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STATUS: Arlecchino is a shape shifting servant to Pantalone, Il Capitano or Il It is a very soft walk, similar to tip-toeing, the difference being that his legs are. It was Caterina Biancolelli who, starting in , played Colombina in plays . a whimsical, brazen young woman disdainful of marriage,8 the sassy Colombina was bringing a .. The quotes in this sentence are given from the groundbreak. Columbina is a stock character in the Commedia dell'Arte. She is Harlequin's mistress, a comic servant playing the tricky slave type, and wife of Pierrot. Rudlin and Crick use the Italian spelling Colombina in Commedia dell'arte: A Nedda, playing as Colombine, cheats on her husband, Canio, playing as Pagliaccio, both.

Here are some discussion questions for building new character relationships. What does my character want from your character and why? How long have these two characters known each other? What is the history of our characters? We can simply choose to dive in more deeply to any of the questions above or we can select some of the questions below: If your character did want something from my character, what was it?

Are there leftover feelings? Did something in the past happen to these two characters? What was the result? Spend some time discussing the answers to these questions and write down the answers.

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Part of the fun of doing theatre is that you learn new and interesting things about your colleagues! These gems can contribute to new bits on stage and enhance a performance.

Brighella Arlecchino's older brother or his dishonest, rascally friend. He played a high status servant, a bartender, innkeeper or shopkeeper. He was a cowardly villain who would do anything for money. He was thieving, mean-spirited, and occasionally violent, especially to characters who had a lower social position. His wore white outfits with a green trim. Sometimes, like Arlecchino, he carried a slapstick Mask: A green half mask.

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His character changed with the locale and the actor portraying him. Generally Pulcinella represented the poor worker from Naples, the man with very little to lose. He often had nothing to do with the plot, but provided an external source of comedy. Pulcinella was always self-centred; either stupid but pretending to be clever, or clever yet pretending to be stupid. He loved to pick a fight and then to shed blood. He talked about himself in the third person and was unable to keep a secret.

He generally wore a long baggy white blouse, tied around the waist with a leather belt; baggy white trousers and white sugar-loaf hat or a white skull cap. He carried a large club and a purse and had a hump on his back and a huge pot belly. He could also be a friend of the Capitano.

Gli inamorati — The young lovers These characters were usually the daughters and sons of the vecchi, and thus enjoyed a high status in society. They were more serious than the other characters and did not wear masks.

They were always youthful, argumentative, scheming and either handsome or beautiful. Whether male or female, the lovers are always dressed in the height of fashion Mask: Because the greatest appeal of the lovers was their beauty, they did not wear masks Examples: