliman is just as miserable and hides it, in which case we know that she's still in the service of the king and forced to obey him.

Or it could be that she's been waiting for a chance to change things for the better. Note at the end when she receives Heen's communique that she requests a meeting with the prime minister to end the war-not the king seen earlier in the movie enthusiastically reviewing battle plans.

It could be mirroring the decline of royal influence in politics after World War I. In the book, Royal Wizard Suliman is actually missing, and a Mrs. Pentstemmon was Howl's teacher. The two were combined for the movie role, hence the odd mixture of moral royal henchman. In fact, you seem him attacking enemy magician blobs and airships repeatedly. I highly doubt that they're attacking their own city near the end.

Her qualm seems to be that he would lose himself to the power all together, be it as a physical super monster similar to the blobs, and probably be uncontrollable sooner or later, or an inner monster like the Witch and just be plain selfish, greedy and essentially evil.

Is Howl's castle CGI or traditional animation? The problem is it's really hard to tell. Maybe it's both, depending on the scene? Sophie really mistreats the sentient fire demon that Howl told her to take care of. Very out of character. Like forgetting to feed the dog. She puts him in a fire-proof container with some fuel while she cleans out the hearth and lays a new fire.

It's no more mistreatment than hustling someone out of their room while you clean it up and straighten it. Remember that Calcifer, in both the book and the film, is prone to being over-dramatic, as is Howl. Agreed, drama, but she's also taking her frustration out in general. To reference the book, Sophie is quite certain at first that Calcifer, simply by being a fire demon, is inherently evil.

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And it's only with time that she sees him for who he is neither good nor bad, but loyal regardless and begins to treat him with kindness and respect rather than by bullying. The movie version of this transformations is just muuuuch quicker. He's an evil fire demon, he matters, but not enough to baby him. They are just too blue. Knowing how vain he is, they're probably glamoured.

Might be drawn from the book - they're almost always described as "glass marbles" there. You know, that kept getting me. They're referenced as 'green glass marbles' to be more specific, but there's several times that they're also referenced as 'blue'. I feel like maybe his eyes are biologically blue, and he makes them green with his spells like his blonde hair.

Possibly evidenced by his wide eyed look when the colour is really hitting the freak factor, whereas they're simply nice blue eyes when he's partially hooded, you know, like a normal person. It took three viewings before I caught the one single clue to it: As Sophie's racing out of the hat shop, two old men are discussing to themselves, and one says, "Didja hear?

Their prince went missing!

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And Howl didn't cast the spell, he could just see the magic. But like Sophie's spell, he couldn't lift it. Turniphead had to do it himself.

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Except somehow I managed to pick up that the whole war was because of the prince missing, as a background detail. Turniphead turning into the prince was if anything, a deus-ex-machina way of stopping the war from my perspective, though it wasn't entirely spontaneous. It's from the book; in the original turniphead was a prince, so prince he stayed in the movie. No, he was half a prince.

No, the wizard was the original turniphead. The DOG was half a prince. Now, that brown skull is part of the wizard the skull later melts into the scarecrowand probably the guitar too, and the dog is made up of both the prince and the court wizard. The scarecrow was a golem made by the Wizard Suliman to guard the garden he was creating in the Waste, which is where the Witch caught them together. Suliman cast all his magic into the golem and ordered it to 'come to his rescue', but the Witch had taken his body to pieces and the scarecrow ran out of juice before he could get to any of the pieces until Sophie spoke life back into him.

Meanwhile, the Witch kidnapped Prince Justin, combined some of his body bits with some of Suliman's body bits, then used the extra bits to make a second body, to which Justin's head was attached, while Suliman's head was sold off as a skull. I'll call you when I need you. That one bit of dialog hinting at the lost Prince being the cause of the war was different in the original Japanese version.

The three men were just talking about how the war was "going to be terrible". They just added that tiny bit of Foreshadowing in the English dub. Near the end of the movie, Madame Suliman says "Howl found his true love. The game is over" Now, that strongly implies that she started the war to get Howl to find his true love. Did she really kill hundreds merely to teach a former student a lesson? Madame Suliman didn't start the war for Howl, but she was using the war as an excuse to track down and neutralize rogue witches and wizards.

She tricked the Witch of the Waste into coming to the royal palace with an invitation supposedly motivated by the need for magic users in the war, but drained her of her powers instead. Madame Suliman was also going to try to catch Howl since she believed he was destined to be become a monster after losing his heart. The "game" she referred to was her attempts to capture Howl. Ending the war was a separate goal that only became attainable when she saw that the missing Prince had been found.

I don't think she was using the war as an excuse to track down rogues, so much as she used the fact that magicians were being enlisted into the army to coax in the Witch, who was a 'greater power.

In fact, Howl's curse was completed when he fell in love. But it was care and love for others that caused everyone to try to help everyone else in general. She has divined the location of the prince, whom the movie war is centered around, and she's going to tell the king he's been found, and diplomacy should start up.

You'll buy crazy things when you have a coupon. He bought it, didn't like it, but never quite got around to throwing it out. He's quite the pack-rat; remember his bedroom? Red is his real colour, before he called the spirits of darkness into his hair. No, it was black in the past. I got the idea that he had a lot of potions and spells set up and Sophie just messed them up when she was cleaning. I'm pretty sure we're pulling legs here. Sophie obviously changes dresses just before she leaves the hat shop to go out on her own.

Ignoring the obvious problem of dress size, how did she have a message from the Witch of the Waste if it note wasn't in the same dress she was cursed in? The message stuck to Sophie herself, not to her clothes. It probably wasn't even "activated" until she was next to Howl again. You know, I never even noticed that little change from bluey-green to blue in her dress. But I go with my fellow Troper. It's a magic note, attached to Sophie, the pocket was just a convenient place for it to be 'taken from' once Howl 'found' it.

What century is the film set in? The setting isn't Earth, but the overall feel of the film seems to tally with the mid-to-late 19th century. There's a fairly strong WW1 vibe as well, albeit the more mobile first year of war, rather than the more famous trench stalemate. I don't know if these are things that were explained better in the book or if the purposes simply went over my head, but I've three questions.

Why did Sophie immediately decide to go into the mountains upon being transformed into an old woman? I read somewhere that she did it to seclude herself but wouldn't it be better just to seek refuge in another part of the town, or even travel to another one?

howl and sophie relationship with god

Traveling far into the mountains doesn't seem like the smartest thing to do you when you just became a 90 year old woman. Maybe some would say that she did it to found Howl, but none of her dialogues hinted that she did, and her reaction when his castle appears is that it's "not what she had in mind". What was the point of taking Calcifer out of the castle to make it collapse, then go back in and have him move it again?

What was Sophie hoping to accomplish by moving the leftovers of the castle to where Howl was? He was fighting far up in the sky, it's not like she could have reached him. She says as much right in the film, just before she does it. In fact, in the book, when asked by a shepherd on the hills about where she was headed off to, she replies, " It doesn't matter really.

You can't be fussy when you're off to seek your fortune. In the movie, there is a similar scene, except Sophie says she was trying to find her sister. This might have been a reference to Sophie's sister Lettie from the book, who is studying magic in a town which lay just beyond the hills.

And former is highly unlikely, as I am beyond eighteen. Sophie rolled her eyes, smiling all the while, "And that gives me at least half a day to get some reading done. After the sudden entrance of a rather curious customer, who asked some sincerely strange questions about the symbolism of various flowers and her favourite blossoms, just to leave in a rush, Sophie decided to close the shop.

