Coyote and badger symbiotic relationship

Badger-Coyote Associations - Cooperative Hunting by Two Predators

coyote and badger symbiotic relationship

In this paper, we review all that is currently known about badgers and coyotes hunting together. Coyotes and badgers- mutualism- the badger and the coyote often hunt together. They both benefit becuase they Symbiotic Relationships. A coyote and badger stalk prey together on the prairie surrounding the The two species have developed "a sort of open relationship,".

Do coyotes and badgers work together to find food?

Generally, the wild dogs hang out in loose family units or lead solitary lives. They rarely hunt in packs, but the sparse prairie and desert vegetation can make it challenging to stalk prey stealthily [source: Minta, Minta and Lott ].

coyote and badger symbiotic relationship

When coyotes and badgers team up, the pairs track small, burrowing animals such as prairie dogs and ground squirrels. If the prey is above ground, the coyote usually chases it down, and the badger takes over the hunt if the prey descends underground. And not only do they find food together, but coyotes also have more success in this partnership than if they go it alone.

coyote and badger symbiotic relationship

Coyotes with badger cohorts catch an estimated one-third more ground squirrels than solo coyotes [source: Instead, it all boils down to energy savings. Because coyotes have colonized every habitat from wild prairies to urban centers from coast to coast, they should be very familiar to us.

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In fact, a conservative estimate of the number of coyotes currently living in metropolitan Chicago is more than 2, Yet few people have seen them, and they remain elusive. So, nothing should surprise us about the capabilities of this poorly understood animal.

A Badger and a Coyote Hunting Together

But something remarkable does: In fact, it is far more likely to witness coyotes seeking out food alongside badgers than to see them hunting with other coyotes.

Both coyotes and badgers love to eat prairie dogs and ground squirrels.

coyote and badger symbiotic relationship

But because prairie dogs have a great neighborhood watch system, even the best hunters find them a challenge. Prairie dogs construct many escape tunnels, which befuddle the best predators. The rodents therefore use different strategies depending which predator is after them: They often escape a digging badger by leaving their burrows to flee aboveground, and evade coyotes by running to their burrows.

coyote and badger symbiotic relationship

When badgers and coyotes work together, however, they combine these skills to hunt more effectively than either could alone. Coyotes chase prey on the surface, while badgers take the baton for subterranean pursuits.

coyote and badger symbiotic relationship

Only one may end up with a meal, but overall, research suggests the collaboration benefits both hunters. Overall, prey vulnerability appeared to increase when both carnivores hunted in partnership.

Coyotes and Badgers, Incorporated

While the majority of their interactions "appear to be mutually beneficial or neutral," Ecology Online notes they do sometimes prey on each other. The two species have developed "a sort of open relationship," according to the U. Fish and Wildlife Service FWSsince they tend to collaborate in warmer months, then often drift apart as winter sets in.