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Fiyero the Scarecrow and Elphaba the Wicked witch of the West (Wicked - The untold story of the Silhouettes: Broadway Musicals Quiz - By Perspektivet. These are pictures & videos of Fiyero & Elphaba in the show "Wicked". | See more ideas about Musical theatre, Musicals and Wicked witch. Oct 12, It starts out with Fiyero and Glinda as a couple, which has Elphaba end up with unrequited love for Fiyero. But eventually Fiyero breaks up.

I'd rather go find Yero, Nessa, and Boq; let you give me a make-over; or- Oz forbid- go shopping. I will not take your-" "Take her what? In response, Galinda shoved a rather battered, neon pink and yellow magazine with a picture of a couple on it in his face.

You have to take it. Besides, you like quizzes! You nearly died of excitement when the professor announced a pop quiz on grammar. And I've taken it with every single one of my boyfriends! The young witch shrugged. However, points off for forgetting his name. I started using the couple's quiz in fifth grade. Now stop changing the subject! If you'd like to know about our first real kiss, it was Fiyero, and he did it right after that! Who made the first move?

Fifi," she finished pointedly. She contracted in fits of giggles as he tickled her mercilessly. Galinda joined in with a few jabs to her abdominals, laughing gleefully. They stopped the incessant torture, but they all tittered quietly. No comment on the fact that you forgot one. What do you do when you're apart from each other?

Elphaba and Fiyero's Relationship

I get to answer this one. Elphie, you're just more tersified. Fifi, you pace a lot and look really nervous. Anything could happen to you. You're skipping a question! Who picks up the pizza? Who would trust brainless over there?

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He rolled his eyes good natured. Hey, that's a good one; you both are pretty potty-mouthed. What would you do if the other got hurt? Because one time Fiyero stubbed his toe on a corner and cried for ten minutes," Elphaba tattled.

Fiyero, miffed that Elphaba had revealed his secret, replied, "I would be beside myself.

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You may be looking for the musical character based on him. His family reside at Kiamo Ko as well, a castle which Elphaba later goes to live her final days.

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Like all Arjikis, he is ochre-skinned [1] and wears blue markings. At the age of 18, he enrolls at Ozma Towers in Shiz.

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When he first arrived in Shiz, Fiyero was chased by enchanted antlers in Professor Nikidik's class and was spared when Crope and Tibbett came to his rescue. Boq, who narrates the section, says that Fiyero was the only Vinkus student he had ever seen before, but Boq did note that Fiyero's eyes were intelligent.

Fiyero was then added as a member of the charmed circle, a group of friends including Elphaba, Glinda, Boq, Nessarose, Avaric, and Crope and Tibett. Between graduating college and meeting Elphaba again, he has become Prince of Arjikis and has three children: IrjiManek and Nor.

On a trip to the Emerald City he sees Elphaba and the two catch up and begin having an affair. Fiyero's death affects Elphaba deeply, leaving her stricken with grief leading her to slip into a coma.

She is left haunted by a sense of guilt and failure that eventually drives her to seek out Fiyero's widow and children in the isolated Vinkus castle, Kiamo Ko.

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Before her accidental death by Dorothy she, going insane from insomnia and paranoia, begins to think that Fiyero might not have died, but rather was alive in disguise as the Scarecrow. Getting excited thinking that he was headed her way, she eagerly sent out many of her "workers" to pull off the face of the Scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz to reveal Fiyero.

But when they do he is revealed to be made of nothing but straw. Fiyero's lineage survives in Liir, and Liir's daughter, Rain. Book to Musical Differences Jorge Lau as Fiyero with Ana Cecilia Anzaldua as Elphaba in Wicked Mexico In the musical, the character has no tattoos simply because the small designs did not translate well to the stage and never married, but he is engaged rather reluctantly to Glinda. He is at first a careless, happy-go-lucky, kid who cares little about school and is involved in a romantic relationship with G a linda Upland where he has no romantic feelings for her in the book, even though Sarima suspected that he was having a love affair with Galinda.

Most of his happy-go-lucky attitude was originally part of Avaric's personality.