Chihaya and tai chi relationship test

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chihaya and tai chi relationship test

he had the second highest test scores, ranking right below Taichi. Relationships At first, Tsutomu resents Taichi for being the school's top student without really Chihaya drags him while he was holding onto a desk to her clubroom and. Karuta is a traditional Japanese card game, one that tests skills of deduction, The present-day plot deals with Chihaya and Taichi's further pursuit of karuta, and the eventual tumultuous rekindling of the relationship with their. I will try to make this short and quick: Chihaya WILL end up with Taichi, NOT Arata. The title of the anime “CHIHAYAFURU” screams it out.

chihaya and tai chi relationship test

This is where I will bring up the illustrations in panels that speak volumes. Even if they take up a small part of a page and have no dialogues, they are there for a reason and Suetsugu wants to tell her readers something.

After the conversation about useless detergents, Taichi makes a half-smile and he makes a forlorn gaze at Chihaya before sustaining the conversation. This is an unspoken cue that suggests Taichi himself sees how uneasy the atmosphere has become between the two of them.

Because it is probably a parallel to this. I think the similarity between these two scenes is a deliberate attempt by Suetsugu to remind her readers of what previously happened between Taichi and Chihaya. Personally, I believe that experiencing moments by themselves weigh just as much as accumulating memories for later, whether it is for the good or the bad. Taichi steals a furtive glance in the silence.

It seems that he was about to say something but was interrupted by the girls from the wind instrument club. We see how his fists here are clenched too. Again, it hints that he senses the delicate situation he is in.

Tsutomu Komano

Can I just talk about how symbolic these scene is? How their backs are faced each other, even though they are so close to each other. So near, yet so far. God, knows what expression Taichi is making here.

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That even though they got over the hurdle of talking to each other again, going back to how they were is very difficult or nearly impossible. This panel pretty much portrays how Chihaya, too, felt rather uncomfortable when she was walking back home with Taichi. She probably fakes a smile here and forces a conversation in the attempt to break the silence.

See how their conversations are never asking or talking about each other but on other people?

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This is where their relationship is truly at. All things happy are nothing but a facade and pretense. In order for them to even hope for things to go back to how things were, someone needs to address what happened, no matter how difficult or painful. As long as no one takes the first step to speak about the issue, they are probably going to remain this way.

chihaya and tai chi relationship test

Chihaya - Choose to challenge to be the Queen while studying for entrance exam. Will her parents allow her to continue playing competitive Karuta if she failed to get into University? Taichi - It feels like this is the only time Taichi has a chance to win against Arata.

❤ Scared To Be Lonely -- Chihaya & Taichi ❤

Also the only time he can truly devote himself onto Karuta. Harada told Taichi to only claim he can never win against Arata after he spent his entire youth. I do believe 'the entire youth' refers to his days in High School. Arata - There are more good players in the East than the West.

I don't feel like there is anything else to write about Harada.

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The first card Chihaya took from Arata. Arata also took it back from Chihaya in Mizusawa vs Fujioka, but this maybe just the writer misleading the readers.

明日わ明日、今日わ今日 - Where does Chihaya’s and Taichi’s relationship stand, as of now?

Taichi x Chihaya - Taichi has already confessed to Chihaya. The rock between them is Arata in 'Se' poem if this is the end game. Since then, Taichi, Chihaya, and Arata became good friends and referred to each other by their first names, signifying they are very close friends. They even joined a Competitive Karuta Society with their teacher being Harada-sensei and participated in a group competition. The three of them then went their seperate ways in Junior High School with Taichi going to a Junior High School with a one-and-a-half hour commute that most students found difficult to be accepted into.

Synopsis Karuta Style Taichi's initial style of karuta is all brain, with little body. He makes great use of his mind in karuta matches, reasoning out probabilities and strategies completely in his head, and takes great pride in the fact that he makes few, if any, faults. He considers practicing his swing in front of others "embarrassing", which disadvantages him in the more physical aspect of karuta. Taichi practicing swinging However, spurred on by his desire to compete on par with Arata and Chihaya, he vastly improves in the later part of the manga.

He has been called a "monster" once he has self-confidence by Sakurazawa-senseicoach of Fujisaki Highand it has been noted by Hiro that Taichi becomes stronger when Chihaya is not around Chapter Notably, when he managed to get to final of his very first Class-A official tournament beating Sudou in the top 8 and Murao in the top 4. He lost to Chihaya in final match but all that witness the match admit that both Chihaya and Taichi are both had proven to be great karuta players.

Harada-sensei who watched the match carefully said Taichi is more suited to play defensive style karuta instead of offensive style karuta which Chihaya and Harada-sensei specialized in.

Also noted how good is Taichi when he played against Chihaya with an arrangement which is different from his normal one. In chapterTaichi who had quit the school karuta club was seen to be playing a lot of matches against Meijin Suou.

Also, there's a rumor about how Taichi can hear Suou's quiet and gentle voice loud and clear, showing that he has better and sharper hearing now.

chihaya and tai chi relationship test

However, due to this skill, Taichi tends to make silly mistakes since he can still remember the arrangement of his previous matches. Other players can't memorize as well as Taichi so they tend to use a fixed card arrangement and let their body remember where the cards in that arrangement are. They would commit lots of faults if they used other arrangements, unlike Taichi.

Obviously, this move was created purposely to negate Arata 's fast sweeping technique. This move uses covering and sweeping, in which Taichi would first cover the card that would be read; therefore 'kill' the opponent's speed and momentum, making him hesitate for a while; then sweep the correct card.

Katana Slash Backswing -This is actually Sudo 's specialty in which the player would go for the opponent's field. Depending on which card that would be read, the player can either go ahead and attack the card or go back to touch the correct card on player side.