Heero and releana relationship goals

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heero and releana relationship goals

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Relena Darlian

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Make sure you arrive before the period starts and without interrupting the prior class. Instead of fleeing, Relena chases after him, forcing him to protect her from OZ's attacking suits. However, he flees before she can speak to him.

OZ then discontinued their attempted assassination on Treize Khushrenada 's orders, at Relena's brother's request. Attending a party where Une is present, Relena tries to shoot her in revenge for Vice-Minister Darlian, but misses, and escapes. However before she can be captured, Lucrezia Noin rescues her under orders from Treize, as a favor to Zechs. Noin brings Relena to the Sanc Kingdom, reinstating her as the monarch of the country which Zechs had liberated from Alliance rule.

However, Relena continues to take a stand against OZ, boldly denouncing them in front of a crowd of Romefeller members.

Continuing her search for Heero, she finds information that he and Zechs are about to battle at Antarctica and pleads for Noin to take her there, in order to prevent the fighting. However, once there, Zechs' attitude disgusts her, and she tells Heero to defeat him- prompting Noin to reveal to her that Zechs is really her brother Milliardo. Relena at the restored Sanc Kingdom.

It is then that Dorothy CataloniaDuke Dermail's granddaughter, comes to be a student at the Sanc Kingdom's school, where Relena is teaching pacifism to children of nobles. Dorothy acts as something of a devil's advocate to Relena, while spying for her grandfather.

heero and releana relationship goals

Despite negotiations, it is clear that Romefeller has no intentions of leaving Sanc untouched, and when members of the Treize Faction took refuge against the borders of the Kingdom, OZ uses this as an excuse to invade. The pacifist nation is technically unable to defend itself, however Noin had in secret created a small army of white Taurus MS to protect the kingdom, and begged the Gundam pilots to help as well. In the aftermath of the battle, Relena sanctioned Noin and the Gundam pilots' actions.

Relena as queen of the Earth Sphere. When Relena goes to a meeting with Romefeller, they force her to denounce Milliardo's status as a representative of Sanc, citing his anti-pacifistic actions in space. When they attempt to assassinate her once she leaves, Quatre Winner and Noin rescue her, though Relena's butler Pagan is injured. When Romefeller's forces move in on Sanc Kingdom a second time, Relena eventually surrenders, rather than let Sanc be destroyed yet again.

Romefeller decides to make her the new figurehead queen of their ' Earth Sphere Unified Nation ', announcing her as the leader of all of Earth and the colonies.

heero and releana relationship goals

However, Relena refuses to bend to their will and instead uses her position to further her ideals of pacifism. Amazingly, her persuasive views on disarmament to set an example for others managed to sway the majority of Romefeller's members, outing Dermail, who desired to maintain a dictatorship over the Earth Sphere.

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This was enough to convince Heero not to kill her, who at first believed that she would be only bringing about a false peace as Romefeller's puppet. Now free from the political constraints of the conflict, Relena goes to space in an attempt to stop Milliardo, now leading White Fang, but is unable to sway him.

A Never Ending Dream Heero x Relena

Dorothy offers a gun to end it all, but Relena refused to believe that assassination would bring about true peace, nor would she kill her own brother. The latter presents Relena with a gun, offering her a chance to take vengeance for her adoptive father's death. However, Relena refuses the tempting opportunity.

In the epilogue, Relena is shown to have become the new Vice Foreign Minister of the ESUN, and Heero leaves her behind a teddy bear for her birthday along with a card, which she tears up as he walks away and tells him to hand it in person to her next time.

heero and releana relationship goals

Endless Waltz In the aftermath of the Eve Wars, most of the world's mobile weapons are destroyed and Relena had became Vice Foreign Minister between Earth and the colonies.

She then woke to find a girl in her room, who introduces herself as Mariemaia Khushrenadathe illegitimate daughter of Treize Khushrenada. Because Relena was in the hands of the Barton Foundation, they could take over a virtually defenseless Earth without incident.

However, Zechs, once presumed dead, was able to destroy the first wave of mobile suit transports but relented when Mariemaia's grandfather Dekim Barton threatened to initiate the original Operation Meteor by crashing L3 X onto Earth.

She was forced to watch as the Preventers and Gundams attempt to whittle down the Serpent mobile suits without killing the pilots. Relena quickly tried to tell the world that they must stand up for themselves, only for her broadcast to be cut off by Dekim.

Eventually, the Gundams ran low on power, until the only one absent Heero's Wing Zero appeared in the sky, firing its powerful beam cannon at the bunker and penetrating its defensive shields; despite Heero knowing that he may endanger Relena. Relena and Mariemaia's lives were saved by Lady Une, who had infiltrated the bunker, and dove on them to knock them out of the path of falling debris.

Soon, a crowd of civilians led by Chang Wufei appeared to stand up against the remaining Mariemaia soldiers. Dekim refused to stand for this nor accept defeat and called on Mariemaia to assume her position as head of the Earth Sphere. However, Relena stood in her way and slapped some literal and figurative sense into her.

Dekim was enraged that Relena would think to poison his granddaughter's mind and brought up a gun.

heero and releana relationship goals

Relena gladly welcomed him to take the shot, as he smugly states that the public is expected to obey the victor. However, Mariemaia takes the shot meant for Relena.

heero and releana relationship goals

But Dekim was unconcerned, for he could make another puppet. But before he could take another shot and Une could leap to Relena's defense, Dekim is shot and killed by a Treize Loyalist. Relena then rushes to Mariemaia's side, who confesses that she's sorry. She then spots Heero, brandishing a gun. But instead, Heero decides to never take a life again, for as far as he's concerned, he already killed Mariemaia.

Heero collapses from exhaustion and Relena catches him and holds him to her chest, expressing her relief that mankind's battles, as they know it, are finally over. In the epilogue, Relena is shown to be continuing her role as Vice Foreign Minister, with Heero watching over her as her bodyguard. Preventer 5 In the manga story "Preventer 5", which takes place the spring after Endless Waltz, Relena is hosting her 17th birthday party when it is interrupted by a group of terrorists, who take her and the other guests hostage and demand a ransom, threatening to detonate a nuclear weapon within Sanc Kingdom.

Relena notices one of the terrorists to be Zechs, who had presumably gone undercover within the group to prevent their success. During Heero's attempt to rescue her, Relena was seriously wounded by Noinheim, but was saved by medical nanomachines extracted from Pagan 's body. However, in order to disarm the nuclear device planted inside Sanc Kingdom by the terrorists, Relena was forced to activate the Perfect Peace Program, which would cause the death of countless innocent civilians when she dies.

In order to prevent PPP from being triggered, she enters cryosleep. Frozen Teardrop Prior to Frozen Teardrop, a nanomachine virus called the 'PPP' virus is discovered to have been mass-released into the bloodstream of the general public through vaccinations; it would cause a bloodclot to form in the body of a person and kill them when activated. It is discovered that the condition of its triggering is the death of Relena Darlian.