Animal odd couples goat and horse relationship

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animal odd couples goat and horse relationship

An episode of Nature on PBS explores odd animal friendships, including and can see that Amy is not like him, their relationship has not changed. When Charlie the horse lost his eyesight, an old goat named Jack started. NATURE_horse_goat:animal odd couples a goat named Jack leads his blind horse friend Charlie around to graze and back home every day. Since the passing of his goat partner Charlie, as reported in "Animal Odd Couples," blind horse Jack has had to become somewhat more.

As an animal lover, it is so heartwarming for me to see how some animals have such complete compassion for each other and form bonds that are loving and unbreakable. There is a show about it on PBS called "Animal Odd Couples" and I found the stories about some of these animals so touching and uplifting that I thought I'd share them with you here.

Source I think the clip of the dog giving his ball to the ducklings so that they will play with him was one of the cutest things I've ever seen Throughout the animal kingdom, friendships are made In her search, she found out three things.

Nature - Animal Odd Couples

One, there was no such place to bring the animals to. Two, in the state of Oklahoma the wildlife belongs to the state and Three, if she was going to keep the raccoon kits, she would have to apply for a license to rehabilitate wildlife. Realizing the huge need for a facility like this, she applied and got her license and began taking in all kinds of wildlife in addition to dogs and cats that needed rescue. What a huge heart this woman has! In the first year at Wild Heart Ranch, she rehabilitated with her team, animals!

Over the course of almost 17 years, they have saved and helped well over 16, animals, averaging about 1, a year.

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Annette Tucker is an amazing lady. If you would like to make a donation to Wild Heart Ranch, please click here.

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Charlie is a 40 year old horse. They met at Wild Heart Ranch and became fast friends, spending their days together just hanging out, they just seemed to enjoy each others company. It makes one stop and think for a moment.

animal odd couples goat and horse relationship

The case of Jack the goat and Charlie the horse is just one example of the enlightening studies presented in this program. It also presents the study of a tortoise and a goose who are unnamed. The four-year long relationship between the male goose and the female tortoise is noted by zookeepers as something that they have never seen. The goose seems to act extremely protective of the tortoise.

And the pair is never apart. The devotion of the goose to the tortoise opens the discussion on the behavior of non-human animals even more. In another of the most interesting studies presented here, viewers are introduced to Kate the dog and her fawn friend, Pip. Viewers get the story of not just a friendship, but of a non-traditional family that has lasted for years.

They all still proved that it is possible to coexist. And if non-human animals can so peacefully coexist, so should humans be able to. They really are the example of what humans should and can hopefully be one day.

animal odd couples goat and horse relationship