Glimmer and cato relationship with god

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glimmer and cato relationship with god

Rue, Marvel, Glimmer, Foxface, Cato, Clove and Katniss and Peeta way in the back of the Hunger Games. i love clato its my favorite hunger games relationship . their babies and live happily ever after alreadyyyJesus read the book. But i also noticed when the Careers trapped Katniss in the tree, Glimmer flirted with Cato and when they were all asleep, GLIMMER AND CATO WERE. Clove flips her hair, trying to replicate the way Glimmer tosses about Keep your cool Cato, you have to like this girl. Oh my God, what did I just say? . "But you know, once Glimmer is dead I'm not hiding our relationship.

But Cato, after heaving a sigh of exasperation and anger, got up quickly, catching her tiny wrist once again and spinning her around to face him. Clove's face was the most hauntingly beautiful one he'd ever seen. Her angular bone structure and dark eyes radiated power and confidence, and most of all beauty. Not that it would matter anymore. Not that it could matter. He was becoming more infuriated.

Her body was so tiny, so fragile compared to his, yet at the same time lithe and deadly. He could crush her in a matter of seconds. Feel her every bone breaking between his strong fingers.

glimmer and cato relationship with god

And they both knew that. Cato smiled cruelly at this, tightening his grip even further. He continued walking until Clove's back made contact with the wall, Cato shoving her roughly to it, still not releasing his steel hold on her tiny wrist. He stood only a centimeter away from her, their bodies almost touching.

He could feel the heat coming off of her. Cato leaned his head down so his mouth was by Clove's ear. He felt her breath hitch beneath him. A shiver ran down Clove's spine. Clove glared, refusing to give in. If he wanted to get some so badly, he could go get Glimmer, like he did the other night. She put her hands on his chest, attempting to push him away from her, even though they both knew she wanted more.

I had to deal with it at home. I'm not dealing with it here, too. They were never officially a couple or anything like that. Training partners for years, considering they were both at the top of their classes. And eventually, their relationship grew into something more. They had a friends with benefits relationship, but when Cato was with another girl Clove got jealous, and vice versa when Clove was with a boy. They met at parties and at night after curfew.

In abandoned rooms at the training center after a session. At their houses when one was home alone. But girls were always swarming Cato, and Clove didn't know why she'd expected it to change here.

Cato heard her words and scoffed. She was not done with him. And she needed to see that. And I was on my way to his room until you interrupted me. Clove thought Marvel was slightly creepy, but she couldn't deny that he was attractive and he really did make her an offer. If it meant pissing off Cato, she definitely considered going, but wasn't exactly running out the door when Cato had came in. Cato let out a growl. He grabbed Clove's free wrist along with the one he was already holding and raised them above her head against the wall, keeping them there with his left hand.

He gripped Clove's jaw tightly with his right hand, forcing her to look into his eyes, bring her face so that it was right in front of his when he bent down. She was on her toes to resist getting strangled. Clove glared at him, trying to squirm from his grasp but it was no use.

She was about to make a snarky comment in reply to him, but Cato saw it coming and before she could he crushed his lips to hers with bruising force. He pressed Clove further against the wall with the hand that was on her neck, knowing she was becoming short of breath.

He pulled away, biting her bottom lip hard, until he tasted blood. He licked it off of her lip as it pooled, and then moved his mouth to her ear once again. Clove belonged to him and only him.

She was his to fuck, and she was his to kill. No one else would get the pleasure of doing either of those things. Clove opened her mouth to gasp for air, and when she did so Cato slipped his tongue into her mouth, capturing her in another extremely rough kiss.

He released her neck and her wrists, and Clove's hands knotted themselves into Cato's hair, pulling roughly at his blond spikes, her still bloody hands dying them crimson. But neither of them cared. Cato pulled her legs up on either side of his torso so that she was straddling him and smashed his body against hers, pressing her forcefully against the wall. Their mouths were moving quickly, fighting for dominance over the other.

Clove's bloody hands moved from his hair to his face, holding him tightly to her. She ground her hips against him, to which he answered with a low growl in the back of his throat. She instantly felt him become hard and smirked against his lips. Cato pulled away and began sucking on her neck, occasionally biting, which would make her gasp.

She continued to move her hips in a rhythm against his. She moaned, and then all of a sudden Cato was crossing the room, Clove still in his arms, and in a few short strides he reached the bed, throwing Clove onto it and climbing on top of her. Clove quickly removed his shirt, and when it was off, ran her hands along his lower abdomen, feeling his defined abs, pulling teasingly at the button of his pants as he continued to kiss her. But he pushed her hands away, once again pinning them above her head.

Cato liked to be in control.

Cato and Glimmer?!!!

But then again, so did Clove. Which is what made them such a twisted couple when it came to times like this. Cato removed Clove's shirt as well, and quickly did the same to the rest of her clothing until she was laying completely naked underneath him. He ran his hands up and down her body, reveling in the beauty of it, grinning evilly with pleasure.

He sucked each of her breasts before slowly trailing his hand down to her center, where he began rubbing her clit slowly. Clove's back arched with pleasure, but it wasn't enough for her. She grabbed the top of his head roughly, snarling.

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If I'm totally honest, she's a pretty awful kisser. I can't even bring myself to enjoy it. I mean, I guess you could say I liked it when I kissed Denise the day in the stadium, but Denise wasn't a bad kisser. Just maybe not one of the best. What causes us to finally break away is Marvel, telling us that we have to move on. Glimmer glares at him, and kicks him a little as she saunters past. But I hope he catches my 'thanks for saving me.

I ignore Clove's 'what happened' stares, and she eventually gives up. At one point I notice Peeta staring at me, and I see the confused, lost-in-thought look on his face.

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When he notices me looking, he looks over to Clove, then to Glimmer, before raising his eyebrows at me. I'll admit, I'm not the brightest boy who ever lived, it's talent, strength and good looks that helps you in The Games. According to Clove, I've got all three! Then I realise he's plainly asking 'Clove or Glimmer? Am I just that obvious?

All of a sudden, Glimmer shouts out and points to something in the water. What the- It's Katniss! Everyone laughs as she notices us and starts scurrying out of the water.

Glimmer, of course, wants to lead the group, and she's in front of everyone, dashing after Katniss. Katniss seems to be desprately find somewhere to hide. But she's not going to escape us. Well I guess it would have been to easy anyway. When we reach the foot of the tree, Glimmer starts laughing at her. I start climbing up the tree, which is a lot tougher than it looks. How does Fire Girl do it like it's nothing?

She's already halfway up the whole tree! Maybe she would have been more help than wimpy Ian, who's probably still snivelling back at the lake. After a while, my hands start to hurt like crazy, but the encouraging shouts from Glimmer and Clove keep me going. But at a point, I notice how there aren't any more branches to grab onto, so I have to think creatively.

I stick the sword into the tree, and I think I may have done it a little too high. Just as I'm reaching up to grab it, I manage to get a light grip on it, but the branch underneath my feet snaps, and both me and my sword go plummeting to the floor. Glimmer, clearly annoyed, huffs down at me as I frown up at Katniss from the floor. She points her bow at Katniss, but she misses because of her horrible aim.

I force myself up, and snatch the bow from Glimmer. It's pretty hard, because I've never actually used a bow before. But I do even worse than her when I shoot. Katniss is panting at the top of the tree, and I notice how she's staring at Loverboy, who's avoiding eye contact.

She shakes her head. I can't throw my knives that high vertically. Besides, she's protected by the leaves. She'll come down at some point. Careers don't 'wait people out. But we don't really have a choice, because she's stuck up in a tree, while we can't even reach her. I look over to Glimmer, who gives a nod. Glimmer goes to talk to him, and Clove sits down next to me. I mean, we find Katniss, and then we can't actually kill her.

I mean, we can find Katniss on our own. What help has he been so far? I don't know, I just like him because he is intimadated by us, but he doesn't really show it. And Clove, I don't think I could ever kill him. I mean, I think he actually loves her, but not the way he said he did. It's all for the sponsers! Anyway, we are known as the tough careers. They can create their own reputation, but we have to live up to ours. Its getting on my nerves. But for now, we still can't tell anyone.

I guess the Capitol has heard our conversation, so they must know anyway. But after we've killed Glimmer, theres no one we need to hide it from. Later that night, we have a roaring fire with the help of Peeta of course, and no dinner. Katniss hasn't come down from the tree, and I'm worried that she's going to make a run for it while we're sleeping.

But I guess, we will kill her eventually, because there is no way she can kill us. Glimmer is sitting opposite me, and Clove is practicing her knife throwing by marking out a target on a nearby tree, and then throwing a knife at it.

She succeeds every time. I gently poke my sword into the fire, which causes the blade to glow red, bringing a new beauty to the sword. I take it out of the fire, and it won't seem to stop glowing, so I spit on it a little, and the fire dies out. Glimmer shakes her head and smiles. I raise my eyebrows and smile back. Actually, she is sitting on my leg.

When we've confirmed Katniss has gone to sleep, and she won't sneak away, we decide to call it a night and sleep. Clove chats to Marvel for a few minutes, before settling down. I notice how Peeta, once again, has isolated himself from us so he can sleep behind a tree, all on his own. And Glimmer has to be her usual clingy self again, and decides to sleep with me. When I wake up the next morning, Clove is leaning over me, her dark hair hanging down in my face.

That didn't sound like Clove at all. Oh no, it's not Clove. The girl leaning over me is Glimmer, in all her idiotic pathetic annoying blonde-ness. My eyes were fuzzy, and I mistook her hair to be dark. I lean forward a little to get a good view of the tree. She's still asleep, actually. By the way, do we have to wait until Katniss actually feels the need to come down?

Please God tell me she's joking, and she's only pretending to be an idiot. I raise an eyebrow at her, but Glimmer just keeps staring at me with a confused expression. Nope, she wasn't kidding. Glimmer just really is that stupid. Glimmer nods at me, and smirks as she starts to play with my hair.

All of a sudden, I freeze as Cloves words pop Into my head. All because you were too easily distracted by a pretty girl. It's far away, but my sword is just about in her reach. I grab hold of it and grip it tightly, and Glimmer notices. It makes her give a little squeak.

Glimmer smiles shakily at me, and rolls over to go back to sleep, keeping a safe distance. She's obviously now terrified I'm about to kill her or something. Well trust me Glimmer, that time is yet to come. After I've fallen asleep again, my earlier dreams transform into nightmares. In one of them, I've finally killed Glimmer, but Marvel steps in and throws his spear at me. I'm falling to the ground, and Clove rushes over to help.

She kneels down beside me, but Marvel gets her too. The last thing I see is her screaming my name. And then snap, I'm back into reality, and Clove IS leaning over me, yelling.

glimmer and cato relationship with god