She had lost her patience with the man, and not desiring to let her temper get the better of her, she told him every flower were her favourite, and afterwards decided she had dealt with enough troublesome men for a day. The sun was setting anyway, and Market Chipping was emptying itself by the minute. During this time of year, it always seemed to quiet down in the evenings. Sophie remembered vividly from her time at the hat shop. She returned into the upper part of the building to do some cleaning; starting with the hearth Calcifer was currently outside with Michael, working on some ever bizarre spell and working her way around, until she ended up in Howl's bedroom.

Or rather, their bedroom.

howl and sophie relationship with god

For they shared it since they were to be called 'an item'. Of course, Sophie protested against living in a dirty barrack, covered with cobwebs and fine grey dust in such masses that most isolated castles would end up jealous.

Howl had wailed out loudly how she was too demanding to bear and used a cleaning spell to bring back some order into his once so comfortable room. Not that Fanny and Mrs. Farfaix had not done a good job some time ago, but as said, it was some time ago. Sweeping along the black marble floor, Sophie smiled upon the sight of the small, glass container that withheld some of the spiders which had previously resided in the corners of Howl's canopy bed.

It had been her and Michael's idea after observing how miserable Howl was, stomping up and down the stairs, muttering something about losing his eight-legged companions. Just as Sophie trudged back down the stairs to fetch a bucket of water, cursing silently to herself that she had forgotten Calcifer was not about to heat it up for her, a knock resounded at the door. Sophie's azure eyes wondered to where the door stood idly. She wondered who it might be and at which door they were knocking.

Again she wished Calcifer were about. He entertained her during her cleaning-sprees anyway. Howl had assigned Michael the task of creating a similar functioning knob as the one they already had, allowing them eight different exits rather than four. It was a test to train his magic capabilities with the aid of Calcifer, whilst also recreating the two previous exits they had had in Porthaven and Kingsbury.

Now with the Witch gone and all So Sophie tried the various doors, starting with the entrance to the mansion, orange down. No one was about. Nor at the door to Market Chipping or any of the other four choices to the right. Not like she had to check the black one.

Turning her attention towards Michael's makeshift knob, she twisted it, revealing the entrance of their prior house in Porthaven. There stood a smallish man with feeble hair, obviously somewhat elderly but dressed in clean and orderly attire. Sophie stood there several seconds long, scowling at the pathway and at the flowers, trying to figure out why she had been given those Had Howl decided to buy some to sell in the shop?

What kind of logic would that follow? Especially seeing as there were so many diverse kinds at the edge of the Waste, purple colour down, to last them nearly a lifetime. Shrugging before she shut the door, Sophie marched to the cupboards, whisking out a vase and filling it with water as she placed the bouquet inside, smiling whilst she carefully spread the glowing orange blossoms.

Placing it on the work bench, Sophie returned to her cleaning. She fished for a yellow apron to place upon her shimmering green dress which accentuated the colour of her hair, Howl claimed before he had gifted it to her and got back to work. Yet no ten minutes had passed, her labouring in concentration, as another knock resounded from the entrance.

He pretended to be the King and the only reason anyone found out was because the real deal showed up at random and laughed at him. He believes the war should end, but will do anything to stop the fighting parties from causing more harm.

When he's introduced, he seems like a dashing, unflappably confident sort of person who's always got everything under control, and nothing can upset him, except maybe high-minded concerns about the war. Then he very suddenly has a huge Freak Out! He's rather shameless about storming up to Sophie wearing nothing but a towel, and he's the only character in the movie to be depicted naked.

By the standards of the Studio Ghibli art style, yes; he's slender almost to the point of being downright scrawny, but towers over every other character except Turniphead. The bird thing is a Winged Humanoid. Power at a Price: He gave up his heart to Calcifer for more power. Refusal of the Call: He refuses to be part of Suliman's King's scheme of having all wizards fight for him. Although the movie is called Howl's Moving Castle, it's much more about Sophie than him. Trash of the Titans: His house is filthy and he likes it that way.

With Sophie, who is a worker in a hat shop, while he is a famous and powerful wizard. He Wangsts about having the wrong hair color He fights in the war to destroy as many war ships as possible and diminish the threat the other wizards pose, disregarding loyalty to either side. As he said, it doesn't matter who to support - both are bad. The Witch of the Waste Voiced by: Though, she eventually does step aside, and even later seems to approve of Howl's relationship with Sophie.

Like Howl, she sold her heart to a demon and no longer has one of her own.

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Suliman de-powers her as a punishment for losing her way and becoming selfish. Post de-powering she spends her time lustingly looking at Howl and making love jokes to Sophie.

She curses Sophie for "standing up" to her. In addition to cursing Sophie she threatens the girl with dementia for snarking at her. Her personality is as repulsive as her enormous rolls of fat. She finalizes it after giving back Howl's heart to Sophie, since she's allowed to live with Howl afterwards. Once she's stripped of her powers, her true age comes back up and reveals her to be at least in her late 70s. Though she seems to be in mildly better shape as much of her excess weight also vanishes.

While genuinely senile, she is still out after Howl's heart when she starts living with him, but she's nice enough to return it to Sophie after some convincing. She even becomes a bit more wise to Suliman's traps, and quickly uncovers and destroys the peeping bug spy planted by Sophie's mother the moment she can. Only Known by Their Nickname: To Howl's family in the end.

howl and sophie relationship with god

Spared by the Adaptation: In the book, she remains evil and Howl casually takes away her life force in the climax. She curses Sophie but is depowered by Suliman, the true villain. Post de-powering, she is briefly this because she is still in pursuit of Howl's heart. Took a Level in Kindness: After she gets de-powered, she's much nicer and friendlier, even if she does try to steal Howl's heart again. Plus, even then, she certainly wouldn't have agreed to give it back so easily if she was anything like the way she was before.

After she comes within the vicinity of Suliman first starting when she has to walk the stairsshe becomes useless. Howl used to "romance" her until he saw what she really was and ended it.

She did not take this well and is still trying to get her revenge on him. He tries to be dutiful and professional, but is still just a kid so he ends up more like this. He does the hack work in the shop because of Howl's flakiness.

In the book, he was Here, he seems to be in the year old range. It includes doing the hack work of the man's business. Sophie was aghast at how he ate and corrected him.

Spell My Name with an "S": It's extra confusing in Japanese where it's pronounced "Mar-ku-rull". He may be a little kid but he's Howl's apprentice and shop clerk so he has a firm presence on the castle and in the plot. Though he is usually confined to his small form, he's the most powerful person in Howl's castle.

Catch a Falling Star: In a very literal sense - he was a star that fell to Earth and was caught by a young Howl. This is his relationship with Howl and later Sophie; exchanging witty remarks and insults. With the exception that he is a demon and not malevolent, he made one such deal with Howl to empower him, taking Howl's heart in trade. He eats anything, from wood, to eggshells, to hair. Howl's heart sustains his life - ordinarily, fallen stars 'die' on this world of mud and water. Later, he's able to gain a temporary power boost from Sophie's tresses.

I Just Want to Be Free: He wants freedom from Howl and his castle more than anything. When he actually gets it, he returns to Howl and asks to stay as a part of the new family.

Our Demons Are Different: While he does make a Deal with the Devil with Howl to increase his powers in exchange for his heart rather than his soulhe's far from malevolent, and is actually pretty friendly once you get past his Deadpan Snarker tendencies. Billy Crystal in the English dub takes this Up to Eleven.

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He contains Howl's heart, so it's a bit more physical than usual for this trope. Madame Suliman Voiced by: Neither of the characters she was composed from was particularly antagonistic.

She's not "evil", per se, but she is antagonist and her Well-Intentioned Extremist antics are causing war and misery. To Sophie, though it's more of a statement. In the end, she stops the war and there is a hint she's overthrowing the foolish king.

Unless of course, you interpret her as a Manipulative Bitchin which case she's a successful Big Bad. Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: