Final fantasy 13 fang and vanille relationship counseling

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final fantasy 13 fang and vanille relationship counseling

So I'm a good ways into the story, and I'm starting to get the distinct feeling that Fang and Vanille's affection is a lot more than just a friendship. Has anyone else . Hope Estheim is a playable character in Final Fantasy XIII, who also appears in a has had a distant relationship with his father ever since he became a teenager. . Taking Lightning's advice to form a plan, Hope conceives "Operation Nora," his Coming to later at night, Hope says Fang and Vanille's hometown of Oerba . Lumina is a major supporting character in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. See also: Datalog (Final Fantasy XIII)/Characters Hinting at a deeper connection to their relationship, Lumina refers to Lightning as "sis". When Vanille and Fang first awoke from crystal stasis, Lumina found them and witnessed the Order.

Vanille and I woke up. Aboard the Lindblum Raines tells Snow of the Sanctum's plan to publicly execute the l'Cie once they are captured, and leaves Snow no choice but to help him find the others.

final fantasy 13 fang and vanille relationship counseling

Fang explains to Snow she is hunting down the l'Cie herself, but does not divulge her connection to Vanille. Fang and Lightning discuss their fate. They split up as Snow leaves with Hope and Fang with Lightning, keeping in contact with wireless communicators. After deciding on Hope's home in Felix Heights as their rendezvous point, Fang reveals her origins to Lightning and that she and Vanille were indirectly responsible for Lightning's sister Serah being made a l'Cie, as Anima sought for new l'Cie after seeing Fang and Vanille were not heeding their Focus.

Fang and Lightning realize Pulse and Cocoon are more similar than they had initially thought in how both worlds feared and hated the other, but Fang is willing to be an enemy of Cocoon if it will save Vanille.

Fang explains how a l'Cie's brand shows the time they have until they transform into Cie'th, and how strong emotions can expedite the process. Fang reassures Lightning that Serah will come out of crystal stasis one day. They go into hiding in Hope's home and take refuge with his father, Bartholomew Estheim. The party is led onto the Lindblum where they learn Vanille and Sazh were captured in Nautilus and are being held captive aboard the Palamecia to be brought to Eden for a public execution.

Fang is reunited with Vanille. With the Cavalry's help, the group infiltrates the Sanctum airship to rescue the prisoners and Fang and Vanille are reunited. Fang checks the progression of Vanille's brand and is relieved she still has time left.

After defeating him they learn their Focus: While the rest of the party is coming to terms with the gravity of their task, Fang is troubled by Barthandelus taunting her for forgetting her Focus. The party escapes using an airship Dysley left behind and crash into the Fifth Ark hidden beneath Eden. Fang's confused rage summons Bahamut.

In the Ark the party's l'Cie powers are fully awakened. They meet Cid Raines, revealed to have been a Sanctum l'Cie branded by Barthandelus all along, with the Focus to help them destroy Cocoon. Raines explains the Cocoon fal'Cie want Cocoon's destruction to call back the Maker and remake the world. To defy his fal'Cie master Cid attacks the group intent on killing them to stop the fal'Cie's plan.

The party defeats Raines and he unexpectedly turns to crystal. While the rest are inspired by Raines's sacrifice and vow to fight their Focus as well, Fang turns on the party, willing to "smash Cocoon out of the sky" if it means saving her friends from turning Cie'th. Her Eidolon, Bahamutmanifests, and after taming it, Fang relents and agrees to help search for a way to defy their Focus and wipe their brands clean.

A path to the Ark's lowest level is revealed and they board an old Pulsian airship and fly through a gate to Gran Pulse. After emerging in Pulse's atmosphere a wyvern attacks the airship. With Lightning's help, Fang summons Bahamut and saves the others.

With the Vallis Media as their base camp, the party spends days searching Pulse for answers but comes up empty-handed. Hope's brand advances and he falls unconscious.

Hope Estheim

Vanille suggests returning to Oerba and after Hope comes to, he urges the others to go without him. His Eidolon Alexander appears and Fang and Lightning help him tame it. The party's hope is renewed and everyone decides to journey to Oerba together. Lightning's looks were of a more regal cast, attractive but imposing.

Serah could look every inch a lady and still come across as the friendly girl next door.

final fantasy 13 fang and vanille relationship counseling

Lightning was unmistakably a soldier, regardless of what she wore. Snow had better appreciate how lucky he was. Serah caught sight of her and with a happy wave, she tucked her purse under her arm and weaved through the crowd to take a seat at the table opposite Lightning.

I would have thought you'd be in class right now.

final fantasy 13 fang and vanille relationship counseling

As a schoolteacher, her work hours were quite different from Lightning's. She did have to deal with monsters though, albeit of a different variety. She earned a lot as a captain of the Guardian Corps, not to mention all the bonuses she received from those special assignments that only someone with her abilities and knowledge of the terrain could do. And Fang and Vanille did help with the household expenses, Fang by leading expeditions to map and explore Gran Pulse, and Vanille by assisting in the development of new technology combining the science of Gran Pulse and Cocoon.

You always used to pick at your food. I had to watch you to make sure you ate it all. Maybe that's why you're so short.

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This sort of playful teasing was a reminder that Claire hadn't died so that Lightning could live — she'd gone away for a while, true, but little by little she was coming back. Lightning would never be Claire again, but she would never again be the cold, cruel Lightning who had all but thrown Serah out after learning she'd become a l'Cie. What do you think about chocolate cake? That wasn't a normal chocolate cake — it was diabetes on a plate: She could already feel the heart disease taking hold of her.

Oh well, she should be all right as long as she didn't make a habit of it. When she got home she could tell Vanille all about it. The Dia had an even bigger sweet tooth than Serah, so it would drive her nuts. Unbidden, a host of images flashed through Lightning's mind: Fang with chocolate smeared across her lips; Lightning leaning over to wipe it off; and Fang taking her hand and oh so slowly bringing it to her lips, sucking the chocolate off first one long, slender digit then another until Lightning — "Are we going to order or are you going to keep staring into space?

She'd been having more and more thoughts like that recently, and it was only a matter of time before someone worked out what she was imagining. However, all the older woman did was scowl. On the upside, if Lightning got hurt now, Fang would go off and spear whatever was responsible while Vanille patched her back up. Lightning pushed Serah's hand away. Lightning had just walked into a trap, and as usual when it came to Serah, she'd never seen it coming. Stupid filial affection — it made it so easy to forget that her sister was one of the most devious people she knew.

Or maybe it was exactly like that and she didn't want to admit it. When it came to Fang, nothing was simple. She didn't know where she stood with the other woman, and she was afraid to ask in case the answer she got wasn't the one she wanted. Was Serah actually going to let the matter drop? Despite the cost, she might have to come here more often, or send some of the new recruits on coffee runs.

She could call it urban navigation training. And then there was the cake, and if Serah's reaction was anything to go by, it was amazing. Serah had taken one long look at the cake — sizing up the kill, so to speak — then cut herself a slice only to let out a low moan of pleasure as the chocolate hit her tongue.

Lightning had even found herself blushing at how obvious her sister's enjoyment was. Fang had once asked her, that teasing smirk on her full lips, if she knew what a chocolate orgasm was. After almost choking on her coffee, Lightning had brushed the question aside. Any sentence involving her, Fang and the word 'orgasm' was not something she wanted to dwell on — not if she wanted to stay sane.

Of course, Fang had to have the last word. She'd stared right at Lightning and then lifted a few pieces of chocolate to her lips, devouring the sweets in a way that had to be borderline pornographic, at least to Lightning's lust addled mind. And if Lightning had gone out and bought ten more of those damn chocolate bars and left them where Fang could see them, who could blame her? But it was amazing how different the two events were.

final fantasy 13 fang and vanille relationship counseling

Watching Serah bliss out on chocolate left her feeling awkward as though — dear Maker, please never let it happen — she'd walked in on her sister and Snow in the midst of intimacy.

Watching Fang eat chocolate made her want to either join in or take the chocolate's place. Her sister usually had excellent table manners — the sugar must already have overwhelmed her brain.

Serah blushed, but made no attempt to stop eating the cake. Lightning glanced over the offending piece of tabloid filth and her blood began to boil. The magazine had somehow managed to get pictures of when she and Fang had gone to the movies a few months ago. The pictures showed the two of them talking over coffee and sharing popcorn. However, the biggest picture showed Lightning leaning on Fang, one arm draped almost possessively around the taller woman's waist, their bodies side by side.

