Byakuya and yoruichi relationship definition

Why Byakuya/Yoruichi makes sense (a fangirl's POV) - Some things go unwritten

byakuya and yoruichi relationship definition

Subject: The Aspects of a romantic relationship and how it relates to UraYoru Other characters just briefly talked about are Soi Fon, Byakuya, Ichigo, Rukia, and .. Meaning, that they are comfortable and deep around each other without. Since Byakuya is all about rules and pride (royal person) I don't think he'd remarry ANYONE. Yoruichi on the other hand is very different from. A/N: And this is my third oneshot that features Byakuya and Yoruichi. but she didn't really know what kind of relationship they shared, and despite .. Kuchiki lord knew that his sentence held more meaning than it sounded.

Why can't they just assign this job to somebody else? I didn't see you there and I was—" "That's fine. I get that a lot when I'm in this form.

byakuya and yoruichi relationship definition

Besides, you seem to hurt yourself more than you hurt me," the cat observed in a casual tone. How many times do I have to tell you not to be so formal? Just call me Yoruichi. If Nii-sama finds out I only refer to you—" "Nah, don't worry," Yoruichi cut in before Rukia could even finish what she was trying to say. I might be able to help.

Indeed, the girl was not a perfect candidate for that type of magazine. They just want Nii-sama's pictures. I can't see why it's impossible. It's not like Byakuya would kill you for taking his picture. I can ask Kisuke to send one over to Soul Society if that's the case.

Don't know how to use it? And you know how he never smiles—I mean, ever. Everyone seems to think that just because I'm his so-called little sister, I should be able to make him smile, but I don't know how. I mean, even now it's still weird to have a conversation with him that doesn't involve work, so…" Seeing how Byakuya's little sister hung her head in shame, the black cat jumped up on the girl's shoulder and patted her head with her paw. Don't be so downcast; it doesn't suit you," Yoruichi commented.

That can't be too difficult. The shape shifter frowned at Rukia's question. It's just…you don't know him the way I do. So get your camera ready and leave the rest to me. I'll make him smile—nah, better yet, I'll make him laugh. So watch and learn, kid. He narrowed his eyes slightly as he suddenly had a feeling that something bad was about to happen to him soon, and usually whenever he had that kind of hunch, it involved one evil being. That woman is not even in Soul Society.

Speak of the devil. She would always find a way to get his attention whether he liked it or not, and he wouldn't be able to get rid of her until she got what she came for, although this time, he wasn't quite sure what she was after.

byakuya and yoruichi relationship definition

He took note of how Yoruichi was in her human form, clad in a black skintight outfit and an orange jacket that was her newest style of dressing. Can't a friend just come over to visit a friend for a nice friendly chat? Seeing that he paid her no heed and resumed reviewing the report, the cat lady gingerly picked up one report from the pile that the impassive lord had already reviewed before she carefully folded it in half.

Realizing what the dark-skinned lady was doing, Byakuya glared into her golden eyes and snatched the report out of her hold before she had a chance to turn it into origami. Byakuya didn't so much as roll his eyes when he put his writing brush down on a stand then placed his hand above the pile of reports in order to protect it from the dark-skinned lady's naughty hands.

The lady always knew which button to push, and he wanted her out before he blew his fuse. I mean, we haven't spoken to each other for what? Now where should I start…? Byakuya looked slightly crossed although his expression would still look serene to those who didn't know him well enough to read him. For your second question, umm, let's just say that everyone else is too willing to spend time with me that it's not fun. Besides, all work and no play make Byakuya-bo a dull boy.

She couldn't help but noticed how much he had changed from the way she remembered him. His facial features had become sharper and his figured had altered from one of a juvenile to one of a grown man.

His character had also changed so much with time that she couldn't decide which one she preferred between the impertinent and passionate boy she used to know and the cold and composed individual he had become. I mean, when you were younger, I always came to bug you whenever I had the time because you were so…rebellious, I mean, most people in Seireitei worshiped the ground I walked on and treated me like I was a goddess, but you were not like them—you couldn't even admit that I was better than you.

Everyone says that you're so cold, and that you're so serious that you never smile. They say you're like an iceberg. I figure you're just like that—covered by your cold and emotionless mask, but deep down, you're still passionate and even deadly. They are not related by blood, as Rukia was adopted in to the Kuchiki family. Abarai Renji is his lieutenant. Byakuya is also a shining example of what a shingami should be as he is extremely law-abiding, this devotion to the law is also heightened by the fact that he is a descendant of a noble family.

What is the relationship between byakuya and yoruichi?

To Byakuya it is the responsibility of the nobles to lead by example "if they do not obey the rules of Soul Society, then who will? Byakuya is a nobleman to the core and appears to be unflinching in his devotion to his duty even after Rukia has been sentenced to execution. In his mind, regardless of whatever conflicts he may have been feeling on the inside, his duty as nobleman and a shingami was to uphold the law; no feelings he may have would be allowed get in the way of his duty as a result of this his outer shell never cracks or shows anything other than his typically cold exterior.

There have only been two occasions when Byakuya stepped out of the bounds of his noble responsibilities, firstly when he married his wife Hisana, a commoner, and secondly when he adopted Rukia into the Kuchiki family. The introduction Rukia decides to leave Ichigo. As she runs from the Kurosaki home, two shinigami appear in the night sky.

The red-haired one observes her and says, "Kuchiki Rukia As Rukia runs, she reminisces on her experiences in the living world and her encounters with the many people she has met during her stay. She realizes that she has become too close to Ichigo and his friends and has developed feelings that would only be weaknesses for her as her job as a shinigami.

Pulling Rukia out of her reverie, a voice calls down to her from an electric wire post. A red-haired shinigami suddenly leaps down and thrusts his sword down to the ground, just barely missing Rukia and sending green light and sparks into the air between them. He remarks that Rukia has gotten far too soft. Then shouldering his sword, Renji demands to know where the human who took her powers is.

byakuya and yoruichi relationship definition

In other words, Ichigo. Rukia attempts to lie her way out of her situation, telling him that just because she is in a false body, she has not necessary lost her powers. Renji, however, definitely knows the truth. You're just another kid from Rukongai like me and still you were lucky enough to get taken in by the noble house of Kuchiki. With all that money and effort spent on you, weren't you supposed to become one of the Shinigami elite?!

You're Kuchiki freakin' Rukia! There's no way it's right for you to wear that human expression! Ain't that right, Captain Kuchiki? The second Shinigami appears behind Rukia, the one with dark hair. Rukia calls him Byakuya nii-sama nii being the Japanese term for older brother. Rukia appears stunned in his presence as he simply looks down at her. All of a sudden, Renji leaps forward and slashes at Rukia with his sword. Rukia barely manages to stay on her feet, albeit with a large cut on her right cheek and with one hand on the ground holding her up.

Renji then reminds Rukia that transferring her Shinigami powers to human is a felony and the proceeds to inform her that he and Byakuya have come to arrest her and kill the one who took her powers. Renji realizes that he is the one who took Rukia's powers and lunges forward to attack him.

As Renji stands over Ichigo, he tells Ichigo that once he kills him, Rukia will regain her powers and then will be taken back to Soul Society to die herself. Renji continues to abuse Ichigo with his words, telling Ichigo that an overnight Shinigami could never even scratch true Shinigami like himself and Byakuya.

Ichigo, however, doesn't take it laying down and swipes his zanpakutou upwards, leaving a large cut on Renji's chin.

He stands up again, ready to fight. Byakuya then speaks up for the first time to lightly scold Renji that he relaxed too much. He goes on to inform Renji that he received a report on a certain Shinigami named Kurosaki Ichigo who inflicted a sword wound on a Menos Grande and sent it back to Hueco Mundo. Ichigo lands on the ground and suddenly the blade of his zanpokutou has been cut off.

Ichigo realizes it couldn't of been Renji, and turns to Byakuya. He is confused of how he could of done something from the distance he is standing from himself and Renji. He then notices the removed blade of the zanpokutou in Byakuya's hand, as Byakuya casually drops it to the ground. Byakuya slowly raises his hand to the handle of his sheathed zanpokutou as Ichigo readies for an attack. Suddenly Byakuya is behind Ichigo, who never even had a chance to react. A wound appears on Ichigo, and as he falls he has no idea what just happened, not even from what direction he was attacked from.

