Hankyung and heechul relationship quotes

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hankyung and heechul relationship quotes

Lasting Friend that I can be together keeping mutual relationship. Sungmin to ELF: Super Junior can sing because of E.L.F.'s support. Hangeng to ELF: All the more important E.L.F. Thank you so much and I love you. Super Junior without hyung is like shoes without insoles. HanKyung Their relationship was really like brothers, their friendship has only. SuJu Quotes. “You can't find Heechul: Hangeng would be the scariest w/ his Chinese martial arts Indeed, we're two members w/ a very good relationship.

You can only play a fool for your whole life. Me… I will just treat it as I married my fans. In 5 months, I will get a girlfriend. I am preparing to get married! Although I do not know who the person is… I am able to get married with a fan. I am already so old. I cant even look at her face, if i dont look at her face i can do anything. I want to become like hyung. I hope they will not misunderstand. Once, Jessica sent a message saying: But now that you are older, you should become more manly.

He is still not normal, he have to change more. Compared to sun she prefer moon, compared to fire she prefer water. My life is a historical drama. We live by the drama. Jungmo to Hee HEE: Male and female can never have friendship.

Then what are those female friends of yours? Mithra is absolutely my style! I like guys with beard!!

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Instead I keep it to myself and went home. You never really know with life, just like how right now everything is unknown. If one eye is open then you can see many things. If both eyes are open you can see everything. What have been done in the past. What have been seen in the past… What have been lived in the past… Must do it happily!!

hankyung and heechul relationship quotes

All my friends are important. Bad students are scary when they gather together.

hankyung and heechul relationship quotes

The best solution under this kind of situation is to keep away. You must admit your mistake and make the effort to start anew. If you want to shit around then go to your own bathrooms.

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No matter what people say we are still us. He has a good sense of humor. He is also very caring. He always puts other people first before himself. Many friends of mine got married already. I wanted to receive candies, all year round, days. My fans are not fans. The girl, who I secretly like for a long time, became a fan.


Got so thrilled just by thinking about it. In fact, I am able to get married with a fan. If a fan come, I will take a look. What do you all think?

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I am able to get married with a fan. My fans were all of my ideal type! But I thought I must think of something else. Flower cannot do without petal and petal cannot do without flower.

I spend my time playing on my own. Other than being lonely, i was always been forgotten by others. I heard some rumors of Heechulie hyung.

In every exam you will dream of getting Because the Earth is round, so if I frequently go around, all the kids in the world will meet I buy people whatever they want,and I cry when I drink alone.

Nobody knows about his identity, age, and his actions. Nobody knows about it. If I receive a text message from an anonymous, I will ignore. I never fight at school. I love to watch horror movies a lot. I will switch off the lights and hug my cats while watching the movie. He will look at me and say: Other trainees were scared of me, especially female trainees. Because I was wearing a wig, and my clothes were flirtatious.

I have never felt that I am a devil. I am a problem too, so if everyone can be harmonious, banning me is ok too. My heart is aching. Hope everyone can stay strong. When Heechul was already deeply in love with her, she finally told him about it. But if you are in trouble, remember that I will always be there for you. Instead, she dated another guy that asked her out after Heechul.

He even has to wait for his rice to cool down. He likes girls who looks good on skirts, pretty legs. He follows Donghae and allows him to talk to him informally because he thinks that Donghae is cute. He used to be a class representative in one sem in his grade school days. He talks to children formally too. He is really generous to the people that are close to him. He loves imitating people. He taught Hankyung a lot of things about Korea, swearing words, etc. He used to change clothes under his blanket because he thinks that maybe someone could be watching him.

He cares a lot about his image. He is very confident but he can be respectful when he needs to be. He loves to hit people.

hankyung and heechul relationship quotes

He cared many girlbands when he became a Music MC, because girlband was very rare in the past. He hates someone stealing his food. He only allows Jay Trax to do it. He loves changing his hairstyle, and hair color.

He walked-out one time because Hyuk stole the egg from his fried rice kimchi egg is the climax of fried rice kimchi. He reads HanChul fanfictions. He posts pictures of him as a girl on his Cyworld.

He doesnt like to sweat. When he was on elementary school he never played soccer like normal boys. He used to play with girls in elementary. He used to play pebbles with girls in elementary. His school in elemetary was on top of a moutain.

He got his first kiss from his 1st gf before his debut, while they were watching The Lion King. Time and punctuality is very important for him. Heechul really hates being told on what to do. He only listens to donghae and taeyon. Heechul only lets donghae and u-know of DBSK to speak informally to him. Heechul has eye problems. He went into an eye-surgery at after he fell asleep once still wearing his contact lenses. Heechul is scared of little children.

Heechul likes sad songs. He can even dance to those. When asked how many most valuable friends heechul has, he answered: Right now he only wants to raise children without getting married, he wants to be a free soul. Heechul was smart and at the top of his class when he was a kid. If you are born again: I wanna be a flower blooming on a high cliff. So that no one can touch it. When I look sexiest: Heechul thinks sohee is really cute.

He even joined her fan cafe and made his login name after her. Heechul used to smoke and drink, stopped, and resumed, but he starts and stops so easily. He drinks right now, maybe smoking too.

hankyung and heechul relationship quotes

It was given by his father. When snsd and super junior was still in their trainee times, jessica was the only one brave enough to approach heechul. When heechul holds a girl, he gets extremely nervous and feels like his heart is going to burst.

He loves white chocolate.

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He used to date a lot of female celebrities and non ones, as he stated at a tv show. He likes to go to a spa centers because he loves massages.

hankyung and heechul relationship quotes

He be totally happy and, the second after, totally emo or even angry. He likes to drink alone at his room and look up to the moon, makes him think about deep things. He prefers rock, gothic and metal rather than pop. He plays piano, drums and a little harmonica.