Anandiben patel and narendra modi relationship memes

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anandiben patel and narendra modi relationship memes

Gujarat Election PM Modi takes dig at Rahul Gandhi for visit to Somnath temple . latched onto a meme mocking Narendra Modi's tea moment and organized a Former chief minister Anandiben Patel realized this to her dismay on her Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday and termed the latter's relationship with US. Sunil RajguruNarendra Modi became Gujarat Chief Minister in but it seems like hes been around forever and nobody even comes close to the coverage. Prime Minister Narendra Modi's wife Jashodaben on Wednesday expressed her shock over Madhya Pradesh Governor Anandiben Patel's.

madhya pradesh governor anandiben patel say Pm modi is not married

Their marriage however, did not last too long. Mafatbhai was politically inclined initially, but it was Anandiben who was groomed for a career in politics.

Much to her embarrassment, Mafatbhai had even announced contesting for the elections on an AAP ticket; their children convinced him otherwise. Over nearly three decades, Anandiben has moved from strength to strength in the party. Inshe was given a ticket to the Rajya Sabha and four years later, she successfully contested from the Mandal constituency in Ahmedabad. In the State assembly elections, she contested from the Ghatlodia constituency and won with a record margin.

She is the longest-serving BJP minister in the State. Despite her efficient administrative style, party workers are yet to warm up to her.

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When he received a call from a man who informed him that the Prime Minister would like to have a word with him, he could hardly believe what was happening. He meekly whispered 'yes' and after a few beeps, the call was transferred and none other than Mr Modi was on call," Pushpak narrates. Read his full post here: He was surprised to get a call so late in the night.

anandiben patel and narendra modi relationship memes

A young voice from the other side apologised for calling so late and asked if he is free for a few minutes because the Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi wants to talk to him.

His brain froze for a few seconds and he could feel his legs shivering. He meekly whispered yes and after a few beeps, the call was transferred and none other than Mr Modi was on call.

anandiben patel and narendra modi relationship memes

Modi apologised to him again for calling so late and said that he is just done with a meeting with Mr Nitin Gadkari and they needed his help to repair National Highway A connecting Tripura to the rest of the country.

He says he doesn't even remember how he responded to it. Modi is more successful in putting into practice all that he learnt at the RSS pathshala while Shah tends to aim at the Himalayas, gets only to the Sahyadri.

It was Shah who received the bodies of kar sevaks in Ahmedabad when they arrived from Godhra in He and Modi usually come to a consensus on their respective response to issues of national importance. Shah comes from an affluent family and the ancestral house in Mansa is a heritage building. Interested in national politics since the early s, he gave up his PVC pipes business to join politics full-time.

anandiben patel and narendra modi relationship memes

National issues interested him even when he was a VHP worker. He maintains a daily diary and records his thoughts.

Why PM Modi didn’t want BJP president Amit Shah to go back to Gujarat

During an election in the s, Shah, while sitting in a small restaurant near the Ahmedabad railway station, told Modi: He has never lost an election he has contested. He is known to be in direct touch with cadres and district leaders — critics say he gets to know who criticises him. Until he became party president, he used to take calls on his mobile phone: He says the jail term changed his life.

Reciting the Bhagvad Gita before jail inmates, he took a vow to defeat the Congress. And he chose Uttar Pradesh to keep his promise.

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A qualified share broker, he is a hard bargainer, quite stingy in frittering away a political advantage. But he has a weakness — a tendency to exaggerate facts and figures he wants to highlight.

So did the jail term and court cases create a negative image?