Arrow laurel and nyssa relationship quiz

10 Couples That Hurt The Arrowverse (And 10 That Saved It)

arrow laurel and nyssa relationship quiz

The Arrowverse has taken its many, many heroes (and villains) and put them into exciting, . Laurel and Oliver are their Arrow counterparts, but it never worked. . Sara and Nyssa had a difficult and complicated relationship but one that challenged . The Most Entertaining Quiz Site In The World. HotCars. Oliver and Laurel are the Green Arrow and the Black Canary and are .. Sara to time traveling and a new relationship and Nyssa on her own. Tonight's episode of Arrow sees Nyssa Raatko, the daughter of Ra's al Nyssa's Complex Relationships With Laurel, Ra's al Ghul and More.

It wasn't long before he proved to be a powerful fighter himself and was recruited for the team. Donning a red version of Oliver's hooded costume, Roy ended up taking a new name on the battlefield, so that they weren't calling out each other's real identities. He served on the team for about an entire season. Question 10 Which of these characters has NOT died? Laurel Lance Oliver Queen Quentin Lance In the time Arrow has been created, the writers have brought in some clever and not so clever ways of killing off character, but still keeping the actors around to use in the show.

When done perfectly, these deaths bring on the feels and make us wish the outcome could've turned out differently. When done poorly, we're left shaking our heads, especially when those same characters come back to life several episodes later. That being said, there are some characters who haven't died yet. Question 11 Who killed Oliver Queen in season three?

Ra's al Ghul Deathstroke Maseo Yamashiro Where some of the other seasons presented a more mental challenge to Oliver, season three presented a physical one. To put it simply, Oliver was outmatched by the people he fought, but it never stopped him from grabbing his bow and fighting.

In the midseason finale, he fought a one on one with an antagonist. The two went back and forth, and despite almost taking the victory, Oliver was defeated and stabbed through the chest. Then he was pushed off of a cliff.

Question 12 What was the name of the serum that caused Deathstroke to go insane? The two formed a quick alliance, but in season 2, when Slade came to Star City, it was clear that they weren't on the same terms. In the flashbacks, it was revealed that Slade was exposed to a formula that caused people to become extremely powerful, but at the cost of their own sanity.

Question 13 Which of these people currently holds the Black Canary title? While it seemed a few times that there would be someone to hold that title for a long time, a tragedy occurred and another individual had to take over.

arrow laurel and nyssa relationship quiz

In season five, there was a lot of time devoted to bringing another person to the team to become the new Black Canary- one who would stay on the roster for a long time. They eventually found one. While they don't outdo bigger DC character like Batman or the Flash, these villains still provide interesting conflicts for the Emerald Archer. The sad part here is that, in the show, many of these villains have already been used, and not in a good way.

Thankfully, going forward, it seems that the writers are going to learn how to better use these classic characters in the show. Question 15 What was the name of Malcolm Merlyn's plot in season one? The Siege Purgatory Queen's Gambit In season one, Oliver was immediately sent on a mystery involving his father's company and his best friend's father, Malcolm Merlyn.

After uncovering secret after secret, the Emerald Archer discovered that this man was responsible for putting together a plot to demolish the Glades in an effort to make more money.

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When Oliver found out that more people were involved, he uncovered the name of the project, which immediately communicated to him the gravity of what was about to happen. Question 16 Is John Diggle an original character created for the show? This guard's name was John Diggle, and Oliver gave him the slip many times over. However, this guard's persistence, as well as his military experience, motivated Oliver to ask him to join Team Arrow as its first member.

Since then, Diggle has been Oliver's best friend and confidant. He often gives it to the Green Arrow straight as well as giving some relatability for the show.

Question 17 Which season introduced a Green Arrow costume that didn't have sleeves? Season 2 Season 4 Season 5 Something that the showrunners have done since season 2 is give Oliver a new costume to wear each time.

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While some of the changes have been fairly minor, one particular jump saw Oliver lose the sleeves on his costume to make it feel close to what the character wore in the comics. On top of that, it also made for a few great jokes between Oliver and Barry Allen, with the latter asking him if he "got cold.

Oliver spent five years in Hell. He doesn't get cold. Question 18 What is Adrian Chase's secret identity? Vigilante Prometheus Captain Boomerang The latest season of Arrow brought in several new characters, and among them was the man known as Adrian Chase.

However, it was later revealed that there was something not quite right about Chase. He had many secrets to hide and eventually brought his own identity to light. I love playing Nyssa; she's a beautiful, complex character.

Arrow's Katrina Law Talks Nyssa's Complex Relationships With Laurel, Ra's al Ghul and More

We've seen a lot more of Nyssa's human side this year, especially with Laurel. Is it challenging to find that level when you're being so different from always-badass Nyssa last year? I definitely think as long as the script is good, you just kind of roll with it, but it has been gratifying to see the softer side of Nyssa.

I think no matter who you are, everyone has a softer side and a vulnerable side, it's just a matter of when does it come out and who brings it out. I do know that first scene where I find Laurel in the alley and I say, "I was looking for a reminder of your sister," and she says, "Well, let's go get something to eat," I remember for the first time having to be vulnerable and having my power taken away from me, and just being a little insecure as an actor, going "Is this right?

arrow laurel and nyssa relationship quiz

So there was a little bit of insecurity but I just had to trust that the director would tell me if something was going wrong, but they never said anything and I think it worked. But since then, it's been easier because now that I know that's acceptable for the character, it's easier to just go there.

And Nyssa has become more beloved to me because she is a well-rounded person. You know, earlier in the season when you had been defeated and Oliver had you in the cage, I remember that you did a really good job of giving off a vibe that said your character was sitting there thinking "If this door opens, I'll drop him in one punch. I feel like there are people who have had very hard lives or rough upbringings one way or another and when you first meet them, they're hard to approach and difficult to talk to but then there's that one person who sees them fully.

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I don't know that the person necessarily has the choice. I think there's just people who can touch them and can reach them.

And I think that Sara could touch Nyssa and reach her in a way that nobody else could, and we're finding out very quickly that so does Laurel.