Guru and solar relationship with god

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guru and solar relationship with god

'I looked at him as a brother,' Solar says; denies rumors of romantic relationship. From his thoughts on Guru's controversial associate Solar and rumors of his old friend's sexuality to his strained relationship with the man born. The emails appear to show that Solar forced Guru to tour instead of seeking ( Note: In previous emails Solar appears to refer to himself as a “God. “Guru father is up in years and they have not had the best relationship so?.

guru and solar relationship with god

After the pain carried on for a couple of months, Guru sought medical attention, which resulted in an MRI and a cancer diagnosis. Guru went in for further testing and it was confirmed that he suffered from myeloma, a cancer that affects the white blood cells.

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He had an operation in July that was unfortunately unsuccessful. However, despite the setbacks, Solar insisted Guru didn't want to tell his family about his situation, as he was still optimistic that he could overcome the diagnosis. In March, Trish's son Justin said that Solar — who had become Guru's medical proxy — was keeping info from the family about Guru's condition. Solar has complete control of the flow of information.

I know that Solar has been his right-hand man, day-in and day-out for the last six years, but that does not give him the right to make decisions about whether his family is to see Guru or learn about his status.

guru and solar relationship with god

The fact that he is acting like this lets me know that he does not have Guru's best interests in mind. He knew exactly what he wanted to do, not only his business but his personal life. Not only with him, but other members of the band. These are all accusations without Guru being here to look you in the eye and saying that's just ridiculous. I don't want to say anything against anybody living a certain type of lifestyle — everybody is free to live their life how they choose to live it — but that's not my lifestyle or Guru's lifestyle.

He dealt with women and family.

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I dealt with women and family. There's never been any blurring of the lines whatsoever. I was staying in his home with him to help him with his day to day.

guru and solar relationship with god

I did it as a brother — I looked at him as a brother. I did that to preserve his dignity, even in those times.

guru and solar relationship with god

He died on Monday. Guru's family issued a statement about his passing on Wednesday. He issued bedside statements on behalf of Guru and was then forced to defend himself when Guru's nephew, Justin Nicholas Elam-Ruff, issued a video claiming Solar was preventing Guru's family from visiting him, and was exploiting a sick man.

guru and solar relationship with god

Solar refuted the statement, and claimed that various members of Guru's family had been to the hospital. It was also pointed out that Guru had signed a proxy to allow Solar to make medical decisions for him, and part of this was that certain people — including DJ Premier — were not to be allowed access to him in hospital.

The hip-hop blogosphere remain convinced that Solar was issuing statements on Guru's behalf that the rapper would have been too unwell to deliver, something they're even more vehement about now that his death is marked by yet another press release from Solar.

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Carried on Solar's own PR website, the statement beginsas if written by Guru himself: I have had a long battle with cancer and have succumbed to the disease. I had nothing to do with him in life for over seven years and want nothing to do with him in death.

Solar’s Baby Mama: I Saw Him Punch Guru In The Face Many Times

Solar has my life story and is well informed on my family situation, as well as the real reason for separating from my ex-DJ. But the material in the statement that insists not only on the purity of Guru and Solar's friendship, but also on the pre-eminence on their musical work together, doesn't read like the last will and testimony of a dying man, especially of a man trying to make peace with a partner, DJ Premier, who is beloved in the hip-hop community and has offered nothing but dignified support for Guru.

Twitter has been aflame since Guru's death, and Solar's stock is not rising.