Carrie and quinn relationship quotes

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carrie and quinn relationship quotes

Peter Quinn, even in his relatively feeble state, is ambushing police some sort of sexual component to their relationship early on in his career. There's Carrie's relationship with Peter Quinn, her CIA co-worker, who we discovered a few weeks ago has some unresolved feelings for her. The finest aspect of that is the relationship between TV's greatest beard The telling moment comes in Quinn's exchange with Carrie, saying.

He just behaved as if there were no consequences. What I loved following him through the seasons was seeing his conscience and his soul and his moral code develop, to the point where he questioned his position in the black ops society, what he was being asked to do for money, his relationships, both professional and personal. Toward the end of Season 6, he was really questioning the morality of somebody who would risk his life, awake him from a coma, and [doing] so cause these injuries to his body and mind.

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That, to me, is a big flag of how Carrie and Quinn have really grown apart morally by the end of Season 6. Do you have that here? He was a cold-blooded killer for money, and he was at times cruel and at times incredibly efficient and effectual in his work.

My heart broke for him when I realized that he died not ever having found that person. Dar Adal betrayed him, Carrie betrayed him. His story is very tragic. Do you see him as a hero, though?

Especially at the end there, he could perform the ultimate selfless act.

carrie and quinn relationship quotes

I think heroes understand that there is a greater moral code than just putting the self first. That is true, yes. Do you think you could have a crack at it?

I was sitting in the Jardin des Tuileries. That letter is the only thing that really gives us a bit of what that would have been like, a bit of closure. What did they do?

carrie and quinn relationship quotes

Did they go somewhere magical and special and sacred to him, and did they say some words? Did they pour a little whiskey on the ground? Do you know what I mean? Are you going to get another call from Alex, do you think? On this show, everything is possible. The end of Season 5, I was taken aside and given a few thoughts by Alex. Then, I came back in Season 6, and it was very different, but I came back.

Do you think he should have died at the end of Season 5, or are you glad for all of the things that you did get to do with the character in Season 6? That he got to do even more heroic things, and portraying those injuries in such a realistic and respectful way — veterans and their loved ones have reached out to you about how much that meant to them, the way that you portrayed that.

First of all, thank you, because portraying a modern returning veteran, with modern injuries, truthfully was the top of my agenda. The only thing I can do is to try to pay tribute honestly, and that was a hugely important thing for me. As you mentioned, I was in touch with veterans, with PTSD survivors and sufferers, with people who had strokes, with specialists in aphasia, with doctors from Veterans Administrative hospitals, doctors who specialize in chemical warfare.

There was a lot of stuff that I did to help that. Yes, I know Saul went to see her. But I suspect that this was just to check that they were still on track.

Quinn is shocked, devastated even, to see the state that she is in. And even though she is horrible to him, he still offers to provide a character reference for her. And he is the only person to show up at her hearing. We also see the pain he is going through here, seeing her in such a state.

Quinn is steadily emerging as the only person that Carrie can truly rely on. Saul has always been highlighted as this person, but for me, this relationship begins to unravel in Season Three. The play worked, yes, but Carrie is upset with Saul for leaving her in the hospital.

I would wager that even had he known the play, he would have been the one to go to Saul and say, 'Enough of this shit, Saul. Get her out of there. But is immediately upfront and honest with Carrie that he knows. Carrie, though she is pissed at him at the time, will have respected this. We know that Carrie hates secrets and admires honesty. Yes, Carrie is very selfish here and only thinks of herself, but she does it because Quinn is literally, the only person she can trust.

She insinuates this in Season Three when she states that it meant a lot that Quinn went to see her in the hospital. While she does trust Saul, she knows that he would do anything to save the mission, and to protect the play. Pretty much anyone in the CIA would have done that. Hell, Carrie would have even done that. But she does it because she trusts him, wholeheartedly.

