Hart of dixie zoe and george relationship quiz

'Hart of Dixie' Showrunner on Zoe and George: 'That Might Not Happen and That's Okay'

hart of dixie zoe and george relationship quiz

Jan 15, Get ready for a whole new saga of Zoe and Wade's “fledgling” relationship, as those two crazy kids try to make it work in the only ways they. George and Wade hatch a plan to get even with their high school nemesis, Zoe decides that it's too soon in her relationship with Judson (WES BROWN) to go. Mar 9, Lemon and Zoe bury the hatchet. “Hart of Dixie” recap (): Candles As season 4 draws to an end, Zoe and Wade are settling into a committed relationship as they prepare George and Annabeth may very well be on the path to love while Lemon and . QUIZ: What kind of token gay cousin are you?.

George asks if she feels he should move back; Annabeth says they should maybe break up.

Zoe and George

George shares the news with Lavon and they elect to move the proposal to the hospital. Lavon asks to speak with Lemon privately, but she remains angry at him.

hart of dixie zoe and george relationship quiz

Zoe is feeling the love and declares that she wants to marry Wade. As fate or the writers would have it, Lemon and Lavon and Annabeth and Wade are forced to run their errands together, respectively. Zoe video chats with her mother as preparations are made for the wedding.

George takes the opportunity to talk with Annabeth further as they run their Hart-Kinsella wedding errands. Annabeth agrees that she cares for George, but sees no option other than breaking up as George is happy in Nashville and her life is in Bluebell. They proceed to make out in the car like teenagers.

Lemon and Lavon venture out to take care of their wedding assignments. Lemon knows that their life together will be perfect, so a perfect proposal is unnecessary.

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Lavon pulls over and asks Lemon to marry him. Zoe insists that the doctor allow her five minutes to engage in the most procrastinated shotgun wedding imaginable. The doctor declines and insists that they must move to labor and delivery immediately.

Zoe demands the ceremony be performed on the way.

hart of dixie zoe and george relationship quiz

The rabbi and priest lead as Zoe and Wade voice their heartfelt, comical, and brief vows. An offbeat and questionably legal ceremony is performed just in time as Zoe is wheeled to the delivery room to give birth to their Alabama boy.

hart of dixie zoe and george relationship quiz

Lavon assigns various responsibilities to Bluebellians in an effort to ease the workload for new parents, Tom and Wanda. Zoe effectively passes off the less than desirable task leaving Lemon to do the dirty work. Although Lemon had originally planned to orchestrate the perfect moment in which to share her feelings with Lavon, she decides it simply cannot wait any longer.

Upon revealing her love for Lavon, they share a much anticipated kiss. Zoe and Wade enter a disappointingly empty kitchen. Lavon and Lemon enter in their pjs revealing their renewed love.

hart of dixie zoe and george relationship quiz

Lavon and Wade separately scold their girlfriends for their embarrassing display of immaturity at breakfast. Zoe and Lemon each agree to get along — Lemon, upon the condition that Lavon tell Brick that he and Lemon are back together. They are always there for each other. Their romance almost prominent.

hart of dixie zoe and george relationship quiz

George fell in love with her too. Although at first these two seemed destine in the series for each other, it seems they are becoming friends in a near platonic way now. Yes; at first they clearly had sexual tension, but now it's more like awkward residue left from their dramatic history. Season One Edit In episode 18 of the first season, he realizes that Lemon had been cheating on him with one of his best friends In episode 19 of the first season, after finding about Lemon's affair, George decides to take a motorcycle trip to New Orleans.

Zoe is invited to New Orleans as well and they subsequently share their first kiss. Also Zoe reveals that she is in love with him.

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Zoe enters the competiton in the hopes to persuade George to choose her. However Lemon is determined to win the competition and prove to George that they are meant to be.

George & Zoe Scenes - 1x19 Part 3 (The First Kiss)

George rescued Lemon and they briefly reconcile. Just before the ceremony, George goes to the Breeland's and tells Lemon that they are breaking up and he was too scared to change his mind so he wanted to marry Lemon.