Arrow oliver and felicity relationship marketing

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arrow oliver and felicity relationship marketing

On a relationship with fan favorite character, Felicity Smoak. I've previously written about Arrow's Oliver, Laurel, and Felicity problem, the need to address it and even exploit it in their writing and marketing of the show. While the pair started setting Tumblr and Twitter on fire back in Season 2, fans were delighted in Season 3 when the two of them finally got together. Olicity has . Oliver struggles to tell his son the truth about his return as the Green Arrow Ever since Oliver, Diggle, and Felicity began working together in Season 1, Team Arrow .. The Epic Games store has launched a ruthless attack on Steam's market.

Image via The CW But the best part to come of the entire thing? Oliver kissing Felicity and telling her in a roundabout way that he loved her. We were all on an emotional roller coaster, going from happy and giddy, to angry and devastated. The first time Oliver and Felicity made love.

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Image via The CW It was beautiful and it gave us even more hope for the future. Good thing the making up is always something to look forward to. The Yin Yang kiss will live on in our hearts forever. It was beautiful and one of the most heartwarming moments ever. The Fake Wedding Okay, hear us out on this one.

arrow oliver and felicity relationship marketing

Yes, everything about the situation kind of sucked. And we were heartbroken that we were going to have to sit and watch a fake wedding when all we wanted was the real thing. And the whole thing showed Oliver that he needed to open up every part of himself and finally start letting the past go for real. It showed him what he could be losing. Plus, those vows were so beautiful, we still cry over them. But we did get a few moments that showed us these two will always stand by each other, no matter how difficult things get.

Image via The CW One of the best moments was Felicity telling Oliver that she was choosing to stand by him in the past and would continue to do so in the future was incredible.

arrow oliver and felicity relationship marketing

Everything about the episode just about made up for season five. Both the flashbacks and the present situation. We needed it and Oliver and Felicity needed it. Image via The CW They opened up to each other in ways they never had before.

Plus, they took some serious steps to getting back together and showed signs that things would be better than ever this time around. Oliver Gives Felicity The Keys To Everything While Oliver giving Felicity the key to his apartment and the two basically moving in together may not seem like a huge deal, it was.

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These two had been through some serious crap at this point and this was a moment of happiness. One that was hugely needed and deserved.

arrow oliver and felicity relationship marketing

Image via The CW Plus, this was a moment that really got skipped over when Oliver and Felicity were together the first time around. They rode off into the sunset beautifully but there was a lot of relationship steps that were skipped. So we needed this one. While we know the WestAllen and Olicity fandoms all wanted them to have their own weddings, we choose to just be happy that our faves are married and in love!

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