Ed and winry relationship goals

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ed and winry relationship goals

Winry Rockbell is a fictional character from Hiromu Arakawa's Fullmetal Alchemist manga . Lydia Hojnacki listed Winry as a female characters she likes from the Fullmetal Alchemist while commenting on her relation with the Elric brothers. Anime: Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Personagens:Edward, Winry e Al .. Or at least ended up in a relationship, I hope True Love Japanese winrey edward. Winry Rockbell (ウィンリィ・ロックベル, Winrī Rokkuberu) is a main supporting character of the Goal. To create and design the perfect Automail Edward Elric - Undoubtedly the most significant of her relationships; as such, however, Edward.

A past of the Elrics' childhood is shown from episodes 3 to 9, when the brothers had performed alchemy Ed in age 6 and Al in age 5their love with their mother, Trisha, the horrors that began when their mom died due to an illness.

ed and winry relationship goals

Even during the time, the sons of Trisha sends letters to their father Hohenheim, who never answers their letters. The horrors showed what happened to Ed and Al's bodies. Afterwards, the Elrics met Lt. Mustang also stated that he received a letter from the boys, inquiring Hohenheim of course. Shortly then, Winry and her grandmother fit two automail limbs for Ed in place of his right arm and left leg. Edward and Alphonse then leave Resembool to travel to Central City. Along the way, they met Majhalwhose name had appeared on their father's letters relating to Human Transmutation.

Majhal had an elderly woman following while meeting with the Elrics, and the Elrics also met Clausa young girl who reveals that her sister was killed by a zombie.

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Majhal revealed that he had a lover named Karin who died, and later the elderly women who followed him was actually Karin. Ed discovers that Karin lost her memories and has aged. Once Karin's memories have returned, Majhal fails to recognize her due to his passion of reviving her. Majhal then attempts to murder Ed using his sword, but in self-defense, Ed knocks the sword right out of his hand, which then flies into the air and impales Majhal through his stomach, killing him.

The Elrics then move on to Central City, but encountered a group of terrorists led by a man named Baldthen later defeats them with the help of as we all know, Roy Mustang's best friend, Maes Hughes. Over the course of a few months that they stay and study at the Tucker home, both the brothers become very close to Tucker's young daughter, Nina, who views them as her older brothers, calling Edward 'little bigger brother', which the usually height-sensitive Ed accepts.

Edward passes the State Alchemy exam by saving another candidate during the practical test using alchemy without a circle. Soon after, Edward writes to Winry and in doing so, inspires Nina to write to her mother. When Ed finds Nina's letter incinerated, he becomes suspicious and after expressing his suspicions to Maes, he discovers that Tucker, who was famous for creating a talking Chimera, created the Chimera by transmuting his wife, who Nina believed to have left them two years earlier.

During this time, a serial killer is terrorizing the city and when Ed accompanies Hughes to the scene of the killer's latest crime, Ed is reminded of his mother and his failed attempt to alchemically resurrect her and faints. By the time Ed comes round, he is back at Tucker's home but he and Alphonse are then forcibly removed by Basque Grand as a result of Ed investigating Tucker's research.

Ed and Al return to confront Tucker and subdue the guards outside. By this time, Tucker has already transmuted Nina and the family dog, Alexander into another talking Chimera. Ed realizes that the Chimera is Nina when she calls him 'brother' and is tempted to try and split them up but they are already fused to the core so he is forced to back down rather than cause further harm. Ed soon discovers the deconstructed body of the Chimera, he apologizes for being unable to save Nina and starts to mourn.

ed and winry relationship goals

To Ed's chagrin, he is tasked with gathering up Shou Tucker's research as Tucker has apparently been executed. Ed vows to catch Nina's killer. Soon after, Winry is kidnapped by the serial killer whom Ed believes may have had something to do with Nina's death. Ed and the killer, who calls himself Barry the Chopper, fight after Barry removes Ed's automail arm. He is found by Al and, while crying, says he had never been so terrified in his life as he thought Barry was going to kill him as well as continuing to lament their failure to save Nina.

Ed agrees to search for the Philosopher's Stone in hopes of restoring his and Al's bodies. The brothers begin helping people as they continue the search, including the Tringham brothers Russell and Fletcher who had been chasing their father Nash's failed research regarding the Philosopher's stone and later states to live their own lives thanks to Edward. Back to Central City, Ed reports to Mustang about his missions, and later challenges him to a duel in order to pass his yearly assessment and learn about Doctor Tim Marcoh, to which he and Al meet with Mustang's information, though unknown to them was killed by the Homunculus shortly after Marcoh passed off information to them to where they could find his research.

It was also during this time with Marcoh whom Ed once again encountered Scar to whom Ed realized he met 3 years ago in Central, and was nearly killed, but was saved by the Mustang Unit and Major Armstrong.

ed and winry relationship goals

This encounter with Scar left Ed with his automail arm destroyed and Al having to be carried in a crate and when they were preparing to travel back to Resembool for repairs under Armstrong's watch, Maes Hughes informed Ed that Scar killed Nina.

There, the Elrics, along with Scar, meet Lust, Gluttony, and Envy as well as Shou Tucker, who has become a monstrous chimera himself and has been attempting to revive his daughter, Nina.