Even now she could remember that moment, along with the frisson of heat that had run all the way down her side to pool deep and low in her belly.

final fantasy 13 fang and vanille relationship counseling

And the accompanying text was even worse. In a voice that left no doubt about her amusement, Serah summarised. They had no right to barge into her life, and even less right to try and label whatever it was that she and Fang had.

How could Serah enjoy this garbage? It would be just like her. She'd started to make increasingly obvious hints to Lightning suggesting that she make her move. In Vanille's words, she wanted someone who could provide for and look after her troublesome big sister and Lightning was the only one who fit the bill.

Vanille loved action movies. It was at time like this, she missed the days when her word was law. Not that she missed the resentment that had built up between her and Serah when Lightning had tried to be the younger woman's mother and sister. You're also young and single. Is it really that surprising when the tabloids speculate about your love life? And is it really that surprising when they try pairing you up with almost everybody you spend any time with?

He's not there yet, but it won't be long, and whoever he chooses in the future is going to be very lucky. She did wonder sometimes — most recently after a drinking contest with Vanille — what it would take for Lightning to punish her and whether the older woman would have the guts to bend her over her knee.

The last time Lightning had done that was when Serah had come back drunk from a party in high school. Neither of them had ever mentioned it again, and she had a feeling Lightning had wiped the whole incident from her memory.

He is an eligible widower with a heart of gold. Supposedly, you've already stolen him away from me. Then she gave Lightning her most innocent yet seductive look, something that left Lightning equal parts impressed and disturbed. I'm the innocent younger sister, reliant on you for everything and closer to you than anyone in the world.

The cake got better with every slice, and the rich, sweetness of the chocolate added a unique twist to the look of absolute horror on her sister's face. Lightning could be so fun to tease. But she wasn't here just to tease the older woman.

I mean, the stuff about you and Fang? She hated it when her sister got like this. There was no way out of this conversation now. You gave up so much for me when we were younger — gave up part of who you were — and I'm grateful, so grateful.

I wouldn't be here if you hadn't fought so hard for both of us. But isn't it time you were happy? The dark liquid had gone cold, but she couldn't bring herself to care. In all honesty, she'd been lost when Serah moved out. When they were younger and it was just the two of them, and she'd been working herself to the bone to make ends meet, she'd kept herself going by thinking of that far off day when Serah would be grown up and everything would be okay.

Now, Serah had moved in with the man she was going to marry and everything was fine. Snow was a good man: Sure, there were times when Lightning wanted to bash his head in, but that was true of almost everyone.

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So now after living for Serah for so long, she had to live for herself — only she wasn't sure she knew how. It was enough to make her laugh and cry at the same time. She finally had the chance to live her own life, to go after what she wanted, but she wasn't sure she deserved that chance, let alone deserved the person she wanted.

Anyone else would have lost an arm for that. You're smarter than that, Lightning, and a lot better too. Can you stop hitting me so I can explain?

Serah would see right through her. I can order them around and lead them, but that's not the same as spending time with them; that's not the same as loving them. I have maybe a dozen people I'd call friends and they didn't come easily. But neither of you will even think of letting anyone else come between you. It's no wonder you're so wound up. The two of you should just get a room — you do have several at your house — and just —" "Finish that sentence and die.

Do you think I don't notice you staring when you think no one is looking? I never thought I'd see my big sister mooning over someone like a lovesick schoolgirl, but I guess I was wrong.

It's actually kind of cute. Sometimes you look like you want to strangle her, and sometimes you look like you want to do all sorts of wicked things to her. I also mope around the house whenever she's gone, and I always make sure to cook her favourite food when she comes back. But seriously, you need to tell Fang. It's not fair on you or her. Get it out into the open. I almost ruined us Serah, and we're sisters.

Fang doesn't have any reason to stay.

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If… if she moves out —" Whack. Of course she has a reason to stay — you're there. And you won't ruin everything. You might be blunt and silly and stubborn when it comes to things like this, but she's used to that — she's used to you. She's the only one who can put up with your grouchiness except me. In fact, she thinks it's adorable.

Why do you think she teases you so much? Honestly, it's like watching a pair of first graders. I'm just waiting for you to start pushing each other and pulling each other's hair. She'd always assumed Fang was good at this sort of thing.