But my point is that Quinn is the only person that looks out for Carrie. This is proven, even after two years in deepest, darkest Syria. He puts her safety above the mission. And more importantly, asks for absolutely nothing in return. Carrie is right to trust him. He would literally die for her. Contending Factor Number Two: Quinn and Carrie actually like each other and bring out the best in each other. I never bought into the whole romance with Brody for exactly this reason.

I always feel this is interesting because the anger and hatred seethes from her when she arrests him in the hotel. Because she actually likes him. Because she trusts him. Not only this, but I think they bring out the best in each other.

carrie and quinn relationship quotes

And her actions regarding Quinn, too, are often selfish. However, at the end of Season Four, as we know, she stays behind, at great personal risk to herself, to get Quinn back.

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She puts herself in a hell of a lot of danger in that crowd. But she does it for Quinn. Hell, she was even misguidedly ready to sacrifice Saul for the greater good. Quinn, by the end of Season Four. We see her liking the way in which he fits into her home life in 4x She smiles a genuinely happy smile when she sees him with Frannie.

This also fits in with the trust thing I mentioned earlier. She can always trust him to be there because she is everything to him. She has never had that dedication from anyone. Especially not Brody, as he was a terrorist, so there would always be trust issues.

And could she trust him as implicitly as she does Quinn, around her family? Gone are the selfish days when she would wish for something for herself. She is bearing her soul, and putting her heart on the line, and trying to have faith. And this is all for Quinn. This is, for me, showing how Carrie has changed as a person since Season Four. Quinn brings out the best in Carrie.

carrie and quinn relationship quotes

And, I would also put my arse on the line and say that Carrie brings out the best in Quinn. This plays a little into something we were discussing on Twitter yesterday.

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Despite what he wrote in his letter. For me, Quinn has always been someone who was born into the darkness but was always reaching for the light. That completely selfless and all consuming love. And that is a beautiful and HUGE part of the show now.

This fits quite nicely into my last and most important point. Contending Factor Number Three: The Quinn and Carrie relationship is the heart of the show, and has been for a long time. We accepted that there was a longstanding relationship there.

We accepted the work relationships and so on etc etc. Carrie jumped in head first without really thinking about what she was doing. They got drunk, they had sex, they went to the cabin. They played each other, they manipulated each other. But Quinn and Carrie are very different. From their first meeting in 2x04, they just get each other.

They come up with the same plans. They complement each other perfectly. They encourage each other. They trust each other. They just get each other straightaway. Carrie, who finds it very hard to trust people without first gaining the upper hand, trusts Quinn from the outset in 2x She discards the idea that he may have had something to do with Abu Nazir getting away. This again, for me, is incredibly significant. Thank you, Farah for your insight.

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Quinn is always there for Carrie. He sees her during a lot of hairy moments both in Season Three and Season Four. But Quinn brings a morality to Carrie.

carrie and quinn relationship quotes

Lord knows she needs it. Especially in Season Four. But when their relationship is directly addressed in Season Four, some audiences were all hesitant, thinking, 'is this pairing really right? I kind of agree.

I would also like to draw attention to the following moments. These are not just casually placed in. They are written as directions in the script. The writers have told the actors to interpret these scenes in certain ways to ensure that they are interpreted a certain way by the audience of the show. These long looks by Quinn in Season Two and Season Three are put in there so that the audience starts to think, 'Hey, I think Quinn might be starting to feel a certain way about Carrie.

And we know the underlying reason behind these looks. The writers were writing, ever so carefully, that Quinn was falling in love with Carrie. This trust, this friendship, this honesty, it was developing into something way more important than the missions that they were carrying out. Quinn has feelings for Carrie. He knows that this makes him weak. We know that this makes him weak because we have seen that Quinn will put Carrie above the mission. And this is OTP writing. Particularly for a show like Homeland.

It happened with Jack and Kate on Lost. It happened over and over again with Buffy and Angel. Hell, it happened with Tony and Michelle on 24! I know Tony went bad in Season Seven, but you get my drift. These characters put their love for another character above the greater good. But she knows that she needs him. Yeah, this is kind of a big deal. I loved what I was seeing. But it makes sense when you think about it.