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Scar also became aware of their relationship and helped them escape. While recovering his wounds at the hospital, Ed tells Hughes about the homunculi and the other events in the 5th Lab which leads to Hughes' death in Episode 25 by Envy.

Alphonse ran away due to Ed not telling him about if Al is really an artificial soul and what was Ed afraid to tell him. Ed meets Al again after Al ran into Scar and helps him with rescuing an Ishvalan child from a mercenary. Ed reluctantly lets Scar go with his people, but later decides to follow them down south suspecting Scar may not have told him everything about how to make a Philosopher's Stone.

Edward must face up the boy who robbed his limbs, Wrath. This journey south is interrupted when Ed, Al, and Winry are dragged to Dublith by the Elric brother's alchemy teacher Izumi Curtis and her husband Sig.

They meet a Homunculus by the name of Wrath, whom Ed discovers that it was Wrath he saw in the gate and took his right arm and left leg, giving the Homunculus the opportunity to perform alchemy. They also discover that Izumi's connection to Wrath is that her and Sig's baby died while a stillborn and Wrath was created when Izumi tried to revive her dead infant son through Human Transmutation, which Wrath admits he hates Izumi as well.

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Afterwards, Wrath escapes and at Izumi and Sig's butcher shop, Izumi after disowning the Elrics as her students sends the Elrics to met Dante, Izumi's former teacher.

While at Dante's mansion, they encounter her student, Lyra who the Elrics met in episode 9who wished to become a State Alchemist. While at the deep forest, Al is kidnapped by Greed and his chimeras. This leads Ed into searching for Al. Ed later goes on and kills Greed at Dante's mansion thinking that Greed was responsible for Dante's death, though Dante's body was on the floor and Greed had just arrived at the mansion.

After defeating Greed Ed learns that when a Homunculus is exposed to the remains of the human they are modeled after it causes them to become weak, enabling them to be killed.

Contributed to by both of these characteristics is her willingness to work with almost excessive devotion on the various automail whose maintenance she undertakes for the sake of the people who depend on her, going so far as to take multiple consecutive overnight workshop sessions and travel long distances without hesitation in order to ensure their prompt and proper completion.

Kindhearted and empathetic, Winry is the type of person who consistently tries her best to aid and support the people around her.

She is very sensitive to the pain of others and has been known to cry frequently on behalf of people who won't cry for themselves, earning her the distinction of being a bit of a "crybaby" in Edward's eyes. As one who values family immediate and extended above most other things, Winry is a bit of a worrier and concerns herself with the welfare of people she cares about.

It is likely this care that makes her so popular with her clients in Rush Valleyall of whom are greatly moved by the attention to personal detail that she willingly gives to each of them. However, on the other side of her sensitive and emotional nature is a temper that easily rivals - if not overshadowing - even that of Edward Elric. When insulted, hurt or embarrassed, Winry is prone to lash out violently - though typically the victims of such tantrums are Ed and Al, in which case she has been known to use her own wrench as her main weapon.

As a result Edward and Alphonse fear her wrath. One sure way to earn her wrath is to damage her automail creations. Relationships Winry teases Edward on a regular basis. After the terrible accident that claimed Ed's right arm and left leg, Winry took on the role of his personal automail mechanic, building him sophisticated new limbs at the tender age of eleven.

Since then, Winry has served as Ed's constant well of support, both mechanically and emotionally, though they still find themselves arguing frequently. However, this affectionate hostility appears to be masking a deeper relationship. Though Edward has not outwardly admitted any romantic feelings toward Winry, he is rather overprotective of her and becomes unnaturally flustered at the mere suggestion of an amatory relationship between them.

Winry, for her part, has admitted to herself that she had been falling for him all along. They finally confess to each other at the end of the series as Edward proposes to her, although they use The Law of Equivalent Exchange to do so. According to the Fullmetal Alchemist Chronicle Official Guidethey got married in and had many children in the end. Alphonse Elric - Alphonse appears to be the little brother Winry always wanted.

While Al remarks on the fight both he and Edward had over which one of them would marry her, Winry doesn't appear to have regarded those feelings as being too deep, as she is very casual about how she turned down both brothers' affections at the time.

However, Winry does seem to be the one person other than Edward who is most affected by Al's intangible state as a soul bound to a suit of armor.

She also seems to unquestioningly regard Al as human, despite the doubts others sometimes express about that. She is both protective and defensive of Al's humanity, and cries openly for his pain as well.

Pinako Rockbell - Even since before the death of her parents during the Ishval Civil WarWinry has always had a close relationship with her grandmother, but since the tragedy that befell the Rockbell homestead, Pinako has served as Winry's sole caretaker and closest - if not only - blood relation. The two have a relatively amicable relationship, ribbing each other every so often as they go about their days jointly running their automail atelier, but the bond between them remains as that of doting grandparent and adoring grandchild.

When Winry finally sets out on her own path as an automail engineer, Pinako worries silently that the greater world will be too hard on her little Winry, but is very proud when she sees and hears evidence of the young woman's progress.

ed and winry relationship goals

Conversely, Winry worries about leaving her grandmother alone and communicates with her regularly, knowing that there will always be a place for her at home in Resembool if she should so require.

The Hughes Family - Encountering Lt. Colonel Maes Hughes almost by chance during her first trip to Central CityWinry is immediately accepted into Maes' circle of friends as he practically drags her to his daughter Elicia Hughes 's third birthday party.