Eren and annie relationship with god

Pop Culture Theories — Did Annie REALLY have feelings for Eren?

eren and annie relationship with god

Eren x Annie SnK Junior high Annie Leonhart, 4 Life, Rivamika, Inu,. Visit NOoOOOo is eren and mikisa that's it GOD DANM IT Eren And Annie, Attack Titan. Yes Eren was fascinated by Annie's techniques, and Annie even offered to teach him some more, to which he gladly accepted! But relationship. Lets begin with a brief review of Eren and Mikasa's history, starting from . stems from an ancient Chinese myth that states that the gods "tie an.

In fact, I would say that Eren loves Mikasa very much platonically and that she has a special place in his heart because she is arguably the most important woman in his life since the death of his mother and there are many instances of Eren caring about her well-being.

Eren desperately attempts to convince the crowd that Mikasa has nothing to do with his current state as a titan shifter Eren showing concern for Mikasa's health Whether or not Eren's feelings will develop into something more romantic is something that is yet to be seen. The first factor is Mikasa's bloodline. The Ackerman clan was literally bred to devote their lives protecting a "liege".

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With this in mind, Mikasa's feelings really aren't that hard to believe once you consider that Eren is her liege and she is acting on instincts to protect him. The second factor is that Eren is the person who saved her life and gave her a reason to keep living after the devastating event she experience as a child.

Eren is quite literally her savior and she is repaying her debt to him the only way she knows how- by ensuring that he is protected and well taken care of. While it is in her instincts to protect Eren, I do think that Mikasa still holds feelings for him that go beyond their friendship and her instincts. She blushed on multiple occasions when someone suggests that she and Eren are somehow romantically involved with each other and also tends to look rather menacing when it comes to Eren and other girls.

Mikasa looking quite frightening when asking Eren why he hesitates to fight Annie Mikasa, again looking quite frightening when Historia and Eren are talking together Mikasa blushes when someone makes a comment about Eren being her "love" Take what you will from this But despite the way Mikasa feels towards Eren, I don't think that Mikasa will ever act on those personal romantic feelings unless it is what Eren wants.

Mikasa admits that all she wants is to be with Eren As his liege, Mikasa will be what Eren wants her to be, and if that means staying friends, she will remain his friend for as long as he wishes. Mikasa is bluntly telling Eren exactly how it is, despite knowing that Eren doesn't want to hear it-just like a true friend would or should at least lol. Then, Eren goes on to call Mikasa a bitch in his mind. Now, I don't know about y'all, but I surely do not refer to a my friends or someone that I like as a bitch.

But I would call my best friend a bitch in a heart beat if they were acting like one: The red scarf that Eren wraps around Mikasa after they defeat her attackers symbolizes the red string of fate, a belief that stems from an ancient Chinese myth that states that the gods "tie an invisible red cord around the ankles of those that are destined to meet one another in a certain situation or help each other in a certain way".

Traditionally and in modern context, the red string is used to identify two people destined to be lovers. The red scarf symbolizes that Eren and Mikasa were destined to meet and hints that they are destined to be lovers, but at this point in time there is not enough evidence to support that they will be able to fully establish and develop a relationship with Eren still being rather immature and also dying in less 3 years Silly in a show like Attack on Titan, but remember theyre all still teenagers, so stuff like this can clearly happen.

Also during Eren and Annies fight in the woods, Annie looks clearly upset at the facy Eren was so enraged by her, he transformed just to kill her.

eren and annie relationship with god

But when Eren transforms she looks visibly shaken. Also during the fight, she keeps holding back. When she killed the Survey Corp members, she crushed them with ease, not even breaking a sweat.

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She tore through every one of them. Yet when she fights Erem, that same speed, precision and deadliness is gone. Eventually she takes out his titan form and captures him, but it took her way longer then we know it could have to take him out.

Now for reasons she might not like Eren. She could have just been teaching him because she finally has a friend who likes fighting and admires her for what she does. Their relationship could be completely platonic. People saying the reason Annie is crying is because she lost Eren I think its bs.

IN the forrest, she almost captured Eren. In Stohess, she almost escaped. They compliment each other, that it's adorable just watching these two sparing with one another.

Then they may have gotten closer, and had both Annie and Eren open up to each others company, there could have been something of a relationship that might have gotten interesting later.

eren and annie relationship with god

Eren became Annie's first mutual friend, but also became the one person he and she could be opened with one another, and not hold back on their feelings! And sparing was their means of communication. Eren literally made the impossible happen He miraculously made Annie smile I've never had a girlfriend, but I know this! Annie finally felt appreciated knowing that someone accepted her as a human being Yes Eren was fascinated by Annie's techniques, and Annie even offered to teach him some more, to which he gladly accepted!

eren and annie relationship with god

But relationship are built where there's sparks And Eren also showed a sense of flattery by utilizing one of Annie's techniques when he floored Jean Annie probably thought, he was paying attention to me, and quickly Annie paid attention to Eren, and continued to converse with one another and their sparing became playful. Annie was practically telling Eren to realise that she was a frail, and weak The keywords being "Frail" and "Weak" meant that though Annie was a girl she had feelings too!

But despite Eren being dense headed, he still didn't know how to talk to girls, though they were sparing Annie was teaching Eren how to fight!

Eren x Annie. Possible?

Annie wasn't just teaching Eren how to fight Yes Eren felt betrayed, but the first thing Eren should have done was go straight to her personally, and spoke to her himself! To hear the story from her point of view And this was Eren's first mistake. Maybe Annie would have explained it to him of her situation and Eren would then make up his own mind