Byakuya then appears beside him and once again attacks with lightning fast speeds, stabbing through Ichigo's back and piecing through the front of his body then quickly sheathing his sword again. Renji claims he could of finished Ichigo of himself, but Byakuya says even his skills will get rusty if he justs stands by and watches all the time.

Rukia then attempts to run to Ichigo's side but Renji grabs her by the neck and pushes her up against a pole.

Bleach - Kuchiki Byakuya and Shihouin Yoruichi - Fifty themes; one sentence each.

Rukia tries to get him to let go, but Renji then claims angrily that Ichigo is clearly dead. Even touching his dead body, he explains, would lengthen her sentence in prison by 20 years. Ichigo then reaches a hand out and grabs the bottom of Byakuya's clothes.

Byakuya, without even looking down at him, tells Ichigo to let go, but Ichigo replies with a smirk, "I can't hear you. Look at me when you talk. Ichigo questions Rukia, and she responds, "Filthy human How dare a filthy human seize Nii-sama's leg. Know your palce boy! Ichigo questions what she is doing, and she then tells him to never think of coming after her to rescue her or she will never forgive him.

Byakuya decides not to give a finishing blow as Rukia had stated would be a waste in what was most likely an attempt to save his life. Ichigo watches heplessly in the rain as Renji, Byakuya, and finally Rukia walk through the portal, and the door shuts and fades away. He then rushes to Soul Society, the world of Soul Reapers, because Rukia is going to be executed for giving up the powers. Before the execution The next major meeting of the characters happens when Ganjyu and Hanatarou come to rescue Rukia.

Ganjyu faces Byakuya on the bridge. Rukia tries to stop the fight, not wanting another member of the Shiba clan to die because of her, but being inside the Tower for so long drained much of her reiatsu and she promptly falls to her knees from the stress. After a short bout, Byakuya slashes Ganjyu with his zanpakutou but Ganjyu still stands defiantly. However, when Byakuya hears that Ganjyu is from the Shiba clan, he apologizes for not fighting seriously enough and tells Ganjyu that he cannot let him leave alive.

Byakuya raises his sword and murmurs, "Scatter, Senbonzakura! The small glowing pink "flower petals" swirl in the air and before Rukia can do anything to stop the attack, Ganjyu's entire body is sliced by the tiny, petal-like blades.

A shocked Ganjyu falls to the ground, unmoving. Hanatarou looks on in complete shock. Byakuya takes notice of the fourth division shinigami but Rukia gains enough strength to stand in front of Hanatarou and beg her older brother to stop.

Byakuya, however, raises his bladeless hilt, readying to attack as the tiny bits of his zanpakutou once again flutter in the air above.

At the very last moment, a strong hand stops Byakuya's from going any further. Ukitake requests that Byakuya halts his fight and then greets Rukia warmly. Byakuya then turns to Ukitake and asks what he is doing. Ukitake reprimands Byakuya, reminding him of that releasing one's zanpakutou in such a place is a class one forbidden act. Byakuya informs Ukitake that a special wartime act has been enacted that allows the release of zanpkutou.

Hearing this, Ukitake is surprised that the ryoka infiltration has become so serious and begins to ask if it was the ryoka who killed Aizen. However, before finishing his question, a large force of reiatsu is felt, one that Ukitake cannot recognize. Rukia, though, is perfectly able to identify its source and Ichigo quickly arrives at the scene, confirming her thoughts. He lands on the bridge, walks past a stupefied Rukia, and asks Hanatarou if he is okay. After Hanatarou assures Ichigo he is fine, Ichigo moves on to Rukia and tells her that he has come ot save her.

Rukia appears sad, and Ichigo becomes a little annoyed and exclaims, "What's with that look?! I'm here to save you! Act a little happier! Turning away and looking and Ganjyu and then Byakuya, Ichigo tells Rukia that she can yell him all she wants later, only after he has defeated Byakuya. Rukia tries to stop Ichigo but he swiftly cuts her off and tells her that he won't back down for anything and that he will save her even if she wants to face the death penalty.

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