Divergent four and tris relationship goals

Everyone has relationship goals and mine are Four and Tris from divergent

divergent four and tris relationship goals

On my list for summer is the “Divergent” trilogy and I just recently Tris and Four's relationship changed a lot between Divergent and Insurgent. However, as soon as they stand in the way of our goals, our sense of self. Shailene Woodley as Tris Prior in the first Divergent movie Lionsgate from the perspective of a secondary character titled Four: A Divergent Collection. . Tris's goals change constantly in a world where the goal is both. An adaptation of Divergent, the first part of Roth's series, is set to appear Do Tris and Four actually consummate their relationship, I enquire.

Six wouldn't have tattooed me if I were too drunk! When I first started working at the tattoo parlor I would not tattoo any of my friends while they were drunk, I didn't want them to be marked with something permanent that they thought was a good idea when they were drunk.

I made an exception for Zeke tonight, he did not seem that bad when he came in. I'm just thankful that even in his drunken haze he has remembered to call me Six. I collect myself and punch his arm where it is wrapped from his new tattoo. He lets out a surprisingly girlish screech and stumbles away. I can feel my face heat up and I know it is bright red by now. I see Tobias' head snap in his direction, a menacing glare on his face. But, before he can say anything I ask, "Excuse me?

You're just a little girl. You would do well to remember who decides your rankings. There are eighteen total initiates, only ten of you will get through. I do not know if I have ever sounded that menacing before, but it seems to prove my point when all of their faces get a little paler at the reminder that only ten of them will get through initiation.

I look at Tobias next to me who is still glaring at Jason. I can already tell it is going to be hard for him to control his temper around Jason. We told them to be ready for step one of initiation tomorrow morning. Tomorrow we would be teaching them how to shoot.

After the door to the initiate's dormitory closed Tobias wraps his arm around my waist and leads me to the pit. I'll be fine," I say, wrapping my arm around his waist and breathing in his scent. I don't say anything to him. Sometimes I feel like the only reason I survived initiation was because of Tobias. Not necessarily that he judged me differently than the others, just that he may have helped me more.

He pushed me harder, and gave me an even bigger reason to fight to be in Dauntless. Even though being Factionless would be terrible, losing Tobias and my ability to be with him would be a hundred times worse. After a few seconds of silence Tobias stops walking and eases me back against the wall. I look around to make sure there is no one around watching us; thankfully I do not see anyone. He puts both of his hands on both of my cheeks and forces my eyes to meet his as he says, "You earned your spot here, Tris.

divergent four and tris relationship goals

You fought hard for your spot. He then steps back and takes my hand in his before walking us to the pit in silence. I see Christina, Will, Uriah, and Marlene as we enter and walk over to them. Uriah hands Tobias and I both a drink. We're going to see who has the best aim drunk! It is obvious she has already had her two drinks. Safety is the last thing anyone here thinks of before making a decision.

Tobias and I quickly catch up to the others before we make our way to the training room. Zeke and Shauna are already there.

Zeke, thankfully, seems to have sobered up a little bit and has the presence of mind to at least look a little guilty when he sees us. Your comment wasn't the worst thing said at that table tonight. Thankfully someone was smart enough to think to use plastic pellets instead of real bullets in case things go awry.

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We all start to shoot. Once we're all out of shots we start to compare targets. It is obvious Tobias is the best shot; all of his are within an inch of the center.

What surprises me is that I seem to have come in second. We left the others in the training room, shooting plastic pellets at each other. Right after I became an official Dauntless member I was given my own apartment.

divergent four and tris relationship goals

It was strange living alone; I had never done that before. I went from my parents' house to the transfer's dormitories. But, even though I had my own apartment I was never there alone for a long time. After having to keep our relationship a secret for so many weeks, Tobias and I were happy that we could be seen out together, that we could hold hands without worrying that someone would see.

If neither of us were working, we were more than likely together. Either he would spend the night at my apartment, or I would spend the night with him. Eventually we realized we were practically living together already, so I moved into Tobias' apartment. He runs the back of his neck. He did what he did because he believes in my strength.

divergent four and tris relationship goals

How on earth would not yelling at her like that when all the other initiates showed signs of doing badly indicate they were seeing each other?!!! A shake of the head would suffice. He did not do what he did because he believes in her strength. This… whatever it is. Their relationship needs more definition. He steps back, shaking his head. I push away, hard, but he grabs my other wrist, holding our crossed arms between us. Here she is, wanting to walk away from a fight, but her boyfriend physically restrains her to prevent her from doing so.

He does stuff like this multiple times during the series. He shakes his head. Because your small, or a girl, or a Stiff. His hand smells like metal. When was the last time he held a gun? My body tenses at the edge in his voice, so I am coiled as tight as a spring, and I forget to breathe. And here we are, supposed to feel that Tobias is so noble and great because he can resist his apparently even worse abusive tendencies. Sure, its not healthy at all.

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Sure, its still pretty bad. Tris and Tobias fight.

divergent four and tris relationship goals

But when they fight, they address issues that have been building up. A few fights are good for a couple. When they are excessive, they stop being so. When they are physical, like in Divergent, they really stop being so.