America and australia relationship 2013

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america and australia relationship 2013

Foreign relations of Australia are influenced by its position as a leading trading nation and as a . Australia is party to the Australia, New Zealand, United States security treaty. It has also been a party of the . Australian Parliamentary Delegations have visited Morocco in , and Nigeria, Australia has a. Together, the United States and Australia are building a more secure As of , the United States had majority-owned foreign. The Council on Australia Latin America Relations (COALAR) was established by the Australian Government in to enhance Australia's.

america and australia relationship 2013

The page document included trade, investment and culture and acknowledged that culture through music, the visual arts and theatrical projects had a significant role to play in establishing connections. This prestigious festival has drawn Australian performers sinceand the list of participants is impressive.

Australia and Latin America: Challenges and Opportunities in the New Millennium

They also comment on the relative youthfulness of our colonial histories and how we share a relaxed lifestyle…. Mention must also be made here of a number of Australian rock bands that have great popularity in Latin America. Although internationally fans are aware that certain groups happen to be Australian, the problem is that our contemporary musical culture is derived from Anglo and US genres, so, in comparison to Latin American music, most of our music lacks a clear identity overseas.

Finally, there is sport. While both Australia and Latin America share a passion for sport, the main spectator sports only overlap to a limited extent. These two major events have also created linkages via sport on other levels. A considerable number of Australian companies and sports organisations have been active in Brazil in the lead-up to the momentous sporting occasions scheduled for the Brazilians in and Brazil and Peru are great surfing nations and our champions are important icons in those countries.

Future strategies In order to promote the cultural presence of Australia in Latin America, two further strategies in addition to those already discussed ought to be implemented. First, Australia should take advantage of the historical links between our continents to promote our profile in the region. Many important political, artistic and scientific figures visited and worked in both areas during the 18th and 19th centuries and have left wonderful historical legacies.

This exhibition highlighted the geological, biological, and artistic links between the two nations. As a second additional strategy, there should be a strict policy of clearly identifying Australian performers in Latin America.

President Obama on the Relationship Between Australia and the United States

This is especially crucial in the genres of street theatre and outdoor concerts. Each of the initiatives discussed in this section has served to promote the presence of quality Australian performers in Latin America and are of great merit. They should not only continue, but be expanded. While most of them target niche demographics, taken together they can reach a range of people from influential elites, in the case of concert hall performances, to sections of the general public during street theatre.

The flow of Australian cultural products into Latin America serves to enhance our profile in the region and also provides access for our artists to one of the largest markets in the world. Nevertheless, as we shall see in Part 2, it may well be on the home front that culture can make the most dynamic contribution to this strategic relationship.

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Latin American culture in Australia The popularity of Latin American popular culture in Australia has undergone steady growth since the s and is presently experiencing a significant boom. Prior to the s, interest in Latin American culture was generally confined to a small group of academics and activists.

But from the late s, inner-suburban gentrification was linked to the rise of a young, educated and sophisticated urban demographic. In terms of food, this market was catered for by the wave of immigration that flowed into Australia after the abolition of the White Australia Policy. However, for other forms of culture such as music and dance, the market for exotica took another course.

As immigration from Latin America to Australia had not been similar to the levels experienced from Asia, our experience of the region has been characterised by a distinct lack of knowledge. Paradoxically, this situation has served to fuel the perception of the exotic for anything deriving from Latin America. In this period—the s to the mids—genres such as salsa and tango rapidly gained popularity. Since the mids another factor has served to expand the appeal of Latin American culture in Australia: The globalised US-driven music industry now serves to spread interest in Latin music and this has captured a new Australian audience, both younger and more diverse, that regularly listens and dances to contemporary genres of Latin American music.

These range from modern techno-salsa and merengue to Latin hip-hop and reggaeton. There is also a strong demand for music from Cuba.

Foreign relations of Australia

These figures come during a period of dramatic transition in delivery systems. Leading providers of digital music include iTunes, Amazon. In general terms, whether physical or online, music is big business. In short, music from the region is overwhelmingly the most popular form of World Music and importantly, while beginning from a low base compared to other genres, the potential for growth is considerable.

Concert tours Linked to the growing popularity of Latin American culture is a proliferation of concert tours undertaken by individual artists, bands, and increasingly by showcase productions that present aspects of musical culture from the region.

america and australia relationship 2013

By the s the worldwide phenomenon of the Buena Vista Social Club led to a succession of popular tours that showcased Cuban music and in many ways served as a massive stimulus to the popularity of Latin American music in Australia. Further, between and numerous shows dealing with Brazilian and Cuban musical culture toured Australia. Live music and clubs In Melbourne and Sydney and other capital cities there is now an abundance of venues that present Latin American music every week.

The audiences for these clubs are drawn from a demographic range, but the vast majority are people from non-Latin American backgrounds, confirming the argument that Latin music clearly moves beyond its ethnic base.

While this is bad news for live music entertainers in the capital cities, it is at least a relatively cheap means of spreading the experience and consumption of Latin American culture.

Festivals There is a significant number of Latin American cultural community festivals held each year in Australia. While the various multicultural communities from Latin America and Iberia usually organise these events, the attendance at the major festivals derives overwhelmingly from the general public.

Once again the inherent exotica and sensuality of Latin American culture serves to draw a broad range of patrons to these festivals. At the events most of the traders are involved in domestic commercial activities that relate to Latin American culture, ranging from music sellers to restaurant owners, and have stalls showcasing their products.

The other type of festival attracting the general public to Latin American culture is the state arts festival, of which there are several examples. While presenting a diversity of artistic activities, these have tended in recent years to include performance groups from Latin America. These appearances often link with national concert tours already mentioned.

Online information services Perhaps the most important means of disseminating information regarding Latin American culture in Australia is the emergence, in Melbourne and Sydney, of websites that provide extensive news of events and especially music and dance venues and schools.

These online services have become the main conduits for publicising events and are favoured by contemporary aficionados. An additional dimension to dance has been the emergence in Australia of Latin American-related exercise classes. It provides a frenetic workout to the rhythms of predominantly Latin American-based musical forms such as cumbia, salsa, merengue, mambo, cha-cha, reggaeton, samba and tango. The cuisine of Brazil is yet another genre which is underdeveloped in Australia.

In this country Brazilian restaurants have chosen to concentrate predominantly on the southern Brazilian tradition of Churrascarias. The extraordinary food of Bahia, which includes an array of African flavours, would be an exciting addition to the culinary landscape of Australia.

SBS should be encouraged to produce a television series that concentrates on Latin American food in all its diversity. As for beverages, Mexican beer and spirits are well established here and probably increase familiarity with Latin America—hopefully beyond stereotypical images.

One area that could be promoted is the world of Cuban cocktails based on rum produced in Cuba.

america and australia relationship 2013

The Mojito, Daiquiri, and Cuba Libre are well suited to the Australian climate and are becoming very popular. Film Film is yet another cultural medium that can be used for promoting familiarity and knowledge of Latin America. In Melbourne, for over a decade, the Filmoteca group has led the way in bringing Latin American films to the Australian public.

america and australia relationship 2013

Trump and Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull affirmed the enduring bonds, deep friendship, and close alliance between the United States and Australia during their May 4, meeting. Together, the United States and Australia are building a more secure and stable world. The ANZUS Treaty has been in place for 65 years, during which it has provided for our mutual defense and anchored the rules-based international system that has been central to peace and prosperity in the Indo-Asia-Pacific and beyond.

Significant two-way investment benefits both of our countries and workforces. Parliamentary Friendship Group has a broad and growing membership, the U.

america and australia relationship 2013

Senate re-established its Friends of Australia Caucus, and the U. House of Representatives is forming a Friends of Australia Caucus. Travel between the two countries is increasing, as more Americans and more Australians are crossing the Pacific to study, to work, and to play.

The United States is the top destination for Australian students studying abroad, and the number two destination for American students in Asia. Sincefive thousand Fulbright students and scholars have studied, taught, and lectured at university campuses across the United States and Australia.

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Over one million Australians visited the United States inan increase of 4. Information sharing and coordination are at all-time highs, allowing us to foil terrorist attacks, break up transnational crime networks, and put a stop to money laundering and illicit trafficking of drugs, weapons, and people.

This cooperation grows stronger each day. As just one example, Australia has disrupted twelve domestic terrorist plots since Australia and the United States are also working closely to address the growing threat of cybercrime, including through increased exchanges of law enforcement and cybercrime experts.