Discord and fluttershy relationship

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discord and fluttershy relationship

It looks relationships in MLP are platonic with some characters like Fluttershy and Discord. They are all close friends and Discord's just trying to. See more ideas about Discord, Fluttershy and My little pony friendship. In the real world, we have words to describe people who use relationships to. In the real world, we have words to describe people who use relationships to manipulate and influence others." (I'm calling you out, Fluttershy). MLP Discord and.

Fluttershy believes the key to turning Discord good is to befriend him by being as kind as she possibly can. Her friends have their doubts and promise to remain close in case anything goes wrong. They decide to make a back-up plan but unfortunately, they're unable to since Discord has torn out and eaten all the pages in Twilight's books containing information on spells that could reform him forcibly.

discord and fluttershy relationship

Even so, Fluttershy is convinced that she's making progress with the trickster, and invites all her friends over for a dinner party to prove it. The party goes about as well as Fluttershy's friends expect, what with Discord bringing the tableware to life and playing pranks on everypony. Still, Fluttershy puts up with it all because, in her words, Discord and her are friends and that's what friends do—to the surprise of everyone, especially Discord, who seems genuinely touched that Fluttershy is willing to be the first friend he's ever had.

The tender moment is ruined when Angel Bunny barges in and warns everypony that bewitched beavers have dammed up the stream at Sweet Apple Acres and flooded Applejack 's orchard to the canopy.

As it turns out, Fluttershy has seen Discord's dirty work coming and puts him to the test, demanding he return the orchard to normal. Discord agrees on the condition she remove her Element and never use it on him.

discord and fluttershy relationship

Fluttershy, to her friends' dismay, accepts, but then he turns the flood into an ice skating rink. Discord gloats that his friendship with Fluttershy has left him eternally free of the Elements, but Fluttershy, still honoring her end of the deal, now refuses to acknowledge him as her friend.

This doesn't sit well with Discord at all. You think you can boss Discord around?

discord and fluttershy relationship

Because if I don't, I'll lose the one friend I ever had? Everyone congratulates Fluttershy for accomplishing the seemingly impossible task of reforming the spirit of disharmony. Princess Celestia then returns and Discord promises to her that he will use his powers for good rather than evil most of the time.

Fluttershy holds Discord's paw at the end of the episode before saying that "he can be a real sweetheart once you get to know him", which is so heartwarming that all the ponies and Spike look away. However, the girls suddenly see a huge blue creature spinning towards them, which is apparently Discord.

discord and fluttershy relationship

He explains to the mistrusting ponies that he's become ill with the "blue flu", and that he's specifically looking for Fluttershy to look after him while he's sick. Where is that dear, sweet Fluttershy? Applejack questions how Discord knows about her visit, where Discord replies that she mentioned it in her last letter, and also says that Fluttershy and him write frequent letters to each other since they're friends.

Later on, in Fluttershy's cottage, when Discord actually becomes sick by the Tatzlwurm and is quarantined in a plastic bubble, Applejack and Rarity affirm that Discord got what he deserved when he interfered with all of Twilight and Cadance's day out together, but Fluttershy cuts in defending him, saying that he's learned his lesson.

Just your presence here is making me feel so much better. Twilight assumes that this will be her chance to contribute something by stopping Tirek, but Celestia corrects her, saying the one to stop Tirek is to be Discord. Twilight returns to Ponyville and informs her friends, who are in disbelief of the decision, save Fluttershy. However, Twilight once more feels rejected and heads to the Castle of the Two Princesses to keep herself busy, with the rest of her friends tagging along to keep her company.

discord and fluttershy relationship

As they near the castle, Discord meets up with them and brings up a point about the Tree of Harmony and the mysterious locked chest and how it can help Twilight prove herself as a princess, accompanied with his usual shenanigans, which only Fluttershy finds amusing. He also asks Fluttershy if they're still on for tea later, to which she says that she wouldn't miss it. Meanwhile, Discord confronts Tirek and easily captures him in chains and manacles.

Fluttershy and Discord

Tirek says that he should have known that Discord would want to have Equestria all to himself, but Discord says he's not doing this for himself and that he's doing it for his friends, while adding that, "Just between the two of us, it's mostly for Fluttershy", and squees at the thought of her. However, Tirek appeals to Discord's former nature as the master of chaos, and offers to share Equestria when they take it over.

Discord finds himself tempted by the offer and accepts as the camera slowly zooms in on the picture of Fluttershy and Discord on his conjured bedside table. As a sign of his gratitude and loyalty to Discord, Tirek gives him a medallion that was given to him by "someone very close. He asks Discord where she is and Discord points him in the direction of Ponyville.


After Twilight's friends secure the other ponies' safety, Discord appears before them and imprisons them in a cage. Realizing Discord's betrayal, Fluttershy is reduced to tears. I thought we were friends!

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But Tirek offered me so much more than just tea parties. Surely you saw this coming. Discord is thrilled by the prospect of ruling Equestria alongside Tirek, but Tirek says Discord is no longer of use to him and absorbs his magic as well.

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A weakened Discord reminds Tirek of his medallion—his sign of his "gratitude and loyalty", but Tirek says the medallion was given to him by his treacherous brother Scorpan, who had also came to like ponies and befriended them, and considers both him and the medallion worthless.

In the My Little Pony: Equestria Girls Holiday Special comic, Sunset says regarding the five, "You're more than my friends—you're my family.

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Following Discord's reform in Keep Calm and Flutter Onhe and Fluttershy regularly have tea parties at Fluttershy's cottage and keep in touch via written letter. Even after Sweetie Drops reveals her background as a secret agent and Lyra is hurt by the deception, the two reconcile in the end.

A flashback in The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone portrays how the two first met and became friends. The two try out for the Wonderbolt Academyand Vapor enjoys simply flying alongside Sky, but Sky is unaware that Vapor boosts his flying with her own. They have an emotional falling-out over this misunderstanding, but they make amends with Twilight and Rainbow Dash's help. They enter a school talent show together in The Show Stoppersget stuck together with bubble gum in Ponyville Confidentialand make a flag-carrying routine in Flight to the Finish.

Different versions of mystery pack wave 10 collector card 10 state that Snailsquirm "is best friends with" and "is the fun-loving best friend of" Snipsy Snap. In Triple ThreatSpike invites Thorax to Ponyvilleand Thorax refers to Spike as one of his "closest, nicest, most caring, most understanding friends ever". Starlight says she and Sunburst did everything together and that she doesn't remember them ever being apart until now.

As part of her friendship lessons under Twilight Sparkle, Starlight Glimmer rekindles her friendship with Sunburst in the season six premiere. By the end of the episode, Starlight and Trixie become so close that Trixie introduces Starlight to her audience as her "great and powerful assistant and